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Can I use my Yahoo account in MSN Messenger?

How can I get a Yahoo account in MSN messenger to work? I know is not
science fiction or something because I have seen it work.

Using your Yahoo account – or any other account – in MSN Messenger isn’t
science fiction, but it’s not really science fact either. It’s a slight

But using your Yahoo account to get
at MSN Messenger is quite possible.
It’s just not quite what you think.

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For all practical purposes, Yahoo and MSN don’t talk to each other. So using
your Yahoo account to log in to MSN Messenger doesn’t work.

MSN Messenger uses the .NET
Messaging Service, and along with it, the
.NET Passport service for your

Passport takes an email address as your ID. While most are probably
Hotmail addresses (since that’s where passport originates), any email address will actually do.

Even your yahoo mail address.

So therein lies the key: simply create a .NET Passport account using your
Yahoo email address. It’ll kinda-sorta feel like you’re using your Yahoo
account, but you’re not. You’re logging in via Passport.

Do this

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31 comments on “Can I use my Yahoo account in MSN Messenger?”

  1. Hey, Someone hack my nother yahoo e-mail account, If somebody have something for get back my acount then please tell me. I have some important documents in there account, so please do this for me……

  2. You can use any e-mail address on msn meenger. The steps are simple.

    Step 1. Go to , click the “Sign In” button, and where it says e-mail and password, try to sign in with your yahoo account, and it’s password. It will tell you that the name and or password was incorrect, with a message in red letters saying the following:

    “Type your .NET Passport sign-in e-mail address and password correctly. Remember, passwords are case-sensitive.”

    After you see this, click the link underneath it that says “Register with .Net passport if you haven’t already”

    After clicking the link, it will bring you to a registration page. Just put your yahoo e-mail address where it says E-mail address, password where it says password, and so on. You will also put your yahoo email address as your electronic signature. After clicking I agree, then it will be registered with .Net

    Step 2. Sign into MSN Messenger using your yahoo account, and your msn name will be your email address with (Email address Not Verified) next to it. THat’s when you go to File, then click “Verify My E-Mail Address” After doing so, It will send the verification notice to the e-mail address you regitered with, which would be your yahoo account. Go to your Yahoo inbox and follow the instructions in the e-mail. After verificatiopn, you can sign onto MSN Messenger with your Yahoo account freely! Just like it was a hotmail passport.

    Any question or problems, e-mail me at

  3. okay, i did that, but it never sent a vefification email to my yahoo account, and i can’t change my msn title because of it. Is there a way to get to send a verification out to me?

  4. Well, AS written by Munky, the tip worked very well till signing into MSN messneger with yahoo account but I have received the verification Email but there is nothing to do in it. i-e no steps what should i do.

  5. if i download internet explorer 6 to let me be able to put pictures on my msn space will it affect my wanadoo connection?

  6. hello, i read the article, but i cannot figure where exactly the answers are. my question is, if i have a yahoo email, can i still use it in MSn messenger?

  7. Hi All,
    i guess it might be good news… or u may find it bad… who cares… the people at yahoo messenger and msn messenger have geared up, and are working on a soutions already, so your your yahoo messenger can have msn buddies, and msn messenger can have yahoo contacts… cool? i think so, thay say should be launched mid of april, but my guess is… not before end of june – july. so soon, whether u have yahoo or msn won’t matter, because u’d b able to communicate with either of them through one messenger!

  8. These questions are non-sensical.

    I find I have problems when people add my address to their MSN. I don’t think MSN Messenger knows if it is a .net MSN Messenger account or if it is a Yahoo Messenger account.

    That’s a little confusing, I’ve had trouble in the past getting people to add me. It’s a big wack.

  9. Yahoo! IM v8 now lets you add Windows Live (formerly Passport) accounts and send instant messages to those accounts … if they are using Windows Live Messenger v8.

    Same thing the other way around (Windows Live Messenger v8 lets you add Yahoo! accounts, but those will only be received if the user is using Yahoo! IM v8).

  10. Hi. Good articles. I can’t find a link that allows me to create a .NET passport for non hotmail addresses – it seems that we’re locked-in (which I find very disagreeable). Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks.

  11. Possibly a related question: I’m trying to send email from mail to someone who uses — but my messages are NOT received.When I email same person using another email service, they get them with no problem.

  12. Will this work on a Cell Phone? ( mobile device ) because ive tried to. ive gotten a passport and ive been abled to use it on the computer. but not with my phone. and the choices that would actually work are Hotmail and MSN. for the email ex.( theres also a choice with different email. ive tried to with ( Name and chosed different email. didn’t work. i tried then. ( ) different email i selected. but overall it still failed.

  13. i wanna ask something….
    how can i open my yahoo messenger?
    evrytime i tried to open it.. it says something “your account has been locked”…

    please give me some answer… thx

  14. New Question:
    Can I use my MSN o Hotmail Account in Yahoo Messenger or have Yahoo a passport services, similar with msn microsoft?

  15. Hello, I was just wondering I have an msn account. and a friend of mine has a yahoo account. The thing is we used to be able to talk to each other when i was on msn and he was on yahoo. But now he can see me but i can not see his response at all. I was wondering how come? How come i used to be able to talk to him but not anymore. The funny thing is when he signs into msn even on his msn account i still can not see him.. but i can see everyone else response on msn. I just wish to talk to him again and i do not wish to get a yahoo account. Please help…

  16. Hi… is there any software is available, where i can use my msn id and i can talk and see my friends in webcam. I have MSN Messanger 9.0 but sometimes it shows problem and i am not able to use translation it this new one.

  17. I did all that, but it still says unverified on it. I signed out, signed back in etc etc and it says I am unverified even though it confirms that i am verified. What do i do now?


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