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My new network card lights up, but Windows doesn't find it. Why?

I have installed a Wireless XtremeG Network card in PCI slot5 of my PC. But it cannot be found. It writes: No card found. But suprisingly, it lights, showing that it is working.

Unfortunately the person asking the question did not include the version of Windows he was using. Assuming you’re running Windows XP it is surprising that the card hasn’t been found automatically.

I’d take the following steps:

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  • First, follow the manufacturers instructions carefully. Occasionally they’ll have you install drivers or software before installing the hardware.

  • I’d run the Add Hardware wizard and see if it can be forced to auto-detect.

  • If none of those worked I’d try another slot.

  • And lastly, I’d get in touch with the network card’s manufacturer for additional advice and support.

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36 comments on “My new network card lights up, but Windows doesn't find it. Why?”

  1. Thank you, I am the owner of the following question:

    I have installed a Wireless XtremeG Network card in PCI slot5 of my PC. But it cannot be found. It writes: No card found. But suprisingly, it lights, showing that it is working.

    I am running Windows 2000 Professional. And again I did try all the available slots, and none of them has solved the problem. The card itself works because I exchanged it with one in another machine, so definitely it is not the card’s problem. I followed carefully all the manufacture’s instructions, but did not consult the manufacturer anyway, please help.

  2. My next step would be to look at the manufacturer’s support web site for any information relating specifically to your card and this problem. I’d also still try the add hardware wizard in Win2k as well.

  3. Hi

    I use Outlook Express for my e.mails. Now, I want to make my identity, that is; Name, Contact Numbers, Job Title etc. to appear at the foot of all my outgoing messages so that whoever will recieve the message can see them.

    How is this done Outlook Express.

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  4. I am having a similar problem. I have a windows 2000 professional machine that is patched to current levels. I tried to install a DLink 802.11g adapter (DWL-G510) and had the same result. The card appears to install fine, but W2K doesn’t see it. I tried several slots. The hardware wizard doesn’t see it. I’ve updated the BIOS on the machine, with no success. I can install the card in another machine and it works fine. I thought it might be the card anyway, so I took it back and got another, with no luck. So, I tried another vendor. This time I got a Netgear WG311v2. Same problem. The card installs, the system boots, the lights on the card light up, but the system won’t recognize the device. Again, this card will install successfully in a different system.

    I’m totally stumped.

  5. Hey Gang, Not sure if you’ve resolved your wireless issues…I sure hope so. In my experience with my network, I’ve encountered the same “stuff” as you. What I’ve found is that the only time that it won’t recognize the H/W is when I have the XP firewall on. Since I use a different firewall anyway, I disable the Microsoft firewall and all works fine. Also, when the MS f/w was active, when I did get a connection to the net, the darn thing would disconnect within 30 seconds. Not sure whats up with that, but don’t really care since the disabling of the XP f/w resolved my issues. Does anyone know why the conflict? Later…

  6. I had the same problem. I have an ASUS P2B motherboard with an Intel PIII 550 processor running Windows XP SP2. When I tried to exchange the card, I was told by the sales person that the D-Link DWL-G510 card will only work on PCI v2.2 and that my motherboard had PCI v2.1. I was able to confirm the PCI versions on the ASUS and D-Link web sites, so I sent an e-mail to D-Link. I received this reply.

    “Thank you for contacting D-Link Canada Technical Support.

    For replies, please send your emails to and please ensure to include all history when responding to support messages.

    As long as you are using Windows98SE, it should be fine. The DWL-G510 will usually work with most configurations. This device is backwards compatible with older PCI buses.

    If you require further support, you can contact us at (800) 361-5265 or through email at
    Please take a moment to rate our service by filling out our on-line Customer Satisfaction Survey at under the support tab. Please check our web site at for
    latest driver releases.

    Best regards,

    Where to go from here? I will probably buy another DWL-G510 card on the assumption that the first one WAS defective and D-Link Customer Support is correct on the backwards compatability. I f that fails, I will probably try another brand.

  7. I had the same problem. The DWL 520 lit up in the slot, but Windows would not recognize it. I called DLink support and the tech told me that Windows is aware of the problem, which came up as Code 10. He said that he had the same problem on his laptop and nothing solved the problem, and he ended up buying a different brand. This sucks.

  8. . . .same problem with W/98. Oddly, the system was working for two years with a SMC EtherCard Plus 8013WC. The problem started when I simply R&R’d a CD ROM drive, . . .Windows reconfigured the device and created an IRQ & base memory conflict. My LAN requires absolute IP addresses; therefore, I cannot disable DNS or allow the system to otherwise choose an IP. I also installed a new NIC (CompUSA PCI 10/100), but same problem. I can run an IP scan on the problem box and the NIC is identified as online at the assigned IP address, but the other client addresses, including the gateway and server are dead. Also, if I change the IP address of another workstation, e.g., this notebook (W/98), it reports a conflict in IP addresses; therefore, I know that the NIC in the problem box is identified to the LAN. The problem “has” to be with the Windoze/98 OS and some “layer” between the NIC and the definition of the network configuration(?).

