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What is msmsgs.exe?


msmsgs.exe is Windows Instant Messenger. Not to be confused with msnmsgr.exe which is MSN instant messenger.

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6 comments on “msmsgs”

  1. Hi, I got a problem with the internet, It connects and gets going then 4-5mins later disconnects and says disconnect because of msmsg.exe and then last time it happened it say the same thing and this time msmsgr.exe which you say is MSN instant messanger. So I dont know how to stop it disconnecting me other than not using MSN instant messanger

  2. I have norton internet security 2003, and everytime i get on the internet or when i am surfing i get a pop up from norton utilities letting me know what is accessing the internet, and msmsg.exe always pops up saying that it is accessing the internet and i wanted to know what type of problems this can cause and if it is a problem? I checked out a website and downloaded shoot the messenger to disable messenger and disable port 1035 because of an error i read on a webpage that said that that particular port is used for malicious acts. Please let me know how to stop that message from popping up and being completely removed from my computer. Thanks David

  3. I Have the same problem with internet gateway.Actually someone at informed me that gateway could sometimes be the culprit for disconnecting me from the internet.Why do I have three connections in network connections anyway,Do I need them?Can I delete gateway if I am not using it?

  4. msmsg.exe was causing my system to hang. My procesor would run flat out until I manually stopped the process. I fixed this by:
    A – I changed from Symantec to McAfee.
    I think it is a system flaw with Symantic and Microsoft XP.


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