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How do I block MSN Messenger?

How do i block MSN messenger from my computer? All my kids do
is sit and talk on the computer all day!!

Judging by the number of questions I get on MSN Messenger, they’re not
alone. Do they lose it if the service stops working? I get a rash of
panic-stricken questions each time that happens.

The other question I get a lot is “my school’s blocked MSN Messenger, how do
I work around that?”.


I’m not sure that this problem can be solved with technology alone, but
there are some things to do…

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I would:

  • Uninstall Windows
    – Windows Messenger is a part of Windows, and can be used to chat
    just like MSN Messenger, with the same group of friends.
  • Uninstall MSN
  • Password protect the account that they and you have been logging in as.
    Change that password, and the administrator’s account password, to something
    that only you know.
  • Create a new user account, not an administrator, that is for their
    use. They shouldn’t be able to install Messenger.

That solves the immediate problem, and depending on how resourceful the kids
are, that might be enough.

But kids can get very resourceful. They might install a different IM client,
use a different IM service, or use one of the web based alternatives.

You can try blocking access to certain sites by using the “hosts”
to block access to them. Set their IP address to (a special
address that means “this machine”, and effectively blocks access to whatever
domain you’ve associated with it). Make sure to set permissions on the hosts
file so that the account that the kids sign in with can’t modify it.

Sadly, techniques like that are really only piecemeal, and prone to error.
As soon as you plug one leak, your kids can find another.

Another approach is to look into some of the firewall or parental spyware
, which may allow you to block specific applications. Again, while
a stronger step, there are ways that these can be circumvented as well, if the
kids are savvy and determined enough.

As I said, I’m not sure that this problem can be completely solved with
technology alone.

Do this

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77 comments on “How do I block MSN Messenger?”

  1. like the advice. Think my msn has been blocked – by my kid brother. But I am not a kid! I am an IT student for heavens sake, and I have no idea how to solve it. It’s been some help. Put a smile on my face, where I had for 2 hours been sitting in front of the comp fuming on how to get around it.

    No need to reply, this is just a comment!

  2. Doesn’t even matter if you block it AFTER it’s been installed on your computer. I actually deleted MSN for my kid and then discovered that if you go to and log on THAT way you can get the MSN or other IM places without having it actually on your computer. What’s a mom to do???

  3. *sigh*
    the problem is the kids are just tooo good at learning. in a way unless you come up with an allmightly block anyother block you put in place will just make the kid better and better and pretty soon there better than you and theres nothing you can do, they might even go on to be a hacker , but it could be a good thing IT is a very good skill nowdays and if blocking stuf makes them better at IT then then do it, it may make be the base of there carrea as you can probaly tell im a kid my self and we are very resosfull and good at finding loop holes in systems and exploiting them (but not that good over all . for example my codeing is sooo bad)

    you can put blocking software on but some software you can just system restore and the passowrds restet or software gone they can even uninstall it.
    and if your saying “there account is limeted and admin is passworded. ” most kids know the old tap F8 at start off and enter the main admin with no passowrd. and if thats blocked they can even get hold of a boot program that gets the passwords out of the SAM file and decrips it. were theres a will theres a way.

    if you block the messenger program thers all these web messengers.
    i have had first hand exprinses with my school and webmessgers for the past year and they still havent blocked them all.
    my schools system is very strick even dos is bared grrr.
    in the beginign there was got blocked so then got blocked so then
    then we dicovered we could have (a big world city)-emesenger.ney e.g
    and that lastest for about 3 mouths of finding new citsy. after that we whent to that got banned so we got
    ” ” and so on untill 15
    the all eventually got blocked
    so we started using new ones such as and that had no mention of a im service.
    those ons still at blocked to day and we still have a big bank of ways round blocks.

    including ip adrees (there realy get blocked as it staff dont think they have anything to do with im services.

    now we are at the stage when we use forgin sites
    where the it staff have no idea what were going on.

    i havent listed all the web messengers i know as i don twant to spoil your kids fun. but blocking them if they find out about webmessges shouls keep them at bay for about a mouth or 2 (good for exam times )

    i dont even use the webmessngers anymore onse your kid gets good enought he wont ever i run throught a proxy i set up. and my friends has a VNP connection right to his home (but hes a bit geeky) and we are still very young and have much more to learn.
    dont forget were the generation that have grown up are hole lifes with computers around us and learned from a young age so one day we will be better than you (or its likely.
    if you block somthing they will get round it its just a matter of time .

    keep tuning your kids into computer marsters nd laters

  4. Compare this to things like credit card fraud… no matter how much you change the system and tighten up security it will always be broken or compromised at some point, and while there is software out there to monitor and block activities on the Internet there is just as big an underground market for workarounds and services like webmessengers…

    If you look at the root cause of all this, it becomes clear there are two main ramifications:

    1) TRUST – a Company/School will not trust that people to get their work done, so they block access to these things for this reason…

    2) CONTROL – A geeky systems administrator decides to block it to assert a level of control.

