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How do I delete items from Internet Explorer's auto-complete list?

How do I delete items from Internet Explorer’s auto-complete list?

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer tries to be very helpful as you browse
the web by keeping track of where you’ve been. You can hit the
Back button to revisit pages you’ve viewed in the current
session, or you can use the history window to go back to pages from
days or even weeks ago. And when you start typing a URL into the
address bar, it shows you a list of places you’ve been that match what
you’ve typed so far.

If you’ve done a lot of browsing that last one can be a huge list. Perhaps
even too huge to actually be helpful.

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When you type a URL into the address box IE’s suggestions come
from several locations: your History, your Favorites, recently
typed entries, or the contents of a folder if you are specifying a path
on your local machine. Let’s look at each of these.

History: as you surf the web the list of places you’ve
visited is kept as your history. You can control how much history is
kept by adjusting the setting found in Tools, Internet
, General tab, History box, Days to keep
pages in history
setting. By making this a smaller number, perhaps
a week or even just a few days, you’ll make a significant reduction in
the number of URLs that IE will show for auto-complete. You can also
completely clear history here if you like. Alternately, if you would
rather truly edit the history press this History toolbar
button which will open the History window, and you can right click on
any entry and select delete.

“History: as you surf the web the list of places you’ve visited is kept as your history.”

Favorites: This is normally a smaller part of the
auto-complete problem but much more easily under your control. You can
delete items from your Favorites menu simply by dropping it down, right
clicking on what you want to get rid of, and selecting

Recently Typed Entries: There’s not really much to be done
here. In reality it’s
small enough that there’s just not much reason to try to edit or
control this. It’ll just fill up again with the next places you

The File System: In your address bar you can start typing the
location of a file. Type “C:\” and IE will present the
contents of the root of your C: drive as auto-complete possibilities.
The more you type, the more refined the list. If you type a directory
name as soon as you type “\” then the auto-complete drop down
becomes re-populated with the contents of that directory. This
one’s just a feature, and I know of no way to control it.

All of the above are discussed, along with some of the options to
further control some of the behavior of IE’s auto-complete features,
including web form auto-completion, in a Microsoft
Knowledgebase article here.

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125 comments on “How do I delete items from Internet Explorer's auto-complete list?”

  1. hi leo… the other auto complete problem, such as the one encountered when doubleclicking to put in user names to log in or aterm into a search engine…. these can get pretty long, and may contain entries you don’t want anyone to see… in these cases, just doubleclick to get the list to dropdown and then press delete’ when the unwanted entry is highlighted.

  2. If you DID want to delete some or all of the 25 “recently typed entries”, there is a freeware program that will do that for you quickly and easily. I’ve used it and it works fine. It is called EditURLs and is available for download at …hope this helps folks! -Hugh

  3. Sir, My doubt is, i want to delete only one website address from the internet address bar, not the whole history! I hope you will definitely clarify my doubts. yours sincerely, venkat.

  4. I am the author of EditURLs that Hugh K referenced in an earlier message.

    In addition to the Typed URLs, I.E. records the URL address of each Web-site you visit. These URL addresses are recorded in the ‘Index.dat’ file that resides in the upper level of the I.E. History folder. These are generally referred to as ‘Visited URLs’. This makes up a large part of the information used for I.E.’s AutoComplete function.

    Some versions of I.E. clear the Visited URLs ‘Index.dat’ file with its ‘Clear History’ function. Some do not. Sometimes I.E.’s clearing of History fails to complete. Sometimes, the History reappears.

    I market two Shareware programs that address this issue, ‘PurgeIE’ and ‘PurgeIE Pro’. Their current versions can delete the I.E. History even when I.E. can’t delete its own History. The link is
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I had read on the Microsoft Website that ‘Favorites’ are now included in the data used by the AutoComplete function – “The Autocomplete feature is another improved element of browser automation in Internet Explorer 5. Now, in addition to automatically completing Web site addresses previously entered, Autocomplete also attempts to match typed entries to Favorites or folders in your computer.”

  5. I learned how to clear URLs that won’t delete despite clearing the History, Temp, AutoComplete and other folders. Go to this Microsoft support newsgroup site for instructions. This worked for me. I cleared all stubborn URLs by doing so in DOS mode. The address is (on and read through the entire three pages to find your situation. It works, and you don’t have to buy any software.

