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How do I send mail from my mail forwarded address?

How do I send mail from my mail forwarded address?

There are services that automatically forward mail from one email
address to another. Registering your own internet domain is a common
example. Most registrars will offer to forward email sent to that domain to
an email address you specify.

Say you register “” and email sent to
is forwarded to your real email account. What if you
want to send mail that looks like it came from In
most cases it’s not difficult, but exactly how depends on your mail
program and perhaps even your ISP.

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For the sake of discussion let’s define a couple of examples:

  • is your “real” email address. Obviously you
    have a real email address that is not actually “”, but we’ll use
    this example in this discussion. You get your email from and
    everyone knows to email you at “”. Email you send is marked as

  • is the domain you’ve just registered, and/or is the email address that is being
    automatically forwarded. Any email sent to “” is automatically
    forwarded to “”.

The problem is that when you reply to email, regardless of whether it came
directly or via the forward your reply is from “”. The “trick”
to making it come from “” instead is to set up a second send-only
email account in your email program. (If you always want your email to
be sent from “” you can instead simply modify your existing
account settings as I’m about to describe.)

Exactly how and where you’ll make these settings will vary based on your
specific email program. There’s a small chance that your program doesn’t
support all of these settings though most do. Web mail services such as
Hotmail, Yahoo, and the like typically do not.

The new account is exactly the same as the account you already have
for “”, with the following changes:

  • The email name is “”. Important: the email
    name is not the same as the account name. The account name is how your
    ISP knows that you are you. We’ll still be using your ISP to send email even
    with the different “From:” address. Though your email program may have a
    different setup, here’s an example from Outlook 2003:

    Outlook 2003 Email Account Setup

  • The account should not download email unless it’s to be your only
    account. Your email arrives via your regular account only.

  • Depending on your ISP, you may need to select outgoing
    authentication on send. Options include specifying your ISP’s account and
    password again, or possibly somethign called “POP before SMTP”, meaning that
    your ISP will authenticate your sends if you first download email (with your
    real account).

    Caution: this is the step that may cause your ISP to reject sending using
    your custom email address. Some ISPs in the interest of thwarting spammers
    insist that email you send must be “From:” the email address that the
    ISP assigned you. Fortunately those ISPs are becoming fewer and fewer, but
    unfortunately if your ISP enforces this restriction there’s very little to be
    done. You’ll need to use another service to send your email.

Once you’ve defined that email account, you’ll need to tell your email
program to use it when you send mail. When you reply to a message, or when you
compose a new one, your email program should allow you to select which account
to send as; it will probably default to your regular account. Select this new
one, and you’ll send as “”, meaning that’s who the email will
appear to come from.

If you’re concerned that this technique might somehow be used to hide your
identity or pretend to be someone you’re not remember that the the mail header
information that you normally don’t see will still contain information about
where the mail was sent from.


Here’s a video walking through the changes described above using Outlook
2003 as an example.

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35 comments on “How do I send mail from my mail forwarded address?”

  1. I’d have to know more about what you’re trying to accomplish. In general sending email from a javascript within a webpage or browser client is intentionally very difficult, if not impossible, to prevent hacking attempts.


  2. hi.. i would like to know in detail of how to send an e-mail from my webpage using asp. i tried cdonts… its running fine with out errors but.. i’am not getting the mail into my inbox.. i dont know where the mail sent is lost..

    can u help me.. ?

    thank Q

  3. I have run into some problems with this where some recipients do not recieve my emails – it seems that they are treated as spam since the from address does not agree with the actual IP address of the domain that is sending the email. Any hints on this problem?


  4. how is it possible to do this with outlook 2000 where there is both exchange mail and internet email (I want the default email address to be the webmail address)

  5. Well, you’ve mentioned three different types of email: exchange, internet, and web-based, so I’m not exactly sure what the scenario is you’re looking for. But you can create as many accounts as you need in Outlook 2000, and configure them as needed, as tha article outlines.

  6. Leo, thanks for the tip on how to do this. I have been searching for how to do this without much luck until now. One question though, you say that

    The account should not download email, unless it’s to be your only account. Your email arrives via your regular account only.

    How??? How do you tell outlook not to download mail for this account?


  7. Good point – that’s not obvious in Outlook.

    Tools -> Options -> Mail Setup -> Send/Receive -> Edit … now on the left, click on the account you want NOT to recieve email, and then uncheck “recieve Mail Items”. You can investigate the other options in that dialog as well, but that’s the biggie.

  8. can I configure the exchange account to send automatic CC: from one account to other specific account I specify it.

