Has Been Replaced

All membership content formerly housed on has moved to

If you already have an account on (using the same email address as you used on, then access has been added to that account. Just head on over to (the My Account link in the upper right), login if you haven’t already, and you should see all your memberships listed on your My Account page.

If you didn’t already have an account on, you should have one now. 🙂 Visit the My Account page (, click on Lost your password? underneath the login form, and on the resulting page where it says “Username or email” enter the same email address that you used on and click on Reset Password. You’ll be emailed a link that you can then click on to set a new password.

This is all about reducing the multiple-account confusion, and I deeply appreciate your patience. At this point you should need only a single account: your account on

Of course, if you have any problems of questions drop me an email:



1: Unless you’re still using Patreon to process your patronage, in which case you’ll need that account too, of course.