    Someone suggested that Microsoft “knows about this kind of problem”? Where can I read something about this on a Microsoft webpage?

    Ron W.

  9. I have installed a d-link DWL-G520 card on XP pro and as soon as the desktop is done loading after installing card the comp keeps rebooting on it’s own . The only way I can get on the desktop is to log in as a guest . Then I have to uninstall the d-link so I can log back into main desktop so I can change setting but then there is no card found . I did install the drivers first then installed the card itself. Just would like to know if anyone knows how to fix this. I have tried this more than once .


  10. I have a dlink dwl-g510 card as well on 2000 pro. Installed and configured as admin profile. It worked fine. Log in as a non admin profile and the airplus exe would just die with a card not found error. One partial fix was to install the airplus.exe as a service running under an admin acount. This kinda worked, you could browse the net but not the local workgroup. Another easier and better fix is to schedule the airplus exe to run using the task scheduler at logon time with an admin account. This allowed the card to work for all users, although in the background.

  11. I have a G510 on WinXP SP2. After installing, the PC runs incrediably slow with CPU usage at 100%. It wont connect either, it detects my network on the “Site Survey” but wont connect at all. I have a laptop with a G650 and it connects with no problem at all. I think it’s a problem with the motherboard chipset, but I’ve already updated the BIOS and still no luck……

  12. Use the latest drivers for solving this problem ( Dlink G650+ Message “No Card Found” – looks like black cross)

    – Uninstall all Utility and reboot (Wireless Zero Configuration Service must be disabled before install)
    – Make that you has downloaded CORRECT drivers G650 and 650 are different cards and Utility!! ( The latest drivers have Digital Sign!)
    – Install Utility and reboot
    – Plug Your PCMCI Card to your computer

    Good Luck

  13. Using Windows XP, Desktop computer, attempting to install DWL-G510,connecting to DI-524 router. Power light goes on. But unable to even install the hardware. Upon turning on, the XP finds the hardware but is unable to install. The error msg is There was a problem installing this hardware. An error occured during the installtion of the device. The system cannot find the file specified. But it does not specify what file. We have tried using the installation files from an online download, but we get the same error msg. Any pointers? Thank you

  14. I have the same problem as Jon, I get very low connectivity but my CPU is at 100% as soon as I connect, so I cannot even play Freecell as my pages download. Its ridiculous.

  15. These few days i’ve installed a D-Link wireless PCI adapter GWL G520+ on my windows 98SE PC, it is strange that, when the system it booting up, the wireless card could not auto detect the connection, but when i manually choose the connection from the list and then click connect and it works.
    Can anyone help and tell me how to make it auto detect?Thanks.

    From kenny tan 19/11/2005

  16. exactly the same prob as John above. running xp pro. computer worked great for one day, then next day i turned on and just kept rebooting. got the latest driver, now doesn’t see card. uninstalled, used old driver, still doesn’t see card. have new dwl-g520m dlink pc wireless card with di-634m router. computer directly connected works great. have worked for hours on this.
    John how did u get around this??
    its now November–they must have a fix.

  17. I have read with great interest the case on Asus P2B Motherboard, unable to detect a DLink DWL-520 under Win2K. I was faced with the same problem. Investigating a bit further, it seems that the PCI identifier of the card was “flapping”. Sometimes, at boot-up, the PCI ID was 0300-xxxx and sometimes it was 0302-xxxx. Moreover, running lspci utility under linux showed that the full PCI card identifier was different from the PCI descriptors found in the .INF file, used by Windows to install /detect the drivers.

    Here is how I could make it work: I inserted the card in another PC (a more recent one), running Windows XP. It installed smoothly. Then I pulled the card back to my Asus P2B/Win2K PC. And this PCI ID was solved, I could install the card and make it work. And it works fine.

    For some reason, this PCI ID seems kind of dynamic, until it get installed with XP. I’m curious to know if other people could solve the issue by applying the same cure…

  18. Leo,

    I have a similar problem with d-link’s dwl-g510 (802.11g pci) card.

    my best guess at this point came from d-link’s faq’s, where they recommend disabling any on-board ethernet adapters. (but since the entire reason for me to install the wireless card is to connect to a second network, I haven’t tried this out)

    this suggest may help some of your readers


  19. i have a linksys wireless router,ive plugged the unit into my pc.installed the network card into my other pc but it is unable to get onto the net,have you any ideas.