  9. Have just recently set up a SBS2003 server, and migrated my pop accounts to exchange. Previously I had 3 pop accounts (Me@, info@ and sales@) set up with outlook 2003, all popped into the one inbox .pst file on my local PC, it was relatively easy to choose different accounts to send from with the “Accounts” drop down box. Now that we use exchange, all 3 accounts are listed in my profile on the server, mail from all 3 accounts comes into my mailbox – but at present, when I reply to mail, regardless of which email address it was sent to – the reply gets sent from me@ which is my user email address. Is there a way that I can choose the sending account using exchange eg: sending from either info@ or sales@ ?. Thanks, Graham

  10. Yes – there is an accounts drop down. Previously when all the pop accounts were listed, now the accounts bar lists only two accounts: “Microsoft Exhcange Server” and “Fax Mail Transport”

  11. Yes In outlook there’s an “account” selector that appears on the toolbar but please do you know how to set up a default forwarding e-mail account.
    In my case I want to sent mail from my non-exchange e-mail accounts (POP3)

  12. There have 3 Mailbox, MailBox1,MailBox2, Mailbox3.
    Mailbox2 have been set to forward to Mailbox3, so
    when Mailbox1 send a mail to Mailbox2, user received this mail in Mailbox3 via OWA, not Outlook, and reply, the problem is at this time the default sender is Mailbox3 instead of Mailbox2, does anyone can help me out? Thanks!

  13. Leo
    You’re a star, mate. I’ve been getting double double downloads downloads of mail since setting up new account. Now all fixedthanks to your clear instruction. Keep up the good work.

  14. Anyone know if it is possibile to have an exchange server automatically foward emails to another account? Say if I have a user with the Name USER1 and email USER1@MYURL.COM and the user quits and I want to foward all of their emails to another account say USER2 who has the address USER2@MYURL.COM.

    Can i do this on the exchange server side?



  15. Hi Leo,
    This works really well except that I can only login one at a time to the pop server so I get errors – I can’t figure a way of setting up an outbound mail only account, or only doing 1 account at a time. Any ideas?

  16. This is absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much. Other sites say it can’t be done but I perservered and found your site. I can’t thank you enough. Works perfectly in Outlook 2007.

  17. Finally I can send ‘from’ my domain name as well as have emails fowarded from it, making it possible to change ISP without changing my public email address. Clear instructions, worked first time in Outlook 2002. Great site.

  18. I tried to go through this but am having problems figuring out how to set it up in Outlook 2003 with my primary email being an aol account and my secondary my business account through my registered domain ( i was able to auto-forward that email to my aol account, which is then in turn coming into Outlook, but I can’t figure out how to have the option to respond from the business account. i’m not sure if it’s the fact aol uses an IMAP email server? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! I’d love to have all my emails funneled into Outlook, which I use religiously, while having the option to respond from the right domain. Thank you.

  19. Leo, this might sound dumb, but if I want to send one email to more than one person, How can I bring up all their addresses with one click?

    That depends entirely on what email program you use. “One click” is unlikely in all the ones I can think of, though.

    – Leo
  20. I had my business dsl internet connection w/AT&T disconnected due to an office closing. AT&T offered me a dial-up service to keep my email account open at $15.99 per mo. Is there another solution that will automatically forward my emails to a web-based or client based account when clients email my former address? Please help, AT&T email account due to be erased in another week.

  21. hi leo, i use outlook express. i want to receive my mail on my adress at home but i also want to be able to view it at work. how do i accomplish this without losing any mail in the process.

  22. Hi Leo,
    First thanks for your help.
    second, I did exactly as you said, and although in my Sent Items the emails are listed as coming from the new address, but when received the original address appears. I’m using Gmail, does that cause the problem?

  23. Leo,
    I use Microsoft Entourage on a Macbook Pro, and I cant seem to get this method to work for me. I changed the “Account ID” to my domain email [email address removed] (, but when I send an email, it still says its from my ISP email [email address removed] ( Any thoughts?


  24. Hi Leo,
    I’m changing from 1 isp to another and the new email account will not be opened until they turn my account on. I can use outlook express on my old account to set up forwarding rules, but cannot see them arriving at the new email address until after the switch, at which point I will only be able to access the old email address via hotmail, which does not have forearding rules available to it. A bit of a catch 22. Any ideas?

  25. Hi Leo, I have done what you suggested in getting a domain name. I am now moving my dsl from earthlink to dslextreme. How do I move all my contacts, email addresses. ect. to this new location.
    Signed confused totally

  26. @Paul
    If I’m understanding your questions, you are only changing your internet provider and your email has been coming through your own domain. If that’s the case, you don’t do anything at all. All the new DSL company does is gets you online, everything you have set up between your home machine and servers on the internet stays the same.


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