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There’s no 100% certain way to test a site before you visit it to determine if it is malicious or contains malware that will infect your machine. #askleo #Malware

Knowing that your email has been hacked can be very difficult to detect, particularly if you are not tech savvy. #askleo #hacked

Facebook account hacks happen. There are steps you need to take, not only to recover your account, but to prevent it ro being hacked again. #askleo #facebook

When people think their machine is infected, I typically say, “Back up that machine.” Yes, you are backing up a possible infection, but that’s actually okay. #askleo #virus

If no preparations have been made beforehand, accessing the machine of a deceased loved one can be anything from easy to impossible. #askleo #deceased

Your password protects your account from unauthorized access, but it doesn’t protect your email address from exposure. #askleo #email

Hibernate and sleep are two optimizations to the boot/reboot process that can speed things up. #askleo #hibernate

Unless a password’s been changed, it’s difficult for a typical user to tell if their computer our account is being hacked. #askleo #hacked

Getting Microsoft Word documents to look the same everywhere means processing them into something else. #askleo #Word

Phishing is epidemic. Legitimate-looking emails asking for sensitive information are often bogus. #askleo #phishing

A MAC address and your IP address are both key components to networking, but they serve different purposes, and are visible in very different ways. #askleo #networking

Privacy and Security: There are five major areas in which your security and privacy can be both exposed and protected. #askleo #privacy #security

Many installers include offers of additional software packages. If you don’t pay attention, you could end up with software you don’t need or want.

Read the article: #askleo #downloads

Email attachments are useful and convenient. They’re also abused, dangerous, and responsible for many infections and data breaches. #askleo #attachments

Really? Do you know the difference between a megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, and petabyte? #askleo #terabyte

There are those who feel that technology is isolating us from the world. I couldn’t disagree more. #askleo #technology

It’s generally not possible to recover an older version of a web page, but we’ll look at a couple of straws to grasp at. #askleo #websites

Peer-to-peer file-sharing programs have a bad reputation because of the content they’re often used to download. Is it legit? #askleo #filesharing

Testing your backups is an easy step to overlook, but an important step to take. Make sure your backups will be there when you need them. #askleo #backup

In a brazen scam attempt, you may get a phone call from someone claiming to be your ISP to “help” you with Windows. Don’t fall for it. #askleo #scam

Linux is often a viable alternative to extend the life of older machines. Should you give it a try? #askleo #linux

Chkdsk checks your disk for errors at a low level, requiring exclusive access to the disk to do so. What happens when it can’t run? #askleo #CHKDSK

The computer world is full of confusing acronyms like: POP – POP3 – IMAP – SMTP. What are they? #askleo #email

Sophisticated targeted ads can sometimes seem creepy. Let’s explore how a few techniques work, and one I can’t explain at all. #askleo #privacy

Effective website security is difficult, and often an afterthought. Not all sites or services store passwords securely. #askleo #passwords

You can change the “default program” to open files in the application of your choice. #askleo #default

“No Signal” does not come from your computer. This is your display device indicating that it has nothing to display. #askleo #monitor

A sudden black screen? This is most commonly a screen saver, but there are other possibilities. #askleo #screen

The nature of the email infrastructure means delays can happen for many reasons… if you get a “Delivery Status Notification (Delay)”, your options are limited. #askleo #email

If you send email to an invalid address or a closed account, usually you’ll get a bounce back. Usually. But you cannot count on bounces. #askleo #email

BitTorrent: You need to understand why last week’s bootlegged theatrical movie release probably is illegal! #askleo #bittorrent

How long you keep backups depends on your risk tolerance, as well as your personal back-up scheme. Let’s explore some guidelines. #askleo #backup

It’s easy to fix the recycle bin: just delete it, and Windows handles the rest… the registry is not involved. #askleo #recyclebin

Once I’ve convinced you that image backups are important, your next question is mostly likely to be, “OK, How?” #askleo #backup

Cleaning out cookies, especially if you clean out all cookies, will force you to verifying your bank log-in… again. #askleo #cookies

SATA – PATA – IDE? Oh My! Different disk drive interfaces can be confusing. #askleo #harddrive

ISO files are typically exact copies of the data that would otherwise be placed onto a CD or DVD. So how do you use one? #askleo #ISO

The concept seems simple: take a system image of one machine, restore it to another, and avoid lengthy setup time. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. #askleo #backup

MAC address filtering is a technique that theoretically prevents unauthorized computers from accessing your network. I’ll explain why the theory fails. #askleo #MAC

Here’s another example of why going digital enables backup safety that single originals can’t achieve. #askleo #backup

Online document conversion services can be safe, or they can represent a real privacy risk. #askleo #privacy

Many people are confused by the concept of a “Microsoft account”. There’s a high likelihood you already have one. #askleo #Microsoft

I tested a Google Chromebook. On a business trip, can I do every task I need to do, where I need to do it, without major inconvenience? #askleo #chromebook

New computers often come with multiple partitions. While it’s tempting to remove them, there’s a little to be gained. #askleo #partitions

If your mouse and keyboard stop working, you may be able to repair the situation — if you can overcome one huge obstacle. #askleo #keyboard

If your monitor suddenly goes black due to being out of RAM, it’s likely that your computer has crashed. #askleo #crash

Losing access to your password vault can be a major inconvenience. Fortunately, that’s all it needs to be, and there are ways to prevent even that. #askleo #password

So-called “problems” with your Microsoft account may refer to Windows, or to other applications on your system. #askleo #microsoft

Protecting data on your computer is key. I’ll look at three common encryption methods. #askleo #encryption

One way privacy issues happen is through people’s own actions. Over-sharing on social media is the most common example. #askleo #privacy