  20. I install D-Link Wireless Adapter G510 through the procedure found on the manual on win xp, after shutting down inserted the card it shows new hardware found insert cd , the cd was still in the cd drive, later it tells me cannot find driver, i reload the windows xp and tried again it showsnetwork adapter found insert cd. please can you help. My system is Dell Optilex Pentium 4

  21. I’m running Windows XP profissional sp2 on an Intel 865 perl Mother board. All was fine untill I disassamplyed and reassampled my cpu. It shows the “found new hard ware pci card” notification and asked for the cd, though my both pci cards “fax modem and Eathernet lan” have already beeen installed more over it cannot find what kind of cards are these. And when I tried to find the card manually it shows the lable “no information from the manufacturer”
    P.S. Both cards are in the same place as before disassamlying and I tried changing pci slots and tried to work on each one at a time but the same message keeps showing every time.

  22. i have one small problam sir , my system P4 cellron but onboard lan card not detected
    how to detected in onboard lan card
    please send me details sir ok

    another lan card is working , but mother board lancard is not detected ,how to detected in onboard lan card please send me details sir



  23. DWL-G520M
    First install, no lights on the card. I tried a manual hardware install—WindowsXP says ‘cannot turn on’. I switched ports, no lights on the card.
    I downloaded more drivers from D-Link site. WindowsXP says ‘current driver is best’

    I start pulling out my hair and call D-Link’s tech support. I am shuffled thru 2 holds, the audio connection sounds like someone talking inside a trash compactor, but somehow I manage to communicate. The connect drops out—TWICE.

    Finally I get to troubleshooting—I am advised to do exactly what I just did. Next we uninstall-pull the card-reinstall-TWICE. Well…the card lit up, so that’s progress, but still WinXP says ‘cannot turn on’.

    Customer Service gives me a problem ticket and bails out. I turn to the web for any kind of trick to try…

    *Disabled firewall to install — did not work
    I uninstalled all the D-Link software, and tried a tip I saw here:

    *Disabled ethernet ports — rebooted — the light was blinking — BLINKING!!! (the card was listening!) So I right-clicked on wireless networks and selected ‘View Wireless Networks’, then connected.

    IT WORKED. No D-Link software installed on my PC. Driver is from October 2005, may also be listed as driver_12.

    Happy Day!

  24. Put new Windows XP Professional on my laptop recently but before i did it I downloaded all drivers from Packard Bell website that i would need 2 re-install.Problem is,iv installed da drivers for my network card but stil says no network adapter found wen i try 2 connect 2 internet!Any ideas what i cud do???

  25. I have a D-Link DWL-G510. When I first installed it, it worked fine because I installed the software driver before I installed the adapter in the PCI slot. Some time after, I had a problem with my computer and had to re-install Windows. The problem is that I forgot to retrieve the adapter before re-installing Windows. Now the adapter doesn’t work. Windows XP recognizes it but won’t start it. I tried uninstalling the driver and then re-installing it without the adapter in the slot (I even cleaned up the registry) but it still doesn’t work. I’m pretty dumb-founded, I do not know what to do. I would be very thankful if you’d tell me what my options are…

  26. The usual good methodical approach. I am about to network two computers in a home environment so any article on the subject is of interest.

  27. Marc:
    I have exactly the same problem. Card first worked, then I had to reinstall windows and now the card doesn’t work. Did you find a solution?

    best regards,

  28. If you have high CPU usage with the D-Link DWL G510, try this simple test:

    Open Device Manager and monitor CPU usage. If it is running high, normally you could check the Processes to see which ones were using the CPU. But, if the System Idle Process is running near 99%, that means no other processes are using it. This scenario indicates that you may only have an antenna problem.

    I had high CPU usage of around 20% whenever I connected using my d-link dwl-g510 wireless adapter. I tried many other fixes with no luck. In my case, I had wires from the mouse, keyboard, and monitor draped around the wireless antenna. When I moved the wires away, my CPU usage dropped to 1-2%. However, when I moved the antenna down toward the wooden desk, the CPU went back up to 20%. So, it seems that any antenna interference is bad. But it’s an easy fix!

    Also, the Device Manager is a very handy gauge to see where to point the antenna. Just keep an eye on the CPU usage data while you move it around. In my case, just a small 1 inch change made all the difference. I hope this helps others out there.

  29. I just installed window Vista. Vista could not find network adapters (NIC) and sound card. I did download drivers for both of these, but were still in vain. Do you have any idea with these problems?

  30. Conclusion of my story one post above:

    After I added two USB Hard Drives to the computer, I had too many cables around the little antenna to get good reception. I could not find a position that would work. So, I did some research and bought this antenna.

    Just in case the above link stops working, the antenna I bought is the
    D-Link 7dBi Omni-Directional Antenna

    It screws into the wireless card after removing the original antenna. It has a shielded cable to eliminate interference and it fixed all my problems. It works great.

  31. I am using an old Dell laptop running Windows 98SE. Can I use a wireless card with my Westell wireless DSL? Does it have to be a Westell or will any 802.11g card do as long as I have the software?

  32. i am on lan network but i am not the admin so naturally dont have the reuter when i try to connect it connects good but after few hours the network fail by itself although the green light of the lan card flashes, when i asked my admin he told me that he had to disconnect then reconnects the reuter, then the connection is regained when he does that, wha is the problem?


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