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How can I use MSN Messenger just once without downloading the program?

How can I use MSN Messenger just once without downloading the program?


Update 14-Aug-2004: MSN Has released the new MSN Web Messenger which allows you to send and receive instant messages using only a browser.

Remember that Windows Messenger can be used to message MSN Messenger users, and that comes with Windows XP.

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27 comments on “How can I use MSN Messenger just once without downloading the program?”

  1. There is no workaround. MSN requires that the Instant Messenger client be downloaded and installed in order to use MSN Instant Messaging.

  2. well……@ our skool they’re ALL blocked so we can’t get onto ANY!!!!!!!!!!!
    do u hav any other ways???
    everybody has tried, i SWEAR every site in the whole WORLD!!!!
    well not really actually….but do you guyz hav any more sites???

  3. I suspect she wants you to spend more time on your school work perhaps? English, spelling and grammar seem like things worth spending more time on.

  4. we can only use 3gigs a month on our internet.We are over that limit now. Could the use of MSN cause this..even if you are not downloading things, just chatting?

  5. Hi All,

    I have been watching this article for quite a while… I have used, webmessenger, emessenger, meebo…and all have them have been blocked after i have used them lol!

    BUT is one i have been using for ages now, you need to type a username and password and click the register this user button, and it will bring up another screen when it is loaded click the preferences button, in which you need to find the gateways tab, and select MSN Transport, here you enter your email address and password for your hotmail and nickname if you wish! Then click ok, you will then get lots of boxes pop up with allow/block the friends in your list! Once you’ve done this all you will then have to do is type your u/name & p/word everytime you goto JWchat and it will sign you in to Messenger!

  6. Leo: At my job they locked the way to use instant messenger, even if it is a good option to make my work. I used to get connected by the site but now that is imposible, so I want to know if there are some other sites that I can use without downloading?

  7. Hi,
    i am really anoyed when i come to my dads house he dosnt have msn and he wont let me download it but i really wanna go on to talk to my boyfriend and friends at the weekend do u you know a website where i can get msn without downloading and use for free??

    Please help me Leo!

  8. well i tried the two links i found in here to use a messanger without donwloading one, but the firewall didnt allow me to open them. do you have any other link i cant use without to many cookies , trojans or anything like that , i want to do it at work, the most of the times i m not doing anything and i get bored, but i dont want to get in troubles that is the basic reason, thank you


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