    If you trust people with the Internet, they will eventually get bored of it anyway, so why have them waste their time trying to hack through all the security you spent hours reading up on and putting in place???

  5. No matta how many times our school tries to block MSN we ALWAYS find a way round it I mean we found this website and it gave us more websites we hadn’t tried before and yeah it dus improve our IT skills some of us are going as far as learning how to have MSN on our sites and changing the name every week so the teachers neva find out about it good luck trying to block it but it’s neva going to happen

  6. Oh yeah and about the different language ones ever herd of translating them thats what we do using an online translator

  7. Block messenger via registry even if reinstalled also stop autorun of msn


    PreventRun (DWORD) = 1
    PreventAutoRun (DWORD) = 1

    Or create and set the same values under:

  8. Schools block it for a reason. Spend less time IM’ing and more time on your school work.

    Besides, whatever site you do find that might work will be blocked by your school anyway as soon as they see you using it, so don’t waste your time.

    You can live without Messenger. Really.

  9. Rite now there are kids like me who are trying to go on msn at school i found like 5 different sites for webmessenger on this forum which is antiwebmessenger.

  10. ^_^

    You won’t BELIEVE how many webmessengers my school has banned, even the ones I keep to myself! It’s hilarious and tedious trying to find ones that aren’t banned, and if I do, they ban them within a month at the latest. My school’s pretty good at that sort of thing. :)

    But yeah, I’ll always be looking for more! I mean, Sixth Formers get bored in their free lessons, so in some cases, I think we should be allowed it, but that’s only my opinion. And yes, I actually spend a lot of time on my school work, in fact, I’m doing it now at home.

    Good luck to those who are looking for webmessengers, but you *should* really be working! ^.~

  11. How do i ban msn. My brother is doing VCE, and instead of studying he is chatting all night. I know i can ban msn but how do i do it? or better still can i put a user time limit on it?


  12. You can stop IM clients (aim, Y!, MSN, whoever) dead in their tracks if you have a way to block SOCKS4 and 5 protocols. The easiest way is to use a proxy server. However, that does require a dedicated PC or server. Here’s what I do… My DSL router (a Linksys) has an entry blocking the ‘kids’ PC’s MAC address so it cannot get to the internet without going through the proxy. In the proxy server, I simply deny all SOCKS 4 and 5 communicaion. Done deal. I use Proxy+, which is free for up to 2 connections. Very flexible, and you can even set certain windows of time when IM’s, web sites, internet access etc., can be accessed.

    Another good free (up to 5 users) proxy server is 602LAN suite. It goes a few steps furture with content management, black lists, firewall, etc.

    As for webmessenger sites… you have to do like schools and businesses. When the kids access one, add it to the deny list. The same goes for proxy tunnel sites.

    If you don’t want/have a “server” to use, there is proxy software available that works somewhat the same, but run locally on the kids PC. Not as robust, but they do the job.

  13. I can see several issues related to IM control here.
    Perhaps we can help with the MSN Messenger blocking in particular, whether it is general or for a particular user, network, subnet…

    It is NOT free of charge however. If still interested, please request this service from

    Thanks. GE.

  14. how do u unblock ilove im on school computers i hate how u cant go on it on your free time like lunch or their any other messenger i can go on that cannot be blocked???

  15. right my skool blocks all instants messneger sites but we still hav a few that are not tracked down yet:
    do a google search and type:
    emessenger- this is a website which is really good
    – or go to this is also a messenger site
    – IM piglet type this in google to find the right site

  16. You can access Msn Messenger by going on to WEB MESSENGER as long as you turn off the pop up blocker on your computer.. The address is



  19. It’s pretty obvious by the literacy (or lack thereof) of those who are crying about not being able to access MSN messenger, just how many losers/morons Microsh*t have sucked into it’s immoral web and who should really get over it and get a life. MSN messenger promotes the use of extremely poor writing and grammar skills that are turning kids into idiots. Microsoft should be held accountable for their actions and MADE to remove MSN messenger completely and permanently via a patch. MSN messenger is after all, nothing but a virus used by losers without a life.

