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Can I use Yahoo or MSN messenger without Yahoo or MSN mail?

Can I use Yahoo or MSN messenger without Yahoo or MSN mail?

Yahoo, MSN, and AOL all supply both email and instant
messaging programs. Yahoo’s email is free, MSN provides both free email with
Hotmail and paid services with MSN itself, and AOL requires a subscription for
email. But they all have different and incompatible instant messaging

Can you mix and match? Sure!

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Yahoo requires that you create a Yahoo account to use their instant
messaging service and with that account comes an email address. But there’s
nothing that says you have to use it. You can happily ignore your Yahoo email
and use Yahoo instant messenger all you want. I do.

MSN requires that you create a Passport account to use MSN Instant
Messenger, and a passport account requires an email address. The most common
addresses used for happen to be Hotmail accounts. Year ago that was the only
option but passports can now be created for any email address. So you can get
a free Hotmail account like I did, or not. You can use an MSN email account
or something else. It doesn’t matter.

AOL Instant Messenger does not require an AOL account. If you have an AOL
account, you’re set. But if you don’t then you can create an AOL sign-in name at
any time. And keep using whatever email you use, AOL or not. I do.

And yes, I have instant messaging accounts on all three services and often
run all three instant messaging clients at the same time. Again, no

And my email? Not related to any of them. It’s completely separate.

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66 comments on “Can I use Yahoo or MSN messenger without Yahoo or MSN mail?”

  1. Hi, Can please help me? I want to sign in msn messenger using my yahoo account:
    i.e., “???” using msn messenger 6.2

  2. They are two different systems using two different accounts, so you cannot use one account on the other. The closest you might be able to come is to use yoru yahoo email address when you create a Microsoft Passport, and use that passport to connect to MSN.

  3. There are programs around that let you log into all 3 (AOL, MSN, and Y!) with only 1 program. I use Trillian ( ) myself. However, you still have to have an account for each one. Trillian just lets you run one program to recieve them rather than 3 programs.

  4. hi i noticed your little forum about using yahoo emails and such on msn messenger and yes there is a way to use yahoo email or outside emails on msn messenger. this is how you do it if you’re interested:
    1.) when you sign in.. look near the bottom where it says “get a .Net passport”
    2.) when the thing pops up, click “next”
    3.) when they ask you if you have an email. choose “yes” and press next
    4.) on the next screen choose “No. i want to register my email with Passport now.”
    5.) when the next screen pops up just press “next”
    6.) then an internet window should pop up
    7.) where it says “email address” put the email you want to use as a log in to msn messenger later
    8.) where it says password, you type in your password to the email. its going to be the password you login with
    9.) type in the registration number check thing
    10.) scroll to the middle where it says “email address” type in your email again (the one you put above)
    11.) click “i agree”
    12.) it should then register you as a .Net passport
    13.) then when complete, you can login to msn messenger using your email even though its not hotmail.

    all emails (except endings) must go through this process before you can use it on messenger.

    i really hope this works for you because it worked for me everytime i get a new email. i prefer yahoo now because of its 100 mb limit compared to hotmails 2 mb limit. i hope it works and post something here if it works or not.

  5. I tried to get a .Net passport with my new account but I couldn’t. Could you please specify a link that I could use to get one.

  6. I am a aol and msn , yahoo regular user
    I don’t know how to made e-mail address
    in AOL mail , can anybody help me
    I heard its just for Americans?
    is it so?
    please if any body know
    so pleas mail me on [email address removed]

  7. hello everybody! i want to know how to configure gaim to use msn or yahoo? is there any configuration relating to use these accounts on the same (gaim)??? and please tell me that how would we enter our SN(screen Name/ID) in login field i mean if i am using msn them would i’ve to type and if i am using yahoo them or just screen name?? and tell me about configuration too becuase when i use my aol screen name it connects quickly but when i use my yahoo or msn name it doesn’t please ……………….

  8. To get an email address you need to sign up for MSN to be your internet provider. There are no free addresses (unless you work for MSN).

  9. You mentioned it is possible to have a msn messenger without having an email account with them, BUT you forgot the most important part: HOW? if i already have another (private) email account, how do i configure my msn messenger to work with it????!?!?!

  10. i cant log into my msn messenger and everytime i try they said use troubleshooter bla bla…then i re-booted my comp. and still i cant use it

    i cant use
    1. hot mail
    2. yahoo mail
    4. msn mesengger

    even when i clicked on messenger on the msn home page it will take me 5 mins then they said page cannot be displayed pls help me its been like this for 3 months

  11. i have a hotmail id and i want to chat with my friends on yahoo using it. i tried adding thier email add. but i can’t.can i use my msn messenger to chat with my friends on yahoo.

  12. I’m using a yahoo account as my net passport, but I actually don’t often read it. What would happen to my msn if the yahoo account was deleted?

