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Flashing my BIOS failed, how can I recover?

After I flashed my BIOS and restarted my computer, I got a beep
message, and the screen went blank. Every time my computer starts now, it gives
that beep message and isn’t doing anything at all. Is there a

The BIOS, or Basic Input Output System, is also sometimes called “Flash
BIOS” because even though it’s stored in hardware, it can be replaced or
updated via a processes often called “flashing”.

When flashing your BIOS fails … you’re in trouble.

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The BIOS is software stored in hardware, and it is often referred to as firmware. It’s the software that
performs the power-on self test, the very first steps of the boot process, and
provides the basic interface to much of the hardware.

Occasionally it needs to be updated. In fact updating your BIOS is
frequently a solution for certain types of hardware compatibility issues.

Unfortunately you need a working BIOS to even get to the point of flashing
it. Or do anything else, for that matter.

As a result, when a BIOS flash fails, the only typical remedy is to
physically replace the chip on the motherboard in which the BIOS is stored with
one containing a working BIOS for that motherboard. That probably means going
back to the manufacturer of your computer or its motherboard.

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64 comments on “Flashing my BIOS failed, how can I recover?”

  1. You mention that the only typical remedy or a failed BIOS flash is to get a new chip from the manufacturer. However, there is another step that can be attempted before that happens. Some manufacturers provide flash recovery as part of the BIOS update, but for those that don’t you can search for other bios flashers for the same motherboard. One place you can search is here: This site provides links to other big BIOS sources, including the most common BIOS companies. Rolling back to an older bios is often enough to recover a system.

  2. A replacement BIOS chip can be pricy, especially if the motherboard is rather old and was cheap to begin with, and not part of an essential system. A replacement motherboard, if you can reuse the processor and other adaptors, may be just as cost-effective.

    There are third party vendors, if you search for them.

    I have also seen schemes involving two IDENTICAL MBs, using the working BIOS to reflash the nonworking one. It sounded very risky, as I remember it involved hot-swapping the BIOS chips (and implies that those chips are socketed, not soldered in).

    (BTW, my compliments for a very convenient previewer for the postings.)

  3. Newer BIOS chips have what is called a boot block sector. When flashing the BIOS this part is not flashed. Basically all it does is run the floppy drive, and if you are lucky you will also get basic video. I have re-flashed a “dead” BIOS with this. The MB was manufactured in 1998. The first attempt at flashing failed-nothing but beeps on restart. I downloaded the correct Bios update, made a new floppy to flash the BIOS and reran the flash program. There was nothing on the monitor, just a black screen, but I could hear the floppy drive being accessed. Follow the flash utility instructions and let it do its’ thing. It took several long minutes, but it worked.

  4. Back in the days of floppy disks I once had a problem flashing my BIOS and recovered quite easily. From what I recall, most of the Flash utilities allow you (and even recommend) to backup the current BIOS before proceeding. The Flash utility is created on a floppy as is the BIOS update and if chosen so is the BIOS backup. The system was then booted with the floppy and you followed the on-screen prompts to backup and then flash the new BIOS. When I failed to boot up after flashing the new BIOS (and I had no screen either) I rebooted with the flash utility floppy and (still with no monitor) restored the old BIOS by simply remembering what steps were done when I flashed the BIOS the 1st time. I’d recommend that everyone copy down the screen prompts when flashing a new BIOS just in case the need to reverse the update.

  5. I have had problem with Bios before. On the motherboard, there is a jumper that can be changed and put back to the orginal setting, this would reset the bios to orignal settings. This was on a older computer,(1998). I don’t know if this would help, but it couldn’t hurt to try.

  6. If you need a new chip, goto, they’ve helped me a couple times with older motherboards.

    If you have a Gateway PC, they have a jumper you need to set and then you insert a floppy with the bios files on it and boot the pc, it’ll beep then load the bios from the floppy. When it’s done, you shut the pc off, take out the floppy, reset the jumper and boot. Works like a charm.

    The Gateway thing also works similar for many many other Motherboard brands…

  7. I too flashed the BIOS to end up with an unusable board. Luckly I had backed up the BIOS and had it on diskette. Was able to send the chip and diskette to a company that can burn eproms. They were able to reburn the BIOS back onto the chip. Good as new and far cheaper than buying a new chip. Buy the way finding a BIOS chip for an older motherboard (2yrs) was not possible in Toronto.