  20. My university library blocked msn messenger as well. I just discovered this website: You don’t need to download anything. It works with tabs on one screen so you can click it away in a sec if you need to ;) For me it works great!! You can also find this this (old eBuddy version) on if u need to.

  21. Well from what I remember of my college days, everything was blocked (haha). But as we all know sysadmins are dicks (been one myself) and that little bit of power goes to their head. Sadly for this one guy we had who used to be some big shot admin at a large telecoms company but was subsequently reduced to working at our insignificant institution when approaching retirement, he completely overlooked netmeeting (run > conf.exe) all that was needed was the name of the computer you wanted to call accross the network, which was made easy with the widespread use of cellular devices and before you knew it everyone was chatting to each other whilst playing sonic the hedgehog. Ok its fairly old but most overlook it as it is integrated into windows and doesn’t use any internet bandwidth provided you are on a lan.

    why don’t these kids ever rtfm anymore? we all had to start from somewhere.


  23. I have found a rather drastic way of stopping the kids from constantly chatting on MSN…
    1. Tell them that if they dont respect your wishes you will sell the computer.
    2. Install some key logging software the records their logon details then when they have gone to bed login to their account and change the password. Then they cant login… Ha ha ha
    3. Take the keyboard apart and disable the @ key… Ohhh thats a good one
    Are they gona hate me… BOTHERED NO!

  24. I made new msn messenger account , now i want to block my old user , but i don’t know how ??
    Plzz , help .

    PS: im living in Estonia .

  25. I have a question…my msn account was blocked and i cant unblock it….please help me cuz i hate it wen they block it so no 1 can try 2 hack it…grrr this is not the first time…
    thank you in advance…

  26. Grow up. Rewrite system registry: start, run, regedit, ctrl-f then in search box type messenger, deleate anything it finds.
    Posted by: Tom Chandler at July 17, 2006 01:26 AM

    Uh, what if my school disabled the command prompt ( even if you find it in c drive > etc > etc not just start > programs > accessories ) as well as made the run button disapear. They have also removed the Connections Tab under internet options for IE. Where would i locate these tabs and run button and enable the cmd prompt again. Also if you have any idea on howto make the remote desktop connection work again let me know. we used to log other students off their computers for kicks and giggles but they sorta blocked it.

  27. i want to block msn completely from a certain user but i want to still be able to access it from my user account we share 1 computer so its not netorked also want to block hotmail and some other websites like ebuddy or bebo only on 1 user i have 6 users on this pc but there are only 2 ppl i want to block it from

  28. i dnt think it is a good idea to block msn messenger because theres no point nd if u want to tlk to sum1 if its inportnant at school(and where not aloud to use our phones) we could see if our family or sum1 closeit online and u’ve blocked sytes aswell and i always cum on to see if u havent blocked all of thm nd mostly all of thm r blocked :@ ITS NOT FAIR nd we could go on msn or our sytes(piczo…) if the teacher ses where aloud!!! urs sincerly do sumthin about it this time ur worst enemy!!!!! u blocked msn!!!!! u will regret this!!!! u dnt even gewt a kiss

  29. If i block someone in my msn messenger, is there anyway the user could notice it and does it apply also to hotmail email?? is the user cannot send email to the person who block them? thanks…

  30. If i block someone in my msn messenger, is there anyway the user could notice it and does it apply also to hotmail email?? is the user cannot send email to the person who block them? thanks…

  31. I have to say I actually take offence from the fact some idiotic nobody has claimed that msn is the cause of bad grammar. Why not go all out and ban the mobile phone? Let’s regress to a stage in which communication was just beginning.

    I agree the lower years in school should not be accessing msn because of the amount of work they have but in sixth form there is NOTHING to do in your free periods. And don’t say we could be doing work.. because I’ve done it already. Msn is cheap and a convenient way to communicate. The school blocks a ridiculous amount of sites.. for example, hotmail.What is the point of that? I actually need my hotmail to organise matches with people but the school hinders that.

