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How do I Java-enable my browser?

How do I Java-enable my browser?

Several chat services require that Java be enabled in your browser, or
they’ll return a message like “Sorry, your browser is not Java-enabled, you
will not be able to chat.”

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From ParaChat, one of the sources of that exact message: Java FAQ: How to Enable Java in Your Browser.

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18 comments on “How do I Java-enable my browser?”

  1. A browser is the program you’re using to surf the web probably Internet Explorer. The article points to instructions for enabling java.

  2. i have read some procedures given in he net it
    seems i have to enable java by checking the microsoft VM for java and enable java but i dont find Microsoft Vm in IE 6

  3. Hello,
    I need to know how and where I can get a free java download . I do a lot of Biblestudy work and the two study and chat site I go too now says I need to have Java installed before I can chat and so on one their site. I have looked on different sites but which one do I choose.Do you have any suggestions to which one I need to load on my desk top.We have Java before but this PC just came back from shop,and the Java program was removed.
    If you would and know of a free down load that will work on biblestudy’s with chat rooms at the same time , please let me know.
    Thanks, Mr Kendall Adkins

  4. Hey, This really helped me enable my Java. But I wanted to ask..When I make a change do I have to ‘restart’ my computer?..I’m not quite sure. But did really did help me. Thanks.

  5. Using Windows operating systems, access to Control panel/Java Plug-in/Browsers. You will see one list with the available browsers; you only have to put or remove the mark in the corresponding box.
    With Netscape and Mozilla browsers, go to Edit/Preferences/Advanced; there is a box to enable Java that must be marked.
    The change will have an effect after all the browser windows are closed and the browser is restarted.

  6. Hi,
    I have latest version of java environment. and it’s enabled. but still i’m getting Sorry, your browser is not Java enabled, you will not be able to chat. why i’m getting this problem.Plese help me out

  7. Hey Leo , When I enter the control panel , I dont see anywhere written Java-plug-in or something like that. I just see Java. What shall I do?

  8. hithere ..
    i m usin latest java version but i cant logg in chat room everything is ok mah window sayd that appletjavalitestarted.jchatstarted but i cant send messages i cant c mah self in chat room .. plzzz sum on ehelp me how can i fix this problem plzzz

  9. I went to control panel i do not se any java plug in they still sorry 4 me cuz my java is not enable what should i do

  10. To put it simply I just want to keep Java updated. I recently used a program called “Scunia” to make sure my software was updated. 4 Java errors keep showing up. They are the same J2SE Runtime Environments. I notice in “add/remove” there are a total of 7. These 4 seem to be huge space hogs. Microsystems’ descriptions are about as simple as college calculus. What can I unistall/do without ??


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