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I lost the general tab in my internet options, how do I get it back?

I lost the general tab in my internet options, how do I get it back?


That’s most likely a spyware thing, run a spyware removal tool such as Spybot or any of the other recommendations I have.

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18 comments on “I lost the general tab in my internet options, how do I get it back?”

  1. I have a “afterwork” option on my computer that doesn’t allow me to download files such as Yahoo Messenger…any way around this ….???

  2. Sounds like you’re behind some kind of corporate firewall or proxy. The short answer is probably not. You’d have to get in touch with the IT people to see what they’re blocking and why.

  3. PROBLEM: Internet Options under Tools on Internet Explorer is changed and the General Tab is no longer present. To repair this issue you must fix a data value in the registry. To do this do the following.

    CLICK START BUTTON > CLICK ON RUN & type in regedit > this will take you to your registry, where you have to go to repair the issue.

    Once there, on the left side there go to the following…
    then click on Software
    then click on Policies
    then click on Microsoft
    Then click on Internet Explorer
    and then click Control Panel.

    On the right side there is data GeneralTab.
    After GeneralTab is REG_SZ an then is value 0 or something.
    Right click entry GeneralTab and click modify.
    Then write 0x00000000 (0) at Value data.
    Click ok and close window.
    Open internet explorer and general is visible again.

  4. I used your suggestion for the above problem. No results. Same as before. And yes I did have a virus, but it was removed. Where do I go from here. If you can help I would appreciate, also I am not an experienced PC user.

  5. I have the exact same problem, but with a twist. I had installed Trailfire nt long ago. Everything was running fine, now I can’t access Internet Options at all nor remove this Trailfire toolbar from my add/remove programs or otherwise. It tells me it doesn’t exist, but yet when I opne IE it is there. Makes no sense how it can say this to me. I have tried going into local c ans deleting the entire file, but it won’t do this either. I’m stuck! and now can’t get into Tool> Ineternet Options. I tried the suggestion above, and could nto find Interent Explorer in the list to look at. what may be causing this?

  6. what is the (general tab). I followed the order I read up the page and control panel on mine is not under internet explorer. then i did fine on the data general tab it says (default REG_sz (value not set) what does that mean. Thanks!

  7. okay i did everything until the internet explorer part, i click on microsoft but under there i did not have internet options just conferencing and system ceritificates….

    what do i do?

  8. i did all of that but there is not control panel under inernet explorer!! The whole tool help home favorites and bookmark is gone from my internet tool bar and t wont let me update or install anything on the internet site its being blocked by a popup which that part of my tool bar is gone!! PLZ help!!


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