  8. This is written in an attempt to be helpful – I am not responsible for any damage you may do to your computer or yourself.

    Wim’s BIOS site is a good resource – the FAQ page has some basics about flashing a BIOS. All modern computers’ BIOSes are flashable – ROM BIOS went out in the early 90s.

    The instructions on Wim’s FAQ page for flashing assume a reasonable knowledge of computers and are geared towards older systems. DO NOT FLASH YOUR BIOS IF YOU DON’T NEED TO – AND PLUG THE COMPUTER INTO AN UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY WHEN DOING IT! If the power goes out or very low or surges etc. when flashing, you can (and probably will) wind up with an unusable BIOS and will have the same problem as the gentleman whose question prompted the above article.

    To determine if you need to flash your BIOS (update it), find your motherboard model on your motherboard manufacturer’s website. The model number will frequently be displayed during the Power On Self Test (POST) somewhere in the text on the first screen displayed after you first start the computer – usually somewhere in the text that is displayed in the upper left hand corner of the screen. You can pause the display by pressing the PAUSE/BREAK key – press the F1 key to resume booting.

    If the first thing you see on your monitor after you first start your computer is a picture or logo from the computer manufacturer (not a Windows screen – that means you’ve missed it and have to shut down and restart to try again), the info you need may be hidden behind that ‘splash’ screen. Frequently, pressing the ESC, F1, F2, or F10 keys will allow you to get rid of the splash screen and see what is underneath – but check with the manufacturer if these don’t work.

    At a last resort, you can open the computer case and look on the motherboard for a manufacturer’s name and model. Make sure that the power switch on the rear of the computer is turned off – if it doesn’t have one, unplug it from the wall. DO NOT TOUCH THE MOTHERBOARD OR OTHER BOARDS CONTAINING SOLID STATE ELECTRONICS OR ANY SOLID STATE ELECTRONIC PARTS WITHOUT DISCHARGING ANY STATIC ELECTRICITY ON YOUR BODY. Either don’t touch anything but wires, zip ties, or the metal chassis – or keep skin on a body part in contact with an unpainted part of the computer chassis (if it’s still plugged into the wall).

    If it’s not plugged into the wall, you can saw off the power prongs of a spare power cord (available cheaply at used computer stores), screw a screw into the slot at the other end of the round ground prong (in North America it’s the upper middle slot on the cord end that you plug into the computer – the ‘ in this picture – |’| ) and then hang onto the screw with a hand or an antistatic strap (available at computer stores), attach a wire to a metal cold water pipe and to yourself, etc. If you have to release your body’s contact with your ground point (e.g. to use your other hand), you’ll be OK AS LONG AS YOU DON’T MOVE YOUR FEET (if you’re standing) OR THE CHAIR YOU’RE SITTING IN. Doing that – especially on carpet – can build up enough static charge on your body to damage a chip if you touch it and discharge the static charge through it.

    It’s easiest just to not touch anything. If the manufacturer’s name and model is on the motherboard, it will be on the top side – you will not have to remove it from the case.

    Now look up the name and model on the manufacturer’s website. If they have an update, read the release notes. Do you have weirdness in your computer – and your Windows/Linux install is brand new? Do the release notes mention a problem you’re having? Will the update give you increased functionality in your computer? Have you done everything else you can to resolve the weirdness you’re experiencing (removed all cards except for video, added them back in one at a time, used Safe Mode in Windows, etc. – this is not a post on how to troubleshoot your computer)?

    If the answer to any of these questions is Yes – then a BIOS update is worth doing. If not, either don’t do it – or eliminate any other causes of problems first. Flashing your BIOS is a relatively simple procedure when it goes right – and it usually does. But the consequences when it goes bad are so horrible that it’s not worth doing unless you can see clear benefits or have tried every other way to resolve you computing problems.

  9. When I bought a new, 80Gb HD, my original BIOS wasn’t accepting it at all. The mobo is an Asus P5A-B.

    With the help of a friend, we disconnected the new HD, surfed the net and found an update for that BIOS on the Asus website. We took notes of *everything* that appeared in the BIOS screen of my puter and made ourselves absolutely and completely sure that the update really referred to my case.

