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How do I update my version of Windows Messenger?

How do I update my version of Windows Messenger?


All you need do is download and install the new version.

Click for: the latest version of Windows Messenger, or the latest version of MSN Messenger.

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29 comments on “How do I update my version of Windows Messenger?”

  1. I have version 7.5, and it wont let me use the handwriting option when chatting … it says i need to install or update… but there are no more updates, so what am i spose to do??

  2. Heey, Leo. I want to know, i’ve got MSN Live Messenger 8.0 BETA, before I used to use: MSN 7.5, but the handwriting don’t work, still don’t work, and will not work.
    It says:
    To use the handwrite feature, you may need to install or update software. For details on enabling or hiding the Handwrite feature, click help. Help is what I need! It dont work…

  3. Beta software is just that – beta. Not ready. Not finished. Has bugs. And so on. :-)

    With all the questions I get here, I can’t support Beta software. There should be support forums or something for the Beta, so I’d suggest you ask there.

  4. hi, i wanted to know how i could download the handwritting feature, and i was wondering if you could give me information in doing so..
    thank you

  5. I would like to find out what kind of windows messenger I boyfriend and I have web cams and everytime we click to share our cams, the window says we cannot because we do not have the same version of windows messenger. so he is installing a new version of windows messenger and I need to make sure that it is the same version that I have.

    thank you for your consideration,

  6. hi! i have the msn messenger 7.5 and i was uploading the latest version, the 8.0 but i cancelled half way through, but now i cant get into my old one even though the icon is still there! i dont want to lose all my contacts otherwise id upload 7.5 again… please help me!

  7. I have a Sony 2001 laptop and have Windows XP Home Edition. The windows messenger that is already on it says its not compatible with this version. I have tryed installing windows live and it says it wont work with this computer. I have tryed msn messenger and it says that the file c:\Program Files\Messenger\Install_MSN_Messenger.exe wasn’t found within my System 32 folder. How can I make msn work on it or what version should i try?

  8. If I download the new version of messenger 8,will I lose all my contacts? will I have to start all over again? or will it just give me the new features and keep my contacts? Thank you

  9. hello can you help ,i dont want to install the new version of messenger but when i check dont install, the messenger beta i have dosnt log in ,when i tryto insatall the new one it installs then it rolls back and uninstalls can you help thanks mark

  10. Same problem as Amber cant use my web cam , and I uninstalled msn Or windows instant mess too . I still cannot download the new version !!!!!!! HELP I want to use my web camera!!!!!

  11. I am trying to install the 8.1 msn and my computer wont let me do it, A notice comes on saying that my security levels wont allow me to use activex to download, How can I change this?


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