  6. That site has good suggestions. Just be aware that it might not cover ALL the ways that stuff can get stuck in your address bar.

    (FYI: link changed to run through my redirector for click-through tracking.)


  7. The Forms, User names and passwords on forms and Prompt me to save passwords boxes are dim so that I can’t put check marks on them. Only the Select Web addresses box is available.

    Any suggestions?

  8. After I delete some links within my favoires they keep coming back after I power my PC down and back up again, as well as my home page keeps changing to a different homepage as well?
    Any ideas why this is happening or how I can fix it? I am running IE 6.


  9. How do I delete my Home pages and keep them from showing up? I have too many of the set and they are all in the Home address bar.

  10. I’m not sure what you mean by “too many” homepages. By definition there is only one, the one you go to when you press the HOME button.

    Can you right click on whatever it is you don’t like and if you do, do you get either a “customize” menu option, or a “delete” menu option?


  11. Favorite list of my Win 98 PC gets flooded with unwanted entries of porn site. I have deleted them manually. However they restore themselves after every start/restart of the PC. Please help.

  12. You’ve almost certainly got some spyware on your machine. Grab and run either Spybot Search and Destroy, or AdAware and they should clean it up.

    Good luck,


  13. ** QUOTE **
    Favorite list of my Win 98 PC gets flooded with unwanted entries of porn site. I have deleted them manually. However they restore themselves after every start/restart of the PC. Please help.

    Posted by: Harish Kumar at April 29, 2004 09:33 PM
    You’ve almost certainly got some spyware on your machine. Grab and run either Spybot Search and Destroy, or AdAware and they should clean it up.

    Good luck,


    Posted by: Leo at April 29, 2004 09:36 PM

    ** END QUOTE **

    One of my friends is having the same problem, she got a porn emai land when she clikced the link to be rmeoved fomr there lists, all these porn links appeared in favourites. Now she cant get ird of them, we have tried everything, S & D, AD-AWare, everything, we just cant get rid of them and her dad is going to kill her when he finds out, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    thansk guys

  14. Do a google search for Hijackthis. It will scan your IE settings and show you all non-standard settings. Ad Aware, etc. never cleaned these up, but Hijackthis always worked.

  15. Had to scratch my head a little on this one. What I did was to hit the options button on the Google Toolbar, turn OFF drop down search history, Press ok. Then repeat the process to turn it back on, and the history *appears* to be gone.

  16. I was using a friends computer to retrieve my e-mail from yahoo. I went to the site, opened the bulk folder and deleted it’s contents without opening any of them, then went to my normal inbox and read a correspondence. There were some pornographic things in the bulk which always seem to be there from varying providers. They were not opened.

    When I closed the mail site and went to a different site, about 15 pornographic sites appeared on the address history. My friend thought I visited all these sites. I didn’t. Where did they come from? He has adolescent children who are interested in pornography but don’t use the computer that often.

    Where did these addresses come from? Please help

    Thank you.

  17. It’s hard to say exactly. As you might guess, opening the emails is usually what triggers this. Is there any kind of “auto preview” happening? If so, that’s equivalent to opening the messages.

  18. I want to be able to look up the history usage of my computer like the recent history of my internet and I know that history can easily be deleted, is there a way to retrive my computers history?

  19. There are many links to several pornographic websites in my favorties. I dont know how they got there b/c i didnt put them in there. I have tried to delete them by right clicking and deleting them from my favorites menu but in a matter o fdays they are back there again whether i use my computer or not… do you have any suggestions on how to permantely delete them?

  20. Hi
    >1st>Despite deleting my TempInternetFiles in the folder: “C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files”
    I still have unwanted address bar entries when i type in the address. How can i turn off autocomplete?

    >When ever i start iexplorer an offesive webpage loads up. Despite my attempts to change it in Internet Properties=>Homepage=>Address to something else, it keeps on coming back again.


  21. How do I get rid of the stuff on my address bar for example if I press a aplle would come up. I want to know how to get rid of that.

