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How do I retrieve old places visited and websites?

How do I retrieve old places visited and websites?


That would be your browser’s history function. In most browsers, like Internet Explorer, typing CTRL+H will bring up a pane to the left listing sites you’ve visited in recent days.

The history is only kept so long, and “so long” is configurable in your internet options.

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39 comments on “How do I retrieve old places visited and websites?”

  1. Hi Leo
    I have a problem with my teenagers going on to porn sites. they know more about the computer than I then they all say it was’nt me I tracked them on history now they delete the history is there anyway I can retrieve deleted history. this way Ican see what time or day and seee who is doing this

    thank you have a wonderful day

  2. how can i delete the websites ive visisted because i am not supposed to play games or download anything, but i have. can you tell me how to delete those sites please?

  3. Well i kinda need help retrieving the history so that i can recall which site i went to for my research. Is there a way to do this? If there is please send a reply to my email.

  4. To delete files? search for .DAT file cleaner on tinternet, or CCleaner on google. they are harmless programs that clean files for you (you can do it manually but it takes time)

    for people who want to read history, google: check history, check downloaded internet files, dowloaded cookies .etc. or if your a whizz kid, (doubt most of you are) you can search your pc for .DAT files, then use a program that will open them so you can view whatever sites your spouse/partner/child has been on.

  5. My son is going on sites that and forums that i would like to check on. Trouble is, i dont know his username or passwords. Is there anyway of finding out what they are?



  6. Hi i need to prove to my wife that i didnt actually view a site, even though it was in the history bar! is there a way of getting the time spent on that particular site?

  7. how do i retrieve deleted history not files, but ex: sites that your not supose to be on then there deleted so you won’t know

  8. yes SAME HERE! somehow, my momma can see every site that was visited, and it’s not History. I’m not going to anything bad, or anything, it’s just that she’s PHYCO (for real) and won’t let me check my email, and keeps me in a cage. she is CRAZY! a SADIST! i swear she’s so evil. I really wanna keep in touch with my family, so any help? luckily im typing this from school, so she can’t see i was on here. Any advice on how to check sites?

  9. Hi,
    i would like to know how to retrive deleted internet history from mozilla firefox…
    is there any way you can help me?

  10. I have some questions, once I’m not used with Windows Xp
    1.How can I make MS PAINT always keep the actual window size without changing it when pasting a new picture?
    2. I want to keep a copy of my browsing history search, so how do I save (not erasing but save) my Google browsing history search on my computer?My browser is Mozilla Firefox
    3.How do I find my browsing history on Mozilla Firefox?

    Sorry for so many questions, and Thanks a lot!!

  11. is there a tutorial service to help me understand how to use Sony Sound forge. The way I see it working I call the teacher, and they sign on to my PC using the lesson then continues, after time I pay the teacher visa PAYPAL. Thank you Colin Davies Solihull UK

  12. Please please help me retrieve my internet history. For some reason, whenever I press CTRL+H, the history list comes up but there is nothing on it! I desperately need to find out what website I have been on from last month or else I will fail! >

  13. hi,can someone check on the websites or check if i sign into my msn messenger even if i deleted the history from my computer? or can they atleast check and see if i signed into my messenger for the day?

    thx alot

  14. is it possible to copy the browser history from my old computer (XP SP3) to my new computer (Vista Ultimate 64 bit?

  15. hi im wandering how to look at deleted browser history i tried doing system restore but isnt helping i just wanted to see what my husband has been looking at on the computer

    System restore only restores a small amount of your system (one of the reasons I dislike it so much – it does NOT “restore your system” in any complete sense). Basically you’d need to get file undelete utilities, look for prior copies of the history file(s), HOPE that they haven’t been overwritten by subsequent computer usage, and than understand the contents of those files. Difficult for the average computer user, but not terribly hard for experts and computer forensics people.


  16. If I viewed an internet page a few days ago but the content has been changed, is it possible to view the original content again?

    Most often the answer is no. You can try visiting the internet archive’s wayback machine, but it’s hit and miss.



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