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'IEXPLORE.EXE' comes up when I start my computer and says that I'm trying to download something — how do I fix it?

‘IEXPLORE.EXE’ comes up when I start my computer and says that I’m trying to download something – how do I fix it?


Either of two ways. Check for spyware, or examine what’s in your start-up. This article: What’s all this stuff running after I boot Windows? should help.

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34 comments on “'IEXPLORE.EXE' comes up when I start my computer and says that I'm trying to download something — how do I fix it?”

  1. when I start explorer, iexplore.exe starts the error message and it ends with gamsys.dll,it crashes and does not allow me to use it. What would you suggest as possible ways to either isolate and or fix the problem? Have to use a friends computer now…thanks

  2. Open Internet Explorer 6.0.

    Eventhough it gives you an error with gamsys.dll, click on it’s main menu Tools> Internet Options > Advanced and uncheck the box for “Enable Third Party Browser Extension”.

    I have had this problem since last week on AMD, Win XP Home, IE 6.0 user machine. This did work and allowed to surf on Internet and other task without anymore crashing!

    Good Luck…

  3. Great advice this – we had exactly the same problem and changing the Enable Third Party Browser Extension setting sorted it out.

    Other advice had been to remove adware etc etc etc – but doing that did not make any difference at all

    Many thanks

  4. I have had the same problem for quite sometime. I finally moved the gamsys.dll file (i wasn’t allow to delete it) out of my windows file, changed the extention and deleted it. I have not had a problem since. I will check my third party browser extention as well. I this helps someone. Good Luck to all.

  5. This error message box keeps on popping on my desktop:” IExplore.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created.”… What should i do? I hope you can respond to my problem immediately since the PC that i’m using that receives this problem is a file server! thanks!

  6. I have two iexplore.exe processes that starts from

    files in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Active Memo Obj 2
    C:\Program Files\okayfreesoap

    tha first process watches if the other is beeing killed, and restarts it again. So does the other :(

    I think it is a trojan. I have removed it several times, but it keep coming back after a few days or weeks.

  7. I have a question, not a comment. I transferred some clip art to my documents. When I
    attempt to view them I am told that is needed and cannot be located. My
    son-in-law set me up in Pegasus. Can this site be used with Pegasus? Will it affect
    my present setup? As you can tell, I am computer illiterate.

  8. iexplore.exe always comes out everytime i open my pc and everytime im trying to search or download something..hope you can help me..thanks

  9. look iexplore.exe gets downloaded with the flash player,i know this because my firewall prompted i needed flash to run yahoo messenger and also as you all know most websites want flash.i now find that iexplore is interfering with my video downloads i woke up to find my pc ive been though a extensive system restore.their are iexplore fixes just type iexplore in google cheers tony

  10. Sir,IExplore caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32-DLL at 0187:bff74347. and I am not able to write any email in Please help me BALCHANDER

  11. I am having problems with my internet explorer. Everytime i click on an entry box in Internet Explorer, it gives me an error message reading: “IEXPLORE.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. An error log is being created. Cancel.” I have Windows 2000. I tried running my computer in Safe Mode to see if there were any corrupt files or anything but there wasn’t. I also don’t have any new software downloaded. Someone please, help.

  12. I have problem with my website. When accessing my website using internet browser error occured. It does not go diretly to index.htm page as a standard default web page. You need to put /index.htm to be able to access my homepage. (e.g. http://servername/index.htm)

  13. my IExplore.exe problem is that i starts-up with my windowxp starts-up
    with all the other processes even with out an IE window i try ending the process but it just comes back i’ve scanned for viruses but found nothing, plus i can start up my xp firewall and other security options.
    cheers if you can help thanks

  14. on a seperate computer…we have the iexplore.exe problem as well. It just keeps generating browser pages…like google, etc..with topics already existing that noone has created. I have a user agreement with McAfee and could download it onto that computer but I can’t open a browser page to typing in the website. Even the browers pages it automatically generates wont allow me to do a search or access a web page. Also, I notice that the iexplore.exe drains my cpu usage..i delete and it automatically just comes back. Please help. Thanks

  15. I have myspace page and everytime i go to log into it, and error thing pops up that says something about “can not read memory” What can I do and is it bad for my computer?

  16. I can’t fix this problem. Can I fix it without buying software? if so how,,,, I’m going to try your link to fix it, I will let you know if it worked.

    Hash: SHA1

    That’s Internet Explorer. Just go to download and install the
    latest version.


    Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (MingW32)


  18. how to repair internet explore bcoz i m lot off tome try but not repair so please help me and say how to repair.;::::

  19. everytime I download..this dialog box appears..Internet Explore cannot download…
    Internay Explorer was not able to open this site.The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later. How will i fix this?

  20. iexplore.exe…. Hi there im pretty sure i have a virus, im not computer smart, but here is my issue, anytime when i go to download anything Adobe for example i get a box that pops up and says choose a file, well i cant download there, there isnt anywhere for me to download it to. i have looked on many fourms, and not having much luck, i do have windows 7. i dont know what to do, i know before i tried a system restore that wouldnt happen, can anyone please try to help, much appreciated, thank you

  21. @Chris,
    Just a wild guess here… but try reading that box that pops up closer. Are you sure it doesn’t say something like “Choose a file location” or “location for the file” or something like that. It would very well be that you just have to give it a directory on your computer that you can download to. One very easy way to do troubleshooting in cases like this is to use a different browser, and see if the settings in that browser make some more sense to you.

    Otherwise, if it really is malware. Search Ask Leo! for all his articles on how to get your computer cleaned up.

    Here’s a good place to start: Viruses and Malware


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