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'SymRealWinOpen is undefined' – why do I get this?

‘SymRealWinOpen is undefined’ – why do I get this?


Apparently it’s a side effect of one of the techniques some pop-up blockers use to prevent popups. I’d check with the vendor you got your popup blocking software from for more information, and possibly an update.

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Posted: July 10, 2004 in:
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26 comments on “'SymRealWinOpen is undefined' – why do I get this?”

  1. Every time I search Yahoo I get the following error.


    A Runtime Error has occurred.
    Do you wish to Debug?

    Line: 393
    Error: ‘SymRealWinOpen’ is undefined

    Please advise.

  2. I was getting this same error recently, although I don’t know why it started all of a sudden. In addition to the “SymRealWinOpen” error (among other JavaScript errors), I also found that I could not go to some hyperlinked windows within a site. I would get “error on page” on the IE status bar. For one, I made sure that pop-up block software would not load. Don’t forget that some packages such as Norton Internet Security have pop-up blockers, so you would want to disable that. I recommend a freeware package called Starter ( which allows you to control whether programs load or not by checking or unchecking the program. Once you’ve disabled the pop-up software, reboot, and see if you still have the problem.

  3. Here’s an update on my posting from Aug. 24. To find out what was causing this problem, I disabled several programs from loading on startup, such as Pop-Up Stopper, Pest Patrol, Window Washer, AdSubtract, etc. My problem went away, so I used Starter (see my 8/24 posting) to allow one application to start up the next time I booted. Pest Patrol and Window Washer did not cause any problems, but when I loaded AdSubtract (an ad-blocker), the problem came back. I haven’t loaded Pop-Up Stopper yet. The strange thing is that I have been running these programs all along, with no problems, so something happened (exactly what is anybody’s guess!) to cause the problem to happen.

  4. i have the same problem i tried everythin i know, like diable ad blockers and stuff and i still cant get the chelsea website to load, it keeps saying that error of symtac or w/e it is, please please help

  5. When I go play pool on yahoo, I get this message:
    “error line 49
    do you wish to debug?”
    As soon as I accept the proposition, I get another message telling me that no debugger is installed on my laptop. How could I do to fight this?

  6. I have a solution for this problem…
    Its real easy

    Disable script debugging in Internet Explorer. (Tools|Internet Options|Advanced|Browsing|Disable Script Debugging.

    Walla… It works…
    Note: it dose not work for all you web developers…


  7. This happened to me every time I did I search on yahoo after I bought a new computer with XP. I now use Google to search and have encountered no errors. I think the problem might be with Yahoo’s search engine.

  8. Please note: This is meant for developers troubleshooting a prob on their site, not for the user that has script debugging turned on.

    I had a similar “SymRealWinOpen” error on my home page. I use Homesite, and after doing a search through my code on that phrase, and having nothing come up, I decided to look at my code myself, line by line. I started with my home page, which written in PHP, references a header include. Silly me, I noticed that within I forgot to close _two_ of my closing tags (the greater than symbol on both lines). After uploading that fix, my “SymRealWinOpen” error went away.

    What does that mean for you? I’m not sure, but perhaps you should see if you’re missing any closing tags or such.

    Happy New Year to all! | Pray and support Tsunami victims and volunteers!

  9. I have a problem loading pictures or new windows. I have norton antispam which I know has a popup blocker. Even with it off it still does it. Something must be conflicting how do you fix it

  10. help help please….i have this SymRealWin Open chatting in yahoo!messenger,i disabled already the script bugging inside internet settings but it did not help ..what can i do?

  11. everytime i try to upload pictures on my photobucket i get and error on the page and when i click on the exclimation mark in the left hand corner of the browser it says ‘SymRealWinOpen is undefined’. please help me how do i fix it? what does it mean?

  12. This happens because #1, you are using Internet Explorer. Go to and get a real browser. #2, you are using Norton Internet Security. When you go to a page that gives you this error, click the golden globe thingy next to the words ‘Norton Internet Security’ on your toolbar in IE. A submenu should come up. ‘Block popups from this site’ probably has a check mark next to it. Click it to remove the check mark. Next time you come to that page, you shouldn’t get the error.

    Of course if you had used Firefox in the first place, you wouldn’t have had to go through all that. :)

  13. I have had the same problem, even after re-installing the yahoo browser, although I found that this problem went when I disabled norton internet security’s pop up blocker. Do make sure that you have an alternative installed though. I also use lavasoft adware pop up blocker so I can recommend no problems with that.

  14. If I just leave me PC switched on, I get the message line: 33, char: 1, ‘symrealwinopen’ is undefined. It asks if I want to run the scripts and wether you press yes or no, it opens up a pop up ad. I’m running XP and Norton Anti Virus. If I disable ad blocker, then surely I’m gonna get more ads coming through?

  15. I had this problem everytime I did a Yahoo search. I fixed it by doing the following: Open Norton Internet Security. Click on Ad Blocking. Choose Configure (it is in bottom right corner). Click on Advanced. Click on the Ad Blocking Tab, it is on the right side. Scroll down and find the “Yahoo” html strings. Click Remove for each one.

    This fixed it for me. Hope this helps eliminate this annoying problem for you.

  16. I’ve disabled script debugging, removed all traces of Yahoo! Search from my Norton Internet Security ad-blocking configuration and turned off ad-blocking. I still get this message. Argh!!!

    I think I’m just going to use Google. *(sigh)*

  17. when i try to open my web page .
    It shows errors. The top banner does not come out on my laptop but does on other computers.
    Its says symrealopen is undefined.
    What can i do
    Thank you

  18. I think my computer might be monitored (by someone i know). When I log into internet explorer, it downloads rad.msn. i just happened to notice it yest. and then again today. what is that? also in my sypware doctor scan, i have been getting a “high” alert for netscape navigator. what is that and why can’t i get rid of it. also some unusual reports on another computer in my house on java (plug in, gray paint box, sun java, and so on). Thank you. Allie

  19. Re’ SynRealWinOpen
    I dont know how it works, but cotinually clicking “No” cleared the programme blocking pop-up on the “Outlook Express” that had an “Abbey National PLC” blag


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