    Stored the new thing on diskette, rebooted the puter and started praying.

    I have to say it was not a hard process. We just followed the instructions on the prompt screens, backed up the old BIOS and choose to reflash.

    The screen for the update was rather curious, as I remember. There were two fields with a lot of blinking numbers, sort of ‘Matrix’ like. We continued to follow strictly the on-screen commands, it said ‘BIOS flashed’, we restarted the system and the new version was displayed at the top, as we celebrated (from x.05, I think, to x.11).

    Since then, the new HD never had any kind of trouble. None of us had never done this before and had no experience on it, even if heavy-users. We just took major care about numbers, versions, backing up and following the right procedures.

  10. After i tried to update the ROMPAQ i got an error which says 0xF0 (Flash_failed) flashing bios. What could this mean.

  11. Pretty much what it says. The update of your bios failed. You may have the wrong bios update, or your board may simply not support updating there’s no way to tell. You’ll have to go back to the manufacturer and double check.

  12. heres the story
    Yea I managed to flash the wrong version :( (stupid me).

    Long story short, I flashed my Ver 2.0 NF7-S using Ver 1.0 and now it doesn’t want to boot, what do you think I can do? .. otherwise what a complete waste of a system :(

    is there anyway to flash the old system?
    plz contact me at [Email Address Removed]

  13. I flashed my computer, it was done successfully but when I restarted it stopped working. When it boots it’s just a blank screen and has continuous beeps.

    Please Help Me, Leo or Anyone.

  14. i flashed my bios today and i did it with the right bios that corresponded to my model mb. I have a gigabyte ga-8l915g-mf and updated the bios using the gigabye bios update program. It said it had been successful and that i had to now reboot for changes to take place. I could either reboot or stay on doing my work, it didnt auto reboot so i assumed it was all finished and ready for when i rebooted next. Five mins later i was trying to close i tunes and i tunes being i tunes the computer crashed as it often does with i tunes. I couldnt do any thing but press the reset button as ctrl alt del didnt work. Now the computer will not reboot. The monitor says there is no signal, i am assuming it was a bad flash.

    What can i do i have tried clearing the cmos by taking out the battery for a minute or two and to no avail. Can a computer technician reprogram the bios chip using another computer or will i have to buy a new one? Is there anything i can do?

  15. I was one of the lucky few that tried to flash my bios. At the time I thought it was taking too long and pushed the reset button. Needless to say my system was unable to boot correctly. I tried to reflash it but the system couldn’t even find my A: drive because it had not been told where it was by my corrupted bios.
    I did finally fix the problem though. I called every computer dealer and manufacter I could find. I did find one dealer thet would sell me a new bios for my board but the cost was almost twice the cost of a replacement board.
    I took this opportunity to finally upgrade my board and processor at a lower cost than buying a replacement bios.
    My suggestion to anyone flashing their bios, is don’t, unless you have done it correctly on an older board and thus very sure of the process and the amount of time it will take. If perhaps you are not confindent then allow a professional to do it. The cost usually is about $100(US) or so.

  16. Posted by: Raymond at January 8, 2006 02:05 PM
    snip” What can i do i have tried clearing the cmos by taking out the battery for a minute or two and to no avail. Can a computer technician reprogram the bios chip using another computer or will i have to buy a new one? Is there anything i can do?” end snip

    Hello what i did was the following , tho i wouldnt recomand it to persons with little knowledge on computer hardware but i’ll post this solution anyway . The program from asus messed up and i was stuck with a non working motherboard p4b533-e flashing under windows failed and i shut down .No more post i assumed update failed terrible tho it just said it couldnt verify .Lucky i have 2 of the same model motherboards .. now here comes the solution .I took out the working bioschip and put it in the non working board booted from a floppy with aflash [or simular flash tool ] on the working chip [dont push it down all that hard since we will take the working chip out when its booted] once booted take out the working bios chip and replace it with the “broken” chip . Start the program u flash your motherboard bios with and program it . I did program it twice but i assume once is good aswell .And voila you got a working motherboard and chip back.As said this is a tricky thing and u need same model motherboard bios but it worked in my case and i didnt wanna hold out on the info .

