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Sun, 22 Jul 2018 19:09:55 +0000 55034f81f17d373e2b9c1afabae6f5ca
Tip of the Day: Keep Your Browser Up To Date

Honestly, until recently I was under the impression that everyone already did this, because the major browsers automatically update themselves.

I was wrong. I've run into individuals who a) had an out-of-date browser, and b) auto-update wasn't working or available.

Don't be that individual.

Your browser is, in many ways, your first line of defense against threats from the internet. In reality, it's more like the first point of vulnerability, as hackers like to exploit browser vulnerabilities to place malware on your machine.

Like any software, all browsers have bugs, some of those bugs result in vulnerabilities, and some of those vulnerabilities can be exploited for malicious purposes. Most browsers, again, like most software, are continually updated to fix those bugs as they are discovered in order to remove those vulnerabilities.

As a result, you always want to be running the most recent browser version available for your platform.

It's for your protection.

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Sun, 22 Jul 2018 14:00:29 +0000 f33657215d3fa4dae8378bb0dc945120
Tip of the Day: Remember Modify in Add/Remove Programs


In addition to uninstalling software via Apps and Features (or Add/Remove programs, as it was known in the past), you may also have the opportunity to modify the installation. Depending on the version of Windows you're running (Windows 10 is shown above), in Apps and Features (or Add/Remove) you may find a Modify button (or you may have to click or right-click on the entry to expose a Modify option).

Modify isn't always available — it requires support from each application's setup program — and what it does isn't consistent. It may:

  • Do nothing. Typically, it'll be unavailable or greyed out in some cases.
  • Re-run the setup program for the application in question.
  • Run a repair operation on the application in question.
  • Run a special "modify" operation, which may allow you to modify some of the choices you made when the application was originally set up.

Microsoft Office is a good example of change over time. Currently, if I click the Modify button shown above for Office 365, it launches a repair wizard, offering to repair my current installation. In this case, I guess "modify" means "fix". In older versions of Office, however, it allowed you to select which specific Office applications were installed.

Depending on your situation and the problem you're attempting to solve, knowing that Modify might exist can be another useful tool in the toolbox.

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Sat, 21 Jul 2018 14:00:24 +0000 d913f7bacfab2a731f4e593d3c381f1e
Is it Safe to Install a Higher Wattage Power Supply in My Computer?
I want to upgrade my current case that has a 300W PSU to a nicer looking case, but it has a 520W PSU. Is it ok and how does the "W" difference influence PC operation?

It's quite all right, and if things were working well before, you probably won't notice a difference.

Let's look at why, and just what that "W" means. I get questions on this topic frequently.

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Fri, 20 Jul 2018 15:00:43 +0000 8b7fd2323a2cec132d71a225c6d57bff
Tip of the Day: Enable Night Light in Windows 10

Windows 10 Nightlight SettingRecent studies show that the bright, blue-based light emitted by our screens can interfere with our internal clock in such a way that makes sleep difficult. One approach is to change the color of what's on the screen to a warmer, amber-based hue as night approaches.

Mobile devices — either inherently or through the use of apps — have had this ability for a while: you can set up a schedule at which time the screen automatically makes the change.

Windows 10 recently added this feature in the form of "Night Light".

Run the settings app, and start typing "Night light" to access the configuration. You can turn it on or off immediately, let the system determine sunrise and sunset for your location, or define your own schedule for the color change to occur. The only catch is that it does require some hardware support, so not all machines can use it. But for those that can, and especially for those of us who work late (or constantly), this might remove one more obstacle to a good night's sleep.

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Fri, 20 Jul 2018 14:00:30 +0000 b703fda9bfa54921f211716e5c4d3f56