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I have IE set to keep history 21 days, but only today is shown. How do I see the rest?

I have IE set to keep history 21 days, but only today is shown. How do I see the rest?


Open the History pane, click on the view dropdown at the top of it and select By Date. Now your entire history should be visible. Just scroll up and down within that pane, and expand or collapse specific days or weeks by clicking on them.

Do this

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8 comments on “I have IE set to keep history 21 days, but only today is shown. How do I see the rest?”

  1. Hi Leo,
    I have set my IE’s history to 21 days, but I can’t see anything when I choose to see the links by date or by site. I only can see it when I order them “by the most visited” and just the pages I visited today. I scanned my computer with Virusscan but it didn’t find any viruses. What else could possibly be. I have had this problem for about a month now and I can’t figure out how to fix it.
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  2. I have always had this problem, and selecting view by date does NOT solve it.

    I used to have IE set to keep my history for 7 days, but I recently changed it to 14 in order to try to solve this problem. But today I’m looking at my history, and there are only 3 days there: Monday, Tuesday, and Today.

    I think what’s happening is that it’s RESETTING every 14 days. So at the end of a 14-day cycle, everything is wiped and it starts a new 14-day cycle.

    How can I fix this?

  3. me – I got the same problem something resets the list by shotdown; it might just be a system policy 4 privacy and there should b a registry key 2 this even though ive allready sniffed via gpedit.msc(run) in vain

  4. I have IE History set for 999 days. It was doing fine up until it got to about 70 weeks. Now it does not keep any record of history after that. Is the cache full? Does the cache size of Temporary Internet Files affect this? I have it set at 1024 MB currently and I think that should be plenty of room. Any comment appreciated.

  5. Is there a way to capture browser history programatically?
    I tried with history object but not working?
    Please let me know if you are aware oh fetching client browser history/cache on server side (in java).

  6. INTERNET EXPLORER IE 9 – WIN 7 64 – IE is not keeping any history despite: 1. it is setup properly with IE Tools options 2. I did a reset and nothing happens. It only keeps MY PC Explorer accesses. What is the solution?


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