  17. One simple solution may be that in fact the flashing took place correctly, however the system fails to boot due to messed up bios settings which are stored in RAM. This memory retains its information with a small battery.
    You can easily solve the problem by removing the Lithium battery on the main board, then wait a few minutes, then put in the battery and reboot. 90% chance that your PC boots. Just press Del to enter the BIOS setup menu, then choose either “Load default fail safe” or “Load optimal settings”. Save and reboot and see whether your attempts were successful. I’ve seen this type of boot failure on several machines and in case of bios update failure, this is the solution.
    If it does not work at once, try to keep out the battery longer, and short-circuit the + and – pins of the battery socket.

  18. Followed Willem’s advice on fixing a bad bios flash. I had flashed the bios on a Gigabyte K8NF-9 rev 1 board from F4 to F11 using thier @Bios software provided. As this is not my first MB BIOS flash I know the usual suspects to watch out for when doing this. All was well, no issues, rebooted – failure. Utterly convinced I now had a large paperweight, I unplugged the system, removed the battery, & shorted the battery pins. Put the system back together & it worked. I’m fairly certain that the failure is caused due to a mismatch in BIOS settings between the old & new versions that make the system unbootable. What made this worse was Gigabyte’s online help is less than useless.



  19. Hello. I’ve also had this problem. I have the ASUS A8N mainboard, and flashing the BIOS mucked up. While the program was running the program said that some kind of failure had happened, and asked me to try again or abort. I tried again and got the same failure. I then aborted. My PC worked for about 30 secs before cutting out. Now when I switch on my PC nothing comes up on the screen. It just powers up, I can put in CDs in my DVD drive etc, but the support disk feature didn’t work. Any advise would help. Could this cause faults in other parts of my hardware, like my CPU or GPU?

  20. I have the same problem i updated my BIOS with the right update cuz i went to hp and thats the update it gave it also siad it was a successful update i reboot the pc then it didnt wanted to pick up the monitor or video but later it did i reboot again and it never picked the video. i tried clearing Cmos and it didnt you know how can i get a Bios Chip for my mother board and i dont know my motherboard manufacturers is there anything else i can do

  21. I had a perfectly fineworking Sony SR7, I had upgraded to XP, for other reasons, I restored the entire hardrive and then upgraded to Windows XP Pro… then i decided to flash my bios…. I did, apparently unsuccessfully… now I cant even get power in the machine.. when I attach a power cord, the hard drive lite, lites up for a tenth of a second… thats it.. no more life to this computer.. any help ?????

  22. willem ur a champion, i just bought a k8nf-9 from ebay (used) wouldnt boot, memory post then kept restarting at that point.
    removed cmos battery, shorted for a couple of secs. PROBLEM SOLVED!
    thanks again willem

  23. Hello Everybody,
    Desktop Computer IBM Aptiva 2153 E3N computer. The bios version was V70EN2B. I went to the website for IBM and downloaded the right version. Due to problems with the cd-rom not booting etc. I had to flash the bios. Now I downloaded the flyflsh.exe program from the IBM website and made a floppy (yes, a good new clean floppy). I booted with the floppy in the drive and it printed something like Bios version is already up-to-date and it will not be updated. I rebooted again, etc. same message. so I made another floppy with the same program and tried again, ofcourse same results. so while i was looking on the internet and chat rooms for help I opened the second extra floppy from within windows xp. I found what the autoexec.bat file does, what programs it runs etc. now I found that there are two programs in there flsfrnt3.exe and iflash.exe with three different version of bios files … V70EN2B etc. etc. with just the last two letters different. So i figured that the message that the bios is uptodate and not updated was what i would expect. then looking into other files, i found a message.dat from where i found the option /nd meaning don’t check the date etc. so i figured this is the way to go. so i boot up the aptiva and instead of consulting anybody or asking anybody if i should do this or not i punched in the characters “iflash nd” at the A:\> prompt. i believe the program is working i can hear some whirring sound, and i see that the light on the floppy is on. I did not give it any option of what file to write etc. Ok here is the good part…. i have been looking at the same screen for more than 18 hours now… is that normal? I am getting a little worried but almost every website/article/email/newsgroup discussion I searched on the internet about bios flashing.. says do not reboot unless prompted to do so. so i m not touching anything yet. I am waiting for something to happen.. till then, any help would be appreciated. Atleast a general indication of how long this is supposed to take..

    thanxs all.

