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Outlook Express' spell check broke when I upgraded to XP, how do I fix it?

Outlook Express’ spell check broke when I upgraded to XP, how do I fix it?


I’d simply repair Internet Explorer, of which Outlook Express is a part. For Windows XP that means running the System File Checker. Alternately, simply installing the latest and greatest IE and Outlook Express should also do.

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34 comments on “Outlook Express' spell check broke when I upgraded to XP, how do I fix it?”

  1. Spelling is usually a feature of a specific program like Outlook Express, or Microsoft Word. Check the program you’re using and want spell checking in … it might already be there.

  2. Microsoft does not include spell checking as part of Outlook Express. You need to have Microsoft Office installed in order for the button to be click-able. If you do not have Office, there are some inexpensive third party solutions available, like the one found at

    Hope this helps.

  3. OK, most XP machines cannot run SFC since there is no CD for them to run from. I’ve got a pretty strange one. Word shows the spellcheck as English, but OE shows the spellcheck as French(France). If one changes it, it doesn’t stay changed but reverts right back to French(France) I’ve hacked the registry. SFC keeps asking for a CD which I don’t have. Windows XP came pre-installed.

  4. When spell checking outgoing email in Outlook a message appears from Microsoft Internet Explorer, “The spelling in this item can’t be checked. Try again later.”

  5. I recently upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 and tried using Outlook. I didn’t like so I went back to using Outlook Express. Now my spell checker in Outlook Express is in FRENCH! How do I fix THAT!

  6. The snapfiles spell checker worked for me. Thanks so much! It was so frustrating. When I finally uninstalled Office 2007 because I had OE’s spell check in French-I then lost spell check completely. Downloading snapfiles free spell checker brought it all back and in English!

  7. I had the same experience when I installed Office 2007 — only a French spell checker in OE. After trying a couple other sites, Google gave me “Ask.Leo” for the problem. The recommended download fixed it all in “snap”! (Sorry for the pun!) Thanks so much.

  8. Yes thanks folks – it’s good to have English back in the OE Spellchecker if only the version from our little colony across the pond! Eddie

  9. Hi
    Yep I downloaded the snapfile spell checker and it works! Can’t believe Microsoft can’t fix it!
    You site has solved my problem, thanks!
    John, UK

  10. I just received a new computer with WinXP and MS Office Home&Student 2007. Now when using the spellcheck in OE, the only language is French! Will the “snapfile” link fix this? Need help fast for student.

  11. I have downloaded the spell check from snapfile it checks the spelling in OE but I cannot send the mail. It freezes. All help is welcome

  12. Microsoft says office 2007 is not compatible with Outlook Express. Notice how Office Outlook tried so hard to make itself the default? Conspiracy?
    Thanks for the help y’all. Snapfile works like a champ!

  13. Ad one more to the club. Snapfile checker solved the problem though. On another weird throwback; has anyone figured out why they also took away the ability of OE to access hotmail? I mean after all they are both Microsuck aren’t they, and they really expect people to keep paying for this crap!

  14. Yes- I had the same problem went to, found the spellcheck for Outlook Express and it worked!
    Here’s the link:
    [url=]snap files[/url]

  15. The computer refuses to take the download (from Snapfiles) for English… what next? it says it is not a valid WIN32 application…????

  16. I downloaded the advised repair for outlook express spelling. Repaired it asap and even using office 1995! Thanks for helping use where microsoft won’t

  17. Hi: My question is how ca n i spell check on outlook express? My operation system is windows XP pro.i have tried to download a file called csapi3t1.dll but is seams that it can not work.
    Could you please explain what I am doing is wrong so maybe can can help me out to download and install the file needed i outless express ver 6

    Since my spelling is poor that is one reason i would need the spell check.

    Thank you

    Groupe Abtech Inc.

    per Abie

  18. My computer won’t take Snapfile either, same error. Any help here?

    BTW: this makes absolutely no sense; you upgrade a MSFT product to more errors?

  19. Thanks for the information on OE Spell check only speaking French. I already found out why but not how to fix it. I hope this solution works for me.

  20. I just ran into this and I have a question. I’d be willing to try this “Windows Live” mail if someone who has tried it can tell me if message filters or rules can be set up to direct email into specific folders.
    Can it do this?? If not, WLM is a useless hunk of code for me.

    btw: the spellchecker in OE is now working for me thanks to the pointer to that download.

    It appears that Windows Live Mail has the same message rule engine that Outlook Express had.

    – Leo

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