  22. Hey…I’m having a problem with websites in my address bar. I have done scans to remove adware and spyware and I’ve used programs like SpyBot, I’ve manually deleted everything too…

    Yet when I type in http://www.a …a website completion still pops up like I’ve visited it, only I haven’t gone to that webpage in months and I just tried deleting it all with the clear options for the internet and with scans and manual deletions.

    Much help wanted on what is really starting to tick me off.


  23. Maybe you guys already know this, but in IE tools/options/auto complete, you can indicate exactly what you want to be or not to be auto-completed or suggested.. This handles the dropdown on the file/open menu.

  24. Recently Typed Entries: there’s not really much to be done here. Around 25 recent entries are kept in the registry, documented in a knowledgebase article I’ll refer to in a minute. In reality it’s small enough that there’s just not much reason to try to edit or control this. It’ll just fill up again with the next places you visit

    Please don’t make statements if you are just CLUELESS Leo

  25. i am sick of internet explorer popping up on my screen. i have tried spy boot and ad aware. nothing seems to work.

    bobby dewan

  26. How about if you blow away the values in this reg key…
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs

  27. pardon my ignorance! but I would like to know if there is a way to view the history in internet explorer, even after it has been cleared? anyway to restore it? any other folder to access it etc?
    concerned parent

  28. Not really. Certainly not easily. The history is deleted like most any other file on the hard disk (except it’s not placed in the recycle bin, unfortunately). There are undelete utilities for files in general, but it’d be very difficult to determine what needs to be undeleted, and even then, it’s possible, even likely, that the information has been overwritten if the computer has been used much since.

  29. i got an email from a friend, i opened it and now i get this online program on my desktop. I delete it and it keeps coming back now my internet connection keeps getting cut off. I went into its properties and it says its target is in explore how can i remove it without removing explor itself

  30. I have some address’s on my address link and i was wondering how i can delete them. I have deleted them before by shutting my computer completely down but now it doesnt seem to work. What do i do?

  31. heloo…

    im in trouble.. i want a free software to remove porn favorites.. the internet cleaner and many other trial versions delete all history but favorites is not deleted..pleaase help urgently

  32. You don’t need additional software to clean up your favorites. Just go to the Favorites menu, and select “Organize Favorites”. The ability to delete is there. If things reappear without you having done anything, then you probably need to run a spyware checker. Recommendations for that are here:

  33. The list of items that you see in Internet Explorer when you click on the drop-down button right to the address bar can be emptied by rightclicking on your menu-bar, select properties and then:

    Advanced > Clear (Windows 2000)

    the option is there too in Windows XP, but you have to go a little deeper and select “empty list”. This will also remove all the refernce to recently visited documents. This is a bit easier to do than editing the registry.

  34. Hi. When i right click in an Internet Explorer page. Along with the usual back, refresh, create shortcut, etc. options, I also get a link to a porn site. How do i delete that?

  35. In Internet Explorer click tools menu than internet options a window will be opened than click on content tab Below u will see a auto complete button click on it
    A new window will be opened from you can empty the autofill option and and can also change settings for auto fill options

  36. Just a comment about recently typed enteries. While you are 100% correct that the list will just fill up again, the list can be especially annoying if it contains incorrect entries, i.e., entries where typos have been made. It’s nice to be able to delete the contents for the forms. Thanks for the MS Knowledgebase link. It was very helpful.

  37. The way to delete “auto-complete” items in the Google search bar takes some time, but it can be done. First, type in the letter “a” in the search bar. Arrow down to the first item listed, and press the “delete” key (above the arrow keys on the keypad) until all of the items have been deleted. Then, type the next letter of the alphabet “b”, and perform the above procedure for all of the items listed. You will have to do this for each letter of the alphabet until all entries have been deleted.

  38. hi,sorry to be a nuisence,but your explaination of how to remove items from the google favourites list does not seem to work.somehow or other items have been lsited that i did not put there.when i right click all it says is close bar,it does not come up with anything else.any ideas would be very gartefully received.thankyou.

  39. To delete the address bar addresses in XP

    1-Right-click the START BUTTON,
    2-Click PROPERTIES,
    3-Click CUSTOMIZE in START MENU PANE. You will see 2 tabs-GENERAL & ADVANCED.
    4-Click ADVANCED. At the bottom you will see a tab for LIST MY MOST RECENT DOCUMENTS and CLEAR LIST. Click on CLEAR LIST. Your web site addresses are gone.