  24. i tried to update my bios software bout when i have reboot the computer nothing happens there was nothing on the screen i think i have deleted the software bios on the flash chip so what i could do to solve the problem my board is via pm800 lga775 please help me to solve the problem and please take my advice and never apdate your bios

  25. Apparently while updating the bios for my Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP-939 motherboard I selected the wrong bios. There is a GA-K8NSNXP which is not a socket 939 motherboard. Anyway, the system will not boot even after removing the bios battery several times and shorting the contacts. All I get is the post “beep” continually and no video, keyboard, etc. Any thoughts besides buying a new motherboard.

  26. Phew! Had exactly the same problem as Shawn ‘Gigabyte K8NF-9 rev 1 board [updating] from F4 to F11 using thier @Bios software provided’. Not a good feeling! Took the battery out for 3min, shorted the contacts, restarted without a problem. Thanks Willem!!

  27. Hp will be hearing from me…

    After flashing the BIOS of an HP desktop machine with an application downloaded from the HP site listed for the same model of system board (ASUS), the installer reported “successful” however, after rebooting, the system will not POST. I am pissed off and i will see to what extent HP will stand beside their own BS. Anyways, this will probably result in the purchase of a new system board but what the hell?

  28. Yeah, I had/have a GA-M55SLI-S4 in a BRAND NEW SLI rig from Ibuypower and i Used gigabyte’s @BIOS utility and breezed through like I had so many countless times in the history of owning my own computer. In the middle of the flash, my computer TURNS OFF. Reset CMOS, took out the batter. NOTHING. So now this brand new computer I bought is an expensive paperweight. Luckily Ibuypower is replacing it.

    Something that I have noticed breezing through here – CAREFUL WITH GIGABYTE @BIOS!!!!

  29. Willem, you rock! I updated the bios on a Gateway E-6100, and the bios no longer detected anything on the primary IDE channel. I have flashed the bios on dozens of computers, so I’m not a newbie. Your suggestion of removing the battery saved my bacon.

  30. Hi, i have an Acer and i got that ugly blue screen(phisycal memory thingy)A friend told me about flashing my bios, i went to Acer updated but there was two update file Flash BIOS v3A10 – ATI Chipsets
    Windows XP And Flash BIOS v3A10 – For Intel Video
    Windows XP, i really dont know which one to download knowing that both files have the extension .WPH i dont know which program can open that either…thank you so much

  31. I have a problem with my Dell. I know what you’re thinking, being a Dell IS the problem in the first place. I agree. However, on a more serious note…

    I tried updating the BIOS off their website. I seems to work with no problem….until I got to the desktop. My peripherals are absolutely non-responsive. I have read some responses on how to hook up a ps2 keyboard and mouse might help. Here’s a curve ball, my desktop only has usb ports front and back. No ps2 connections whatsoever. I have tried resetting the cmos, but no luck either. I AM able to use my keyboard when I enter the Set Up mode (F2) I am hoping there is a way I can rever the bios to its original state without having to reinstall the OS entirely. This is really frustrating, could someone please help me out? Thanks before hand.

  32. have any body tried to flash an ECS RS482-M754 bios…. i tried to update my bios but i seem to obtain the wrong upgrade and now my pc wont boot. how can i recover my previous bios???

    help is really appreciated

  33. I used @BIOS and I thought I upated the bios flawlessly in my GA-8st800 motherboard, BUT, I have a dual boot and now linux doesn’t recognize my realtek network adpater, allthought the driver is there, and it was working before. Windows works OK. Weird, no?

  34. Hi there,

    I upgraded my Abit 190HD mobo from 14 to 17. It seemed to work, until the reboot. It failed with a black screen. any advice?

  35. If removing the battery and resetting the CMOS doesn’t work try unplugging all drives and peripherials except the floppy drive. If you have the proper BIOS on a floppy after unplugging all else you may be able to flash the BIOS properly at this point. Some BIOS’s will seek the floppy automatically when all else is disconnected-worth a try.

