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How can I organize incoming email from two accounts?

How can I arrange for emails to go to specific folders rather
than placing all in inbox in Outlook 2002? I have 2 email addresses I use for
work and I want them to go to different folders when they arrive. I have XP pro
operating system.

What you’re looking for are called “Rules” in Outlook, and they’re
incredibly powerful. I have 33 of them defined.

Using it for multiple accounts is only the tip of the iceberg…

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On the Tools menu, there should be an item there labeled
Rules or Rules and Alerts. Rules allow you to
have Outlook take various actions on email as it arrives, depending on a host
of conditions about that email.

In your case, it’s quite simple to have a rule that says “If email is
received on this account automatically move it to that folder.”

Most of the rules I use help coordinate my incoming mail in various ways,

  • Ask Leo! questions are automatically
    routed into a special folder.
  • Comments made to articles on the Ask Leo!
    web site are automatically routed into a special folder.
  • Mail I receive on certain mailing lists is routed to folder for each list,
    and a copy of each message is also placed in an archive folder for
    each list.
  • Mail I receive from “certain” email addresses is automatically

But even my usage only scratches the surface. Spend a few minutes examining
the options that are available as you define a new rule, and you’ll see what I

Outlook Express has rules as well, but a much more limited form. Other email
applications often have similar concepts, with varying degrees of

For organizing the incoming flood of email, A good set of rules is hard to

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19 comments on “How can I organize incoming email from two accounts?”

  1. does not work on two different incomming mail addresses…

    if a rule is created sending either one of these two addresses based on the to: field into a different folder then any mail sent to both emails still gets sent to that folder and not just the one address… thats because exchange server does not really use the TO: field at a users outlook level but only on the server itself and then it sends it to the owner of that mail box…so in by the time it hits outlook for any rule to be applied the message is coming to the same address.

  2. i have porblem with outlook express.i have two mail address.both have difrenet incoming sever but both account in configured in outllok express
    .both have smae isp,and outgoing sever also same .smoetime i get properly incoming and uotgoing mails properly.sometime i get stucked. i wnat to how can i get both accounts sent and inbox folder in different folder.

  3. Hi .. did u find the solution of how to configure different Inboxes for different email accounts in outlook .
    If you have then please send me the details


  4. I’ve been trying all night to get my two mail accounts in Outlook (separate pops and smtps) to receive the email that are being sent to those addies, but they end up in one folder or another. In Account settings, it asks where incoming mail should go, but you can’t assign it so that some mail goes to Personal Folder 1 and other mail to Personal Folder 2. Very frustrating and makes Outlook pointless when you have to create rules to make it work. Thunderbird, on the other hand, was a breeze to set up for my two accounts, and mail goes exactly where it should. This is a simple fix for MS to achieve but it seems as of they will not even address it: Allow the user in account settings to specify an incoming mail folder for each account that will only accept mail addressed to that account.

  5. I have two email accounts on the same server with different passwords. How do I configure Outlook to recognise and download both automatically?

  6. You need to set up a new rule then start from a blank rule. Check messeges when they arrive should be highlighted. click “next”.check off “through a specified account. go below in the box and click highlighted “specified account” On the drop down list pick the mail account that you want the new mail to go into a different folder. Click “next” and check off the first box “move to specified folder”. Again go below and click on the highlighted “specified folder” and choose which folder you want the mail to go to. I made a new extention folder from the inbox but you can create a folder under personal folders if you like. This worked for me in outlook not outlook express.

  7. I am having trouble as well, with Exchange Server and two email accounts. Both accounts are for the same user, so there isn’t a separate mailbox for each one. I created a rule in Outlook 2000 to check mail as it arrives for specific words in the recipients address. I added the name of the mailbox information for the recipients info. It doesnt appear to see that however. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  8. I have several smtp: account names under the one user.
    Which when i create a rule as suggested here.
    Will direct all emails from that USER to that one folder, even if i select the specific email address name, because it is part of the same USER, i am only assuming it will not re direct it to a seperate mail folder.

    WHich is what i want it to do.
    Any hints or ideas would be appericated.

    (Besides the common answer, make a rule) please give more details on how to set up a rule or action that will seperate the smtp on the incoming user. Thankyou.

  9. You have not answered the original question.

    How does one successfuly direct two different email address’s to two different folders with a rule?

  10. I want to set up two different email addresses. I want to use one for my friends and another for business. How and what can I do to accomplish this. Please respond in layman term, I am not a computer guru.

  11. Leo doesn’t know obviously

    This is so irritating. I was working in Outlook Express and just like how it seperates a pop account from a hotmail account(completely seperate maiboxes WITHOUT RULES OR CHANGE IDENTITY) it was seperating my pop accounts into 10 seperate email boxes with it’s own inbox, trash and everything else I dreamed of. Then I deleted all the mailboxes and it went away, now every time I enter a new email account it goes into the same friggin inbox. I don’t want to specify a new folder in inbox, a 2 year old can figure that out. I want a completely separate thing(as if you were sharing another person’s mailbox in Outlook 2003 with seperate inbox, trash, sent items etc)

    can anyone help??!

  12. PS: I love Leo

    OK. I think Microsoft disabled it cause they are coming out with windows mail beta. I’m pretty sure after I restarted my machine, that’s when is hosed my outlook express cause it was working one minute then not the next.

  13. There are two of us wanting to use one outlook 2002. We are receiving mail on the same pop3 account with two different email addresses. I want the mail for each account to go into there respective inboxes. I have not figured how to make the rules work the way I want the mail to flow. Thanks, Jim

  14. There’s an easy way in Outlook 2007 that might be applicable to earlier versions. What I do is, I create the accounts. Then, I create a data file for each account. Then, I go back into accounts and point each one at it’s corresponding data file and create a new inbox folder. That’s all there is to it. No rules or anything like that.

  15. Hotmail has a premium service that you have to pay for to be able to use Outlook with it.

    And for Outlook 2002; goto Tools – Rules Wizard – New Rule (Blank one) and choose “Apply this rule after message arrives”, “through the specified account”, “Move it to specified folder”.

    You have to click on the specified options and designate a email account and folder for the received emails to be put in.


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