    Fair enough with young kids you can make comments about msn not being beneficial but you cannot generalise that to teenagers who are in school VOLUNTARILY post 16. Maybe you should look at yourselves instead of judging the youth of today.

    And as for the comment on grammar…I use msn constantly and my grammar is still in tact. BOOM goes your theory.

    But yeah… people trying to get around it..web based msn sites are always getting blocked. But you can access other sites by using:

  32. Comment #3 is exactly why any kind of messenger program should be blocked from a school, is that kid retarded?

    oh yeah, and a response to Antonio, Msn is not the cause of the bad grammar, your right, instead its our failing education system and lack of discipline..

  33. i need to know how to block the sites for pornogphy my niece has been on there and i cannot get my sister to cooperate with me so i will try to block it if i can please help me kitty spurrier

    You’ll need to install something like netnanny or one of the other parental monitoring and control packages.


  34. I think it’s a BIG crime to block MSN for my children! They should learn it not too often sitting on the pc. But it’s so unkind if you block something. It makes me so sad :(

    Good evening:

  35. I don’t think it’s a good idea to just block msn by default, but it does happen that some kids just get addicted and it starts to become a problem. When that happens, blocking it or removing their internet acces may be your only option. We eventually had to do this to my brother when he became addicted to all sorts of online garbage.

    I found a fairly good block after many hours of messing about on my router. I use a D-Link DI704UP- a fairly basic home router, but it has an inbuilt filter system which a lot of other routers also have.

    To access the router admin page, put into your browser and enter the username “admin”. There’s no password for the first login.

    From here, click “advanced”, “filter” and finally “domain blocking”. You can add up to 8 domains for the router to block.

    To stop MSN from working, enter the following domains (you probably don’t need all of them, but I’m not sure what the necessary ones are):

    Then just click “allow to access all domains except blocked domains” and click “apply”.

    To stop anyone else changing the settings, click “tools” and “admin” to set a new password.


    MSN is now unable to connect to its server, with any attempt to do so coming back as a connection error and none the wiser.

    There’s also a URL blocker to block out some of the online alternatives.

    If you’re good with computers there’s probably a way around this, but it should keep the average person from using it.

  36. I have blocked messenger live.. but they are now accessing thru the old messenger.. Any help please? What domain does it use? Or whatever.. Please anything is appreciated..
    Thank you. :)

  37. @erika:

    I think you can do it from your own MSN profile, but there’s no easy way to deny one given account access to your network but leave the others intact.


    Yes, you can block that. Go here to find out how:

    It doesn’t “block” it, but it stops anyone not in the know from turning it on in the first place.

  38. Forgot to mention: There are so many online versions around that the best way to block MSN is to simply pull out the net entirely.

    If your kids need the net for school, have an internet-linked computer in the living room or somewhere other than their rooms.

  39. Or you can use something like [broken link removed] Process Blocker tool (freeware). Put MSN messenger’s .exe file to the list and forget about it :)

  40. @d3v45t4t0r

    Go to the link in my post below and go to this section:

    Windows Messenger 4.5 or later versions on a Windows XP Home Edition-based computer or on a Windows XP Professional-based computer

    That should stop the old messenger from being turned on unless they are really good with computers.

    As Leo mentions, though, digital blocks really aren’t an optimal strategy for something like this. Much better to simply remove the internet from their room if you can.

    What it might be an idea to do is this: Have a sit-down with your kids and come to an agreement. They can have, say, 30 minutes a day for MSN, facebook, and all that other online garbage. After that, the net gets taken out for the day. If they need it for school, they can show you the assignment.

  41. The chatting became a nightmare with my teen. Most homework require internet access nowdays and she spends a lot of time talking about nothing online. The language they use is depressing to any educated person.
    She is required to use the computer in the Living Room, but I have to spend all the time by her side. If I step away she will chat. I hate all that internet access snf text messaging.
    Most teenagers have the computer in their rooms and will chatt till late hours.

  42. If you are able to you can look into setting up a proxy server.
    Basically this is a computer that runs a bit of software which will only forward requests to allowed sites. You add a list of sites that they need for homework, all the others are blocked. You then allow their computer to only access the internet via that proxy server and only for webpages (port 80).
    In some cases you can also set up schedules at which times they could access MSN/IM websites.
    Requires a bit more work but allows more fine grained control without having to check what they are doing 24/7.



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