  36. hi
    I have a gigigabyte 8i848p-g mother board
    amessage appear
    scanning for bios image
    I put the bin file in a fat32 harddisk and poweron then autorecovering begin then suddenly stopped and faild and my computer make restart

  37. My motherboard came with a BIOS cd that the
    hardware can use to reflash the BIOS if the BIOS
    is use is corrupted. The manual says the motherboard looks at the floppy (if it exists)
    then the CD for the original BIOS image, (a special filename, (I guess its doing what some
    routers do and if its flash fails look for a TFTP connection to supply a new image?).

  38. I was trying to flash the bios of my acer travelmate 5610 with winflash, before the process be ended the power fail.nearby I dont have any acer company to ask help from them. what can I do? please help I came from pour country (Africa-mozambique) that is not easy to have a computer, can anyone help me please. sorry about my english, is not my mother or official language

  39. Hi, i recently upgraded the bios on my packardbell a7145 with the bios from the pB website for the A& series but after flashing the Screen will not power up properly, with a torch you can see the desktop etc. The old bios i remember was version a18 i think and the 2 new ones on the site are a22 and a23. tried them both. Is it possible to recover to the old bios?

  40. Hi I have an EVGA 650i Ultra motherboard, I tried to update the bios the the newest version, i got it off the evga site so i know that it was the right one. It installed fine and it said F1 to continue. Once i rebooted it would sometimes post and sometimes not. I checked all the other hardware on another computer to see if it was something else but it wasn’t. I RMA to evga and it came back and its the same thing. What should i do?

  41. I have a Sony pcg-r505gl. I screwed up flashing my bios and can no longer enter windows. I went to sony’s website and their bios utility needs to be run in windows. What can i do?? HELP

  42. hey,i was flashing my toshiba satellite p205 & it went in to blue screen.had to unplug & take battery out to shut i get no response at all from power button.i get the power light on & thats it,it won’t charge battery.i tried taking out cmos battery & shorting plus & minus luck still dead.lesson learned i’ll make a bootable disc or usb next can anyone tell me where the bios chip is located on motherboard or how many pins.motherboard #’s just a little over a month out of warranty & toshiba said too bad for new motherboard from us for 413.00 us funds.i’m going to try to get a parts motherboard & replace chip.anybody in canada do that kind of stuff.later

  43. I had a failed BIOS flash on my Toshiba A215-S7444, I found these guys on the web: they did the repair for around $99. Give them a call, they’re one of the only places in North America that can do this type of repair.

  44. Hey, can anyone answer instead of asking more and more questions? I have an HP Pavilion dv2000 with fried BIOS. Any advice on how to bring it back to life? Thanks!

    Visit the HP support site and look for instructions on resetting the BIOS, or potentially replacing it. The details vary from machine to machine.


  45. Hope someone can help. Here is the scenario.
    At bootup the screen says “Reboot & select proper boot device. Never makes it to windows.
    If I go into the bios then exit the bios whether or not I make any changes then the computer boots to windows. Restarting, windows always starts back up. Starting from cold start, I get the message again “Reboot & select proper boot device”
    Thanks, mike

  46. I updated my BIOS and after restart in turned to be error and it failed to update my BIOS and i also have problem with my keyboard and External hard disk my keyboard wont work then i have to unplug and replug my keyboard. so i thought of updating my BIOS and i happened to real bad… what should i do to run my pc

  47. My DVD ROM drive is recognizd on bootup as an IDE secondary slave or secondary master or primary slave depending on where I set the jumper. When I boot up with it Windows finds new hardware. It’s listed in Device Manager as working properly and also in Find New Hardware but it is NOT listed in the BIOS? This is the 3rd DVD ROM I’ve tried. I need help!
    [E-Mail Address Removed]

  48. i have an acer 5738G model.after i installed windows 7 enterprise i am unable to install the new BIOS driver provided by acer even though my laptop is running perfectly but cautioned by ACER to install the new driver for BIOS to prevent it from overheating.earlier i had no problem in installing that driver but now its not installing.please help

  49. My system is a Hybrid gaming system with an i5. I was updating the BIOS and suddenly (not that sudden but sudden enough) my system booting started to degraded to the point now it is stuck in an endless loop of booting kicking right over to Window 7 Startup Repair and freezing. I can’t access BIOS during boot as both my Keyboard and mouse are not seen. The screen finally ends up at the Start up – System Restore window, but without being able to interact with the system I’m at an end. Question is it a good time to heave the system access the room and see if that juggles anything :-). Seriously what can I do to get back access to the keyboard to enter BIOS to reset default settings?

