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Do I need Internet Explorer and Outlook Express updates if I use Firefox and Thunderbird?

I use Thunderbird as my email client. Do I need to worry about
Outlook Outlook/Express updates?

Not Outlook or Outlook Express, but you definitely still need to worry about Internet
Explorer, which in turn will update your Outlook Express.

Even if you don’t use Internet Explorer as your browser.

Here’s why…

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The “guts” of Internet Explorer are still used by many other applications
that may provide web browsing or other forms of web access. Even if you don’t
use Internet Explorer as your browser, portions of it may still be used without
your realizing it. As a result, it’s still fairly important to keep those
portions up to date.

There’s also the fact that you will still need Internet Explorer
occasionally yourself. Specifically, Windows Update only works with Internet
Explorer, and that’s a site you should be visiting regularly. There may be
other sites that require Internet Explorer as well.

As for Outlook Express … well, as you keep Internet Explorer up to date,
you’ll be keeping Outlook Express up to date at the same time. It won’t matter
to you, since you don’t use it, but it’ll happen nonetheless.

And Outlook is a different story completely. A part of Microsoft Office,
it’s unrelated to any of this.

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4 comments on “Do I need Internet Explorer and Outlook Express updates if I use Firefox and Thunderbird?”

  1. Actually, I use Firefox (for several months now), and with a couple of pretty nifty extensions (IE Tab for one), my boring days of IE are finally over! I can use FF (with IE Tab), and pages that only opened properly with IE now open in FF, but without the Active x concerns. Microsoft missed the boat on browsers – Firefox is a million times better than IE will EVER be. Even with IE7, Microsoft is STILL far behind (Firfox used tab browsing many moons ago!). It’s amazing how bland you get when you don’t listen to what your “customer’s” want, and instead just force what YOU want on them. Long live open-source! ARE YOU LISTENING MICROSOFT??? THE END IS NEARER THAN YOU THINK! :)

  2. You dont necassarily need to have both of them but you may regret deleting it in the future since you may need some resources from it, But if you have doen what Carl has posted above then all the power to you.

  3. Please, simplify: I should go from IE8 to IE9 and keep fully updated? Been trying to get my att webmail back in Outlook Express, (in bellsouth and early days of changeover, IE6 worked like a charm). The incestuous mix of att & yahoo and advertisng has about driven me… bonkers. thinking about going to another ‘net provider like Charter. MS (MiscegenationSoft, and ATT are so arrogant! Should I go to Firefox with IE9 mostly for requisite updates? use Chrome and others? Am not that technical a person, just enuf to get myself in trouble. I just want working OE email client, good browser(s) and good updates. Is that too much to expect today? tnx


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