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How do I change my MSN Messenger or Hotmail password?

How do I change my MSN Messenger or Hotmail password?

Messenger and Hotmail use the .NET Passport service for authentication, so this means you’ll need to change your password there. Rather than trying to remember the steps or the pages to go to, I do this:

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  • Fire up MSN Messenger

  • File, Sign Out, if signed in

  • File, Sign In… (not the entry
    that may already have your account name listed).

  • At the bottom of the resulting dialog box, click on Help

  • And on the resulting web page, click on Change My Password.

You’ll then be prompted to log in to .NET Passport (using your old password)
and then given the opportunity to change your password.

Remember that this applies to all services which use .NET Passport to login in, including Hotmail, MSN Messenger and more.

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17 comments on “How do I change my MSN Messenger or Hotmail password?”

  1. One: NEVER EVER post your password in a public forum. Anyone can read these posts, and anyone could steal your account, either before or after the change. I’ve ****’d your passwords in your post.

    Two: I can’t change your password. This is something only you can do, using the instructions outlined in this article. If you’re having problems, then post specific symptoms and we may be able to help.

    But NEVER EVER post your password.


  2. If you go through the help link on the .NET login page, select “why can’t I sign in”, there’s a “reset your password” link.

  3. to change you password of hotmail and msn
    go to your
    hotmail and in the up left corner you see optie
    there you can change you’r pass.

  4. Everyone Please:
    1) if you want to change your password, read the article at the top of the page.
    2) I cannot change your password for you.
    3) To change your email or IM account *name*, open up a new account.


  5. I’m closing comments on this article. Most of the comments have simply been requests for me to change your password (which I cannot do), or questions that, ultimately, are answered by the article itself.


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