  50. Hi
    I read the article and it was very good. Like almost everybody here I flased my BIOS and it seemed that it went all wrong. I lost the hope to recover it and i started to look after a new MB. But when I read this article I found that their is lot to do yet. I did exactly like Willem suggested + that I removed the my DDR2 Memory and I waited for a half hour and then i started and voila the problem resolved itself. So be patient and dont lose hope. Thanks again!!

  51. Hello,
    I have a Motion Computing LE1700 with an indows XP operating system.
    I wanted to upgrade it to Windows 7 so I nstalled it without any problems and everything worked perfectly. However, I saw in the Motion Computing web page that you had the LE1700 BIOS AB18 update driver for Windows 7. I downloaded it and tried to install it, but it would not finish to install, so I turned off the tablet and when I tried to turn it on again all I get is a black screen, everything else seems to be working (ventilators, power lights, etc.) but the screen is all black. I suppose that it is not a hard drive problem, but I am not sure, and now I am afraid that it will not work again. Can you give me any solution to this problem? Can I recover or restart the installation?

    This feels like a BIOS problem. Unfortunately I can only direct you to the manufacturer for assistance, as what happens next varys from computer to computer. Good luck!


  52. PLEASE Everybody — Too many are going right to “Flashing the BIOS” for problems easily fixed by other, and more correct remedies.
    (BSOD=flash bios —NOT). If it is recommended by a reputable/authorized person, OK— but don’t just give it try in false hopes it will work. Overall, this should be a higher level attempt after other attempts fail to isolate the real issue. I’ve experienced many problems with Dell w/XP over the years and never once had a need for this. As it is proven by comments, it makes for big headahces and masks the real problem.

  53. Hi I updated my Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Xi 1546 Bios (I know it’s an old notebook), but as you might guess it failed. It won’t boot up at all, it goes into a loop when i turn it on, where the screen is black but the lights turn on and off. This won’t stop untill I unplug it.
    I hope anyone can help me :)

  54. Hi I have a hp motherboard RC410-M rev 1.1 when I start the computer has showing black screen. My bios flash is failed. Can you tell me how to recover flash bios or install flas bios into motherboard

    I cannot. In many cases it cannot be recovered, but the only solution I’m aware of is to contact the computer manufacturer for assistance.

  55. motherboard:asus commando
    755 socket
    955 extreme quad core
    I updated my bios now I got a black screen
    I can only get it booted up by taking the motherboard battery out or by resetting the jumpers, then it say the cmos needs resetting.Can anyone give me some info
    how to sort it out.

    thanks for reading this anyway

  56. I have a Dell Dimension 2400, the bios is A05 and will load almost all the way to the end of the white bar, then loads XP, sometimes it takes 3 or 4 times of restarting to get the computer to run with out hanging up. How do I fix then bios?

  57. Having bombed out bios updates on 2 HP DV9000 machines, I got some clean replacement serial eeproms (A29L008) and wired across the connections (from working machine) to a piece of pcb with suitable pads (8) to match. Pin 2(DO) is left disconnected. The machine’s bios is then updated while holding the clone chip down carefully. Uses the flash utility on HP’s site for your particular machine. Also it helps to hold one’s breath until the machine has completely shut down. Although not needed, you will probably need to reprogram other details such as serial number using hpbq189.exe, a dos utility which can be found on the net. The newly programmed chip should run fine in compatible target machine. I also noticed that a wireless card that was barred at boot before now works.

  58. I have the same problem with a pc that was given to me(Presario won’t enter bios or show splash screen. Odd thing is, is that it will run a Fedora live cd, go online and everything, but will not read the hdd. Any ideas here? I didn’t flash it as I never thought it was worth the risk, but that doesn’t mean the previous owner didn’t. Strange.

  59. whenever i switch on my compaq laptop it shows press
    ctrl + alt + Del and when I press this it automatically restarts and shows the same message. Pls help me.


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