My Guarantee

Here’s the deal

GuaranteedI want you to be happy with your Ask Leo! purchase.

I want it to help you, to educate you, and I want you to feel like you got your money’s worth.

And if that’s not the case I don’t want your money.

Seriously, if you’re unhappy with anything you purchase from the Ask Leo! store, just drop me a line – reply to any of the email notifications you’ve received, or just shoot me an email at leo<at> – and I or my assistant will refund your purchase.

No questions asked.

If you want to tell me why you felt I missed the mark, that’d be fantastic – it’ll help me build better products in the future – but no questions asked means no questions asked. You don’t have to feel intimidated because I might ask you to justify your request – I won’t.

I won’t even put a timeframe on it. 30 days? A year? Whatever. Unhappy gets you a refund. I know you’ll have your reasons and that you’ll be honest about it all.

A word about Amazon

If you’ve purchased your Ask Leo! book through Amazon, I want you to be happy too.

I have one request: if you can, please explore your return options at Amazon first. They have a liberal return policy on Kindle books for 7 days. Paperback books can be returned in some circumstances as well.

If you cannot return your book to Amazon: I’ll buy it. That’s how much I want you to be happy, and how much I believe in what I product.

In cases like this, though, I need is a copy of your receipt (you can just forward me the confirmation email you got from Amazon) and I’ll sent you the amount you paid plus tax and shipping via PayPal. (Sorry, Paypal is really the only way I have of doing this right now.)

I hope you never need to use any of these return/refund options, but I want you to feel confident that I really stand behind what I do.

Not-so-small print

Naturally terms are subject to change. If I find people abusing my liberal returns policy I might have to change it. You’ll have available to you whatever my returns policy is – or better – on the day you make your purchase, regardless.

This policy was updated: May 29, 2015