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One of the things that sets Ask Leo! apart from other tech support resources is that, while I employ part-time staff to help with daily operations, every bit of content somehow comes from me, Leo Notenboom. Be it hand-written articles, podcasts, videos, books, or combinations thereof, it’s all me.

And while I can’t answer them all, I do take pride in trying to answer as many questions from readers as I can.

I’ve been extremely fortunate that advertising has been able to support this project for well over a decade. But with the rise of ad blockers and a general decline in advertising revenue, the long-term future of Ask Leo! could be in jeopardy.

Here are several ways you can help.

No money required

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Ongoing support

By far the single best way to support Ask Leo! financially is to become a patron. Your ongoing support — at various levels, paid monthly or annually — earns you rewards and perks as my way of saying “thank you” for your help.

With the decline in advertising it’s the patrons of Ask Leo! that have really come through and helped me continue to provide this service.

I’m deeply grateful.

One time payments

If you’d prefer to just throw money at me one time or ad hoc, there are a few options:

Buy a book, I have several available. Purchasing a downloadable PDF directly from me maximizes your impact on my bottom line, and also gets you something tangible in return. That last part makes me feel better about taking your money. 🙂 You’ll also automatically get Ad-Free Ask Leo! for a year.

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Thank you for even considering helping an independent content producer like me keep doing what I do. However you choose to help, it’s deeply appreciated.