    Thank you very much,

  13. I can’t get to meebo or anything else all of the messenging sites sre blocked. Is there anything else that can be done? I can only get on if hte firewall goes down. :(

  14. Hi Leo
    I wonder if you can help.
    I recently installed msn messenger 7.0 which works fine for everything except when it comes to setting up a video conversation. If i try and invite someone to view the my webcam or indeed a vidoe conversation it does not connect and throws me off my internet browser. My homepage is bt yahoo, after a few seconds my home webpage returns and i then have to log back into msn messenger. Interstingly I can view a webcam of anyone else, so I assume it must be my settings on my computer, any help you can give which be much appreciated.


  15. hi,
    i know there’s aim express which you can use from any computer without downloading aim, which is great. but is there a feature on yahoo instant messanger like that?

  16. What can i use in order to chat and use the web cam in the same time,yet without installing any programme.Is it possible to do that?It s urget.Thanks

  17. I have earthlink on my computer and i have been trying for the past week to gey yahoo messenger but I cant get it cause earthlink keep tellin me that I made an error. I just want to know is it earthlink.or is it my modem cause I talk to a earthlink represenative and he talk me through the whole process and it done the same thing and he told me that is not earthlink but its something on my computer that forbids me for going on yahoo messenger but I think that it can be my hard drive too what do you think?

  18. I do. The school’s doing it for a reason. You’re supposed to be studying, not chatting with friends.

    Focus on your studies.

    Use email.

  19. hello
    How can i logg on to yahoo messenger from my msn messenger? i mean i have seen some people being online on MSN messenger by using their yahoo id or vice versa.How can that be done?i hope i was able to explain well.

  20. Can a AOL internet user access a MSN messenger account? I’m having trouble accessing MSN messenger on a computer with AOL internet, but can access it fine on another computer with SBC, WHY????

  21. hello sir,
    Can u help me in providng some sites where i can log into yahoo messenger…other than meebo or e-messenger ….something where i can get into after the web blockers. its really very important and urgent pls do help me and reply me to my email id.

  22. The instructions for creating a messenger account say you can either create the messenger account with a hotmail account or select use your own email address. I have tried and looked and tried but I dont’ see this option to use your own email address. Can you send me a url?

  23. hi

    I had a yahoo id that i was using with msn messenger i deleted my yahoo account but the id is still active for msn. Do you know how i can close that id.

  24. “Yahoo requires that you create a Yahoo account to use their instant messaging service and with that account comes an email address. But there’s nothing that says you have to use it. You can happily ignore your Yahoo email and use Yahoo instant messenger all you want. I do.”

    can you shed a light on this issue?
    the thing is i am a mac user – i use MSN messenger with my .biz account because i registered with .net passport – but i found out that yahoo messenger is much cooler – can i do something similar and use my .biz a/c with yahoo messenger?

  25. Hi,i have both MSN and Yahoo messangers. I would like to ask,can i use Yahoo messanger but sign in to my MSN list by using my hotmail address?

  26. Hi, I use MSN messenger and my cousinin Australia uses Yahoo! messenger. We can text chat but cannot seem to video link. Further more her icon does not turn green when we are online! If as your statement says, we can mix and match, then how can we chat using video link? We both have webcams set up.

  27. HI,
    I have yahoo ID and want to use in MSN messanger, but when ever i try it does not allow. Its says, Windows Live ID you put is incorrect.

    So how do i fiz this problem?

  28. Hi,
    You can use all of the messenger protocole all in once with pidgin, an open source programme that support msn, yahoo messenger, google talk, icq, jaber, facebook chat, etc

  29. Can i include my Yahoo,rediff or gmail account with AIM? is it possible for me to chat when i am in AIM account using yahoo id chatting with other friends…

  30. i have a AOL email but i want to use it on windows live messenger 8.5 betta because i dont like the newst version out but would it be possible to use a aol email on it?
    i tryed but it says you must have forgotten your password..Please hel[[!

  31. I want to add my friend and she has an account on aol. would i add her under Lotus Sametime, LCS, Yahoo!, or Windows Messenger???? PLEASEE HELP ME THIS IS SO IMPORTANT AND URGENT!!!!!

    None of the above. I don’t believe AOL instant messenger interfaces with any of the other services. You’ll need to create your own AOL/AIM account. ( It’s free.

    – Leo
  32. I had to uninstall the new version of msn messenger as it was causing problems to my PC & was unable to open hotmail. Now I cannot sign into hotmail I think because I don’t have messenger but I still need a hotmail, are you able to help. Thanks Lois

  33. I would like to automatically transfer all my yahoo IM’s to MSN…but the list of emails that can be transferred doesnt include Yahoo…..How can I get yahoo on msn instant messenger without having to do it one at a time



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