  40. Hello! After having this “issue” forever I found a COMPLETE solution for it! Leo is right except he forgot for ONE step! After: Clearing History and autocomplete and all offline content; Moving all items from favorites C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Favorites)into an easily accessible folder; Clearing all items from the “Recent” folder (C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Recent); DO THIS: CLEAR THE DESKTOP!!! Voila! Nothing in Address Bar! Hope that helps!

  41. Hi – I am a computer savvy person who has just spent about 2 hours trying to erase a URL that kept appearing via the ‘autocomplete’ function of IE 6. I couldn’t find a manual way of deleting this, however, I downloaded a program (via link below that is previously listed in this forum) and it has fixed my problem. Take my advise.. save yourself some time and run this program:

    NOTE: This program will delete your entire history, you cant nominate what URL’s you wish to keep / remove.

  42. Hello. I’m pretty annoyed now. I’ve turned AutoComplete off, cleared every bit of history i could find, etc.. But I go into something like, say, Media Player ‘s “open URL” list, or Find’s list of previously typed items, and they still aren’t deleted. Everything on IE is fine, but those few lists still remain. I tried many ways of getting rid of them. How or where are they recorded? How do I delete them?

  43. You might try Microsoft AntiSpyware – it has a privacy function that clears out a lot of things.

    But yes, many applications each keep their own list of recent documents and such. As a result many of them have to be dealt with individually.

  44. Go to Tools/Internect Options/Content/AutoComplete/
    Ten click ‘clear forms’ It should all disappear.
    It can be turned off under Internet Options advanced.
    Other programs may retain history words in their own files. Do a search for files containing offending words. Then open and carefully delete.

  45. Here is the answer that was first asked

    Internet Explorer keeps track of each URL that you type in the address bar as a convenience to save you from typing the next time that you visit that site. However, any user that uses your computer can find out what addresses you typed in as well so some may be interested in clearing the address bar addresses. Just clearing the browser history will not do this as a registry modification is needed:

    Click on Start, then Run.
    Type regedit in the box provided.
    In Regedit navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Typed URLs
    Then just delete all of the keys that list the URL’s you no longer want to see.

    editor’s note: Clearing the recent documents history from start menu properties will clear this list as well.

  46. one sure way of removing unwanted and apparent permanent autocomplete URL address (the address the appears even when you have deleted history, temp internet files and cleared forms) is to delete the index.dat file found in your user directory.
    This can safely be done in two ways but i’ll show u the most convienient and hassle free(for Windows XP users):

    1) Make new user account
    the next step do logged on as admin or another account apart from the one u jus made with admin privliges

    2) goto c:\documents and setting\old user account (make sure hidden files can be seen by the way) and copy everyfile except index.dat (maybe called ntindex.dat)

    3) goto the the directory of the new account you just made (C:\documents and settings\new account) and paste all the files you’ve jus copied. if this is taking ages, cancel copy and cut the files in, it’ll speed up the process

    4)goto control panel and delete old user account

    5) your finished! logg off admin or watever account your in, login to the new account and you’ll find everything pretty much the same although u may find u have to set up a few programs again as the user settings of these programs was in the user.dat file (along with wallpaper and other appearance settings as well). goto internet explorer and you should find the annoying autocomplete url exterminated.

    moral of story…..dont visit porn!!!



  47. Please tell me how to delete the words we type in google search engine bar as it is storing the sentences i am typing .. how can we set that if we type it should store in that engine

  48. in google tool bar when you type some thing it automatically saves in google history. you can delete one typed entry easily by just select the item and press delete. its all done.

  49. Hi,
    Ive been surfin’ the net for how to delete a particular link from ur dropdown menu.

    Just click on the history button (next to favorites).
    Click on “search” to find the site (i.e., u search for : “example”)
    The links will show, right mouse click on ’em and click “delete”
    And ur done.
    U can test it (i.e. in ur address bar type : “www.ex” and it won’t show:) )


    -Every1’s entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege-

  50. “Just click on the history button (next to favorites).
    Click on “search” to find the site (i.e., u search for : “example”)
    The links will show, right mouse click on ’em and click “delete”
    And ur done.
    U can test it (i.e. in ur address bar type : “www.ex” and it won’t show:) )


    Just to let you know, it wont work in some system!!!

