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How do I backup my Scheduled Tasks?

How do I backup my Scheduled Tasks?


I found the scheduled task information in my Windows directory, “Tasks” subdirectory. My belief is that as long as your backup program is backing up that and your system registry, you should be fine.

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4 comments on “How do I backup my Scheduled Tasks?”

  1. Your belief is valid, but it never hurts to cover some burro. Open Scheduled Tasks, select the jobs you want to copy, and pop dem to a safe place; a floppy disk, a CD-ROM, or a shared folder on a different computer.

    Remember: Tust your important data on backup tape as you would trust a few yards of saran wrap keeping a moose from falling on your head. Burn data to a CD, copy it to A: (only if it fits on a single media-if the file is bigger than 1.44Mb, don’t bother), or put it out on a network share.


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  3. I keep long-term “good” or “milestone” backups of a clean, optimized system. My last weekly backup (or two) may be no good if, for example, it backed up the problem I’m trying to resolve along with the rest of the system.

    The problem with any restored system is that it may not contain some of the good “intelligence” that has been added since that backup was originally taken, sometimes even up to a year or two after the fact, in a crisis situation.

    To counter this, I backup key sections of my system’s configuration using InSync in a daily Scheduled Task. This (small) backup is kept in My Documents, which is separately backed up daily to an offsite service.

    Therefore, if I ever need to resort to restoring a backup (recent or old), I can quickly restore these configurations over top of the restored system, bringing my system “intelligence” quickly up to date.

    Some examples of items in this daily backup:
    – Desktop
    – A handful of key program settings stored in
    “C:\Documents and Settings\
    USERNAME\Application Data\” directory
    – C:\Windows\Tasks (as discussed)

    As a rule, I also keep completely separate backups of the operating system (as disk images) and personal data/documents (copy/mirror to web service and/or DVD), so that the state of one never suffers from a failure of the other.


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