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How do I uninstall weather bug?

How do I uninstall weather bug?

Weather Bug apparently has a long and somewhat sordid history. Early
versions of it were known to install the one of the earliest and most well
known spyware packages: gator.

Thankfully, Weather Bug has become better behaved over time.

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Weatherbug is still adware – but not spyware. And uninstalling turns out to
be a simple manner these days. has an article: WeatherBug Removal Instructions and Help.

Update: The folks at Weatherbug recently dropped me a line:

“I’d like to suggest that if a customer has a question about
WeatherBug (removing it or otherwise) – you can link directly to our FAQ page
which answers most of the common questions, including how to uninstall, which
of course is done the same way you uninstall any program, via add/remove
programs in the control panel.”

Here’s the Weatherbug FAQ.

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15 comments on “How do I uninstall weather bug?”

  1. Thank you very much leo for assisting me in removing the weather bug from my system. It was great relief to find your instructions to where they were step by step and easy to understand. Thank you once again.where do i send the latte to?
    [Email Address Removed]

  2. Dear Leo-
    thanks for the information on WeatherBug and helping to correct some of the misinformation that is out there about our product.

    I’d like to suggest that if a customer has a question about WeatherBug (removing it or otherwise)- you can link directly to our FAQ page which answers most of the common questions, including how to uninstall, which of course is done the same way you uninstall any program, via add/remove programs in the control panel.

    Our FAQ link is

    and of course customers can also send us a support request by just clicking the HELP button on their WeatherBug. We are here 7 days a week and reply within 24 hours, most times far quicker.

    Thanks! Jay Hoffman, Manager, WeatherBug customer support team

  3. Is there a way to keep wether bug, but not allow it to install on start up, which slows things down? I’ve already tried unclicking the program under msconfig, but the very next time I use weather bug, it makes itself into a start up program. Any way to prevent this? Their FAQ page does not answer this question

  4. Unfortunately, even a followed the instruction for removing the Weather bug, it didn’t work. First of all, apparently it didn’t even exists on my computer? Still, at startup, if I run ?msconf? it very much exists (twice even).

  5. I’ve done the Add/Remove drill several times, the program does not come up on the list which can be removed.What happens is every time I go to the weather page I used before, I end up in Weatherbug. I found what I think may be the link in the history file, I tried to search on that but no search would take place, nothing at all happened. I need help!!!!!

  6. An interesting note regarding WeatherBug. I was asked to remove the WeatherBug software on a laptop at work. (FYI.. we have fairly tight security where I work, and our firewall doesn’t allow most of our employees to access certain web sites that have been identified as a security risk). I opened “Add/Remove Programs” and located the MySearchBar and removed it. Then I located the WeatherBug and attempted to remove it. However, the uninstall tried to take me to the one of the WeatherBug web sites to locate some kind of file to complete the uninstall (of course I didn’t write down the name of the file it was looking for). I’m wondering if the program was trying to report back to the WeatherBug “mother Ship” that we were trying to uninstall their software. Hmmmm? Laura :-)

  7. Hi, i am assisting a classmate with removing weather bug, however, weatherbug is not listed in “add/remove” programs yet it is listed in the start up programs (using msconfig). is there any way to remove it from the list of start up programs in msconfig?

  8. Is everyone here sure that it is WeatherBug? I used to use it before it became heavy with addware. Even back then there was another program that was more of an infection and it had nothing to do with Weatherbug. I think the entry in Add or Remove Programs was “Weather Services” and that is what brought me here now. I have a friend’s computer that is able to connect to the internet but only in safe mode. Which means that it has the ability so internet is up and running. Outside of safe mode the computer will boot and Windows will open but soon to be frozen as spyware loads in the background. This computer has “Weather Services” in Add or Remove programs but you can not remove it. Attempting to do so will cause the screen to flash sightly but other than that, nothing happens. You can do it as many times as you like and it just won’t go away. This is not WeatheBug nor is it Weather Channel but some malicious program. I haven’t fixed this one yet but when I do I will let you know. Unless of course, someone out there knows what i am looking for and can direct me to a place that will help.

  9. What a sick joke. I ve been trying to remove weather bug a long time. Even went so far as to contact Perfect Uninstall.Weather bug is sick sick sick. They give FAQ and instructions that dont work. Ect jump in and out ect.

  10. Weather Watcher Live uses weatherbug. Will I have trouble removing it also? I don’t need spyware or adware or viruses or any other problems on this computer.

  11. Well I have to take my hat off to Weatherbug’s creators, they certainly write a fine virus. This program has it’s tentacles wrapped and locked around my computer.

  12. Damn Weatherbug. Everytime I try to uninstall it, it gets about 10 percent done and then freezes my laptop. Then, because I can’t delete it, it makes my PC start up even slower than it already did..


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