  51. I have a problem that isn’t rectified by doing anything that this very inciteful artical suggests and I don’t really want to be downloading special programs onto my computer to see if they will work. Even if I delete all my history, favourites, cookies, temporary files, autocomplete etc. there are still a couple of addresses that come up in the address bar as autocomplete items, e.g. typing http://www.f brings up These items do not appear in the history lists (as I have deleted them all) but they do come up in history if you search for ‘f’ for example. Nothing gets rid of them and I don’t understand how searching through a totally empty history record can find anything whatsoever!

  52. …this has got to be an XP update issue, because I used to be able to right click on the drop downs and hit delete, now right clicking on it doesn’t do anything. I”ve tried purging all the ways mentioned above, it is not a history thing per se, but a autocomplete issue. I logged in as administrator to delete the index.dat file you can’t delete in your own profile, but the All Users can’t be deleted. Same with LocalService and NetWorkService.

    Quite frustrating. Will try that history blaster program someone mentioned.

  53. ok…finally did it. Used the history scrubber someone said, went back into Tools/IntOptions/Content/AutoComplete, unchecked all the boxes, pressed clear Forms and Passwords.

    That did it.

    Gadzooks, what a gong show!

  54. To delete the index.dat file and clear your internet explorer history autocomplete entries: go to control panel, select users, create a new administrator, log off from your normal user, log on to the new administrator user, go to start menu, select search, search for index.dat in all drives, delete all entries of the index.dat file within your noraml user directory, log off, log back in to normal user. The autocomplete entries for internet explorer should now be deleted and you can delete the new administrator user if you want. You might still find some autocomplete entries that haven’t been deleted (I can’t get rid of amazon entries or windows explorer drives, for instance) but most should be gone.

    If anyone knows how to delete the windows explorer history autocomplete entries (esp blo*dy amazon) I’d love to know how.


  55. To erase all those “nasty” files (like index.dat), I use CrapCleaner. No need to create additional admin users etc. Just install the program and check all the different types of “crap” you want to erase; run CC and Bob’s y’er uncle.

    BUT… although this is a great prog, I still have a problem. I can erase recently typed URL’s, but there are a few URL’s that i use on a regular basis that I can’t remove; they survive any attempt to erase them with CC and I can’t find them in the registry when I try to delete them manualy. Where are they hiding?

  56. >>how do I manually delete url’s from the registry?

    Start | run | Regedit
    Go to hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\internet explorer\typed URLs
    Then delete the entries for the ones you want to get rid of.

    I do this, in conjunction with deleting from history (open up history, right-click a folder or URL and choose delete) to selectively remove items from the auto-complete.

  57. Well I’d like this article, but IE’ autocomplete feature can not delete your items that you selected. Sometimes I’d like to open and login into website with single one click. Fortunately I found IntelliLogin tool did do all things for me such as deleted items your selected and one single click sign on etc.
    more details:

  58. The answer is NOT just in unchecking autocomplete, removing the site from favorites, history, even removing the site name from “typed entries” in the registry.
    The answer was actually located in Leo’s link to the Microsoft page. I had been working on this for 2 days and had even been to other Microsoft pages.


    “Use inline AutoComplete for Web addresses”




  59. when going onto google i have a drop down box and it has all the previous sites i have visited but do not want them there, how do i delete it?

  60. So, in order to clear or the history of the address bar in IE only without deleting your IE History folder follow these steps:

    Start Registry Editor (Regedit.exe).

    Note: As always, before making changes to your registry you should always make sure you have a valid backup. In cases where you’re supposed to delete or modify keys or values from the registry it is possible to first export that key or value(s) to a .REG file before performing the changes.

    Locate the following key in the registry:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs

    Delete all the URLx (e.g. URL1, URL2 and so on) that you do not wish to be visible in the address bar drop down list.

    Note: If you delete only certain keys, make sure that the remaining keys are in renamed in sequential order start from url1. Otherwise you might corrupte your remaining keys.

