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MSSTDFMT.DLL is missing. Where do I get it?

I want to install a memory optimizing program but it will not work without a .dll file; more specifically “MSSTDFMT.dll”. How do I get it?


I’d start off by questioning that memory optimization program. It should either:

  • rely only on standard windows components

  • install everything it needs

  • or tell you where to get the pieces it needs

So I’m a little skeptical about whatever it is you’re trying to install.

That being said, you may already have the file on your machine. Use search for files to find it. If it’s found, you may be able to get things to work by executing “regsvr32.exe msstdfmt.dll” in Start, Run.

If you can’t find it you may be able to get it from a Windows XP CD-ROM, or from a couple of download sites on the internet. Just do a Google search on “msstdfmt.dll”. You may still need to run the regsvr32 command I mentioned above after downloading it.

Do this

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33 comments on “MSSTDFMT.DLL is missing. Where do I get it?”

  1. Thank you. As a noob to developing and releasing programs for the average joe, your site has been of great assistance to me and those who use my programs. Keep up the good work.

  2. What a slick fix! I deleted some unneed programs that took the aformentioned DLL file with it. When another program wouldn’t load and gave the missing DLL file as the error, I found your page, entered the Start/Run/command, and voila!


  3. Thanks alot Leo i couldnt get my video converter to work even though i had the file placed inside of my windows/system folder i used your run command and it worked :) thanks again

  4. I downloaded the file and stuck it in the c:/windows/system32 and tried to do what you said in the run and it didnt work, I signed in safe mode and it wouldnt work, I used the c prompt and it wouldn’t work, although this worked for me several times but why I cannot get it to work this time I have the foggyest idea. Im using windows xp pro with service pack 2

  5. I just tried putting the file in C:/WINDOWS/system32 and it didn’t work, so I tried putting it in C:/WINDOWS/system and It worked like a charm. Thank you!

  6. hello mr leo, and all i’m trying to downdload the regsvr/32 msstdfmt.dll but i cant is there any other way where can i find it? thank you

  7. Intel systemboard power monitor worked nicely for year or more – then complained did not have msstdfmt.dll! – ran regsvr32.exe msstdfmt.dll as you suggested – no more problem.

    Many thanks

  8. I LOVE U LEO. it really worked. I already had the file in my system32 folder but still my vb application would not start giving error that it is missing and i tried to do what u said in the startmenu and it worked like a charm. thanks man!

  9. i dont understand. what do i do? i want to install the file name MSSTDFMT.DLL. TO MY MACHINE SO I CAN USE SA TRAINER FINAL V3 FOR STICKARENA

  10. What about the official source? I want to figure out wny it is missing from a freshly-built Windows 2003 Server.

  11. I’m trying to enter the dll file in Vista, but when I try, I get the error message “to register a module, you must provide a binary code”. Can you please help?

  12. Finally worked!!!!
    I killed vista and got fresh xp on here now, then when i tried to do it again, i needed the file.

    Thanks, i will dig you!=P

  13. i tried to install it as give on windows vista but still not working pls what can i do. i really need it to run my programs on windows vista

  14. It really worked.
    The file is not exist in my system but i copied from other running windows XP system and registered with regsvr32 command which you had given …
    and now issue resolve
    thanks lot

  15. im trying to install the msstdfmt.dll on my system{vista ultimate] and it keep saying that “to register a module, you must provide a binary code”. Can you please help? i have already paste a msstdfmt.dll on C:\windows\system32 but i still didn’t work……plz help me

  16. IM tryign to run STrainer for stick arena and it says you need the folowing file installed on your machine. MSSTDFMT.DLL. what i do i tried downloading it. and every website had like not found file. or clean registry or virus scan what i do please help please?


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