  61. Hi, I don’t think this was told but to remove all web adresses(google, and yahoo still there) from the adresses bar go on Tools/internet options/Clear history.
    Hope this helps,

  62. Individual items can be deleted from the address bar by clicking the History button and deleting the item appearing in the History list.

  63. I spent hours trying to delete the dropdown list. I cleared the history etc. Call me stupid but I realised eventually that the only addresses showing in the list were ones that were stored in my favourites. So if you have are sites in your favourites which you do not want to appear when you type, the best thing to do is rename the favourite and start it with an uncommonly used symbol such as ^. For example, “” should be renamed “^” in the favourites list. Hope this helps.

  64. I have done the website and downloaded the utility for free and it worked. It took like 2 minutes. All you have to do is download the utility, unzip it to a folder, click on the exe file, check the boxes that you want to delete and then delete them with the X at the top. It works very well.

    Hash: SHA1

    Right click on the item in the list and then click on Delete
    in the menu that pops up.


    Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (MingW32)


  66. If you want to remove all of he items, then un check the “forms” part of the autocomplete settings in Tools.

    If it’s just one or two items, from the google seach, simply type in the first letter of the search item, so it shows. use the cursor keys to move down to the item you want to remove then press the Delete Button!


  67. Hi,

    I had the same problem. I deleted the entry from the registry and then I did a search on my history (click the history icon on the ie and then click search) for the annoying URL (it was a misspell of a link I usually type a lot). Finally I just right clicked and delete and it stopped showing it on the addressbar when I started typing.
    The autocomplete is probably done using the registry, and links infavourites & History… So you should delete it from all in which it appears…

    Hope this helps!

  68. Releasing the history from the ‘ctrl H’ feature is really helpful. I did not realize how long the memory is kept there – I wonder if that has any bearings on the speed of the system; as all of that would take up some disk space.
    Thanx Leo!

  69. I had a problem recently with urls appearing and not being cleared after the normal means of clearing history etc.. i decided to remove all the homepages used for IE it went to blank. I immediately lost all the urls that were permanently on the IE browser. I am not sure if this is a permanent fix but my browser is clear of the clutter.

  70. Not a computer whiz so I need simple directions.Just did update on Windows and do not like having history and favorites in my address bar. How do I keep only visited sites like the “old days”???

  71. When I right click on address bar to enter previous sites, the bar also shows my favorites and history. Before I had to click on icon that had favorites. How do I get address bar to only show www. sites previously entered…computer new with vista operating system…frustrated

  72. I tried deleting my history and it doesn’t work. I’ll come back on and it’s all still there. I’ve tried everything. I press the delete button next to only certain addresses and that does nothing, it just deletes it then and when i open it back up, it’s there again. I also tried the tools-internet options-delete. Nothing works.

  73. I am trying to delete my browsing history from the Google search tool bar on the home page of Explorer. I tried all the suggestions above. I can’t reach he bottom of the history list to delete the history delete link as there are too many entries. What can I do? thanks

  74. I have installed IE7 on a new computer. In my history list, it includes all files I have opened and all folders I have navigated to. I only want to display internet sites in my internet history. Where is the setting so that only webistes are displayed in history?

  75. I cannot get to the bottom of my google history to click Delete History. I am not very computer literate can you tell me what I need to do? Thank you

  76. hi i got hotmail email address when i open my email after i send joke to my frined one e mail address ihad delete on my email contact list but sill old email address comeup i would like foreve delete my email address thank

  77. Wow. I thought there’d be a simple way to delete ONE autocomplete entry from my browser, but couldn’t find it. Then I found THIS article. PERFECT. Had the issue solved in seconds. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  78. Click start menu on your desktop, click run, type %temp% it will delete all your temporary internet files. applicable to all OS except all versions of Mac.

  79. I just found out how to just delete one item from the autocomplete list. And now I feel like an idiot but here it is. Just highlight the entery you want to remove don’t click it highlight and click the delete button on your keyboard…..How simple is that Wow. Anyway hope this helps people.

  80. Open Internet Explorer – Go To Tools – Internet Options – Content Tab- AutoComplete – Uncheck all the options and Clear Forms.

  81. You can’t just highlight an item in the autocomplete list and delete it. Doesn’t work. At least not in Internet Explorer 6.


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