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Can I install Outlook twice with different accounts?

I use Outlook 2002/XP for personal email rather than Outlook
Express. I would like to install a separate (additional) copy of Outlook with
its own folders & contacts to use for business only. Is this


But don’t despair. Outlook has a feature designed to do exactly what you

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This is a perfect use of Outlook mail profiles.

Go to Control Panel, Mail, Show
. Each profile can be configured with different email accounts
and different storage folders. In addition, you can have Outlook prompt you for
which profile to use when it starts up.

I use multiple profiles on my laptop. When I’m at home I use a profile that
includes all my email accounts. When I’m on the road I use a different profile
that only checks a couple of critical accounts. When I’m traveling with my wife
I use yet a third profile that includes my wife’s email account as well.

Do this

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14 comments on “Can I install Outlook twice with different accounts?”

  1. Can I install my own MS Office 2003 in a computer that already has MS 2003 (owned by work)in there a way to do this and will it override it? (Wonder if I am asking for the moon???!!).

  2. Hi Leo,

    I just switched over to Outlook 2003 from Outlook Express.

    In the example above, you are using different profiles, similar to the Outlook Express concept of identities.

    My question is if you set up multiple profiles in Outlook 2003 (which I have figured out how to do) can you have them share the same calendar/tasks etc?


  3. Sure. As long as each profile references the same “.pst”, that’s where the calendar and tasks are stored. I do it all the time :-).

  4. Leo,
    How do I install Outlook over Outlook Express and keep my folders, address book and message rules?


  5. Hi Leo,

    I have a following problem. I’m using two separate e-mail accounts in MS Outlook. Right now when i Send/Receive the messages from both accounts automaticaly land in default folders – Inbox, Sent Itmes etc. Now, is it possible to run two separate windows and folder trees for each account in one instance of MS Outlook, so that the messages don’t “merge” in just one inbox/sent items and so as it happens now? Thanks for any advice

    Hash: SHA1

    No and yes.

    No: There’s no way to have Outlook do that automatically for you.

    Yes: you can set up a folder tree manually and use “Message Rules” (see the
    Rules item in the Tools menu) to automtically move messages to folders you
    designate as they arrive.


    Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (MingW32)


  7. Similar to above, but, I think what is required is two “pst” files, lets call them home and business.
    The calendars should be able to be opened side by side, so one can drag personal stuff (birthdays, reminders, etc..) onto the business copy. Also some business stuff would be required on the personal copy.
    So, is it possible:
    1: TWO copies of “pst”?
    2: If yes, how user friendly would they both be?

    It can work. The biggest issue is that Outlook will always consider one of the two PST’s “primary”, and deliver mail to it and the like. But otherwise it can work well.

    – Leo
  8. My wife and I have two (separate domain) Microsoft Exchange email accounts. I see how to have two profiles but is it possible for those profiles to be two separate Microsoft Exchange accounts? If so should they each be using the same .pst file?
    I dont seem to be able to make it happen…

  9. I have a business email account-exchange server through outlook. I get my email on phone and desktop at home and everything syncs perfect. No I have another totally separate business up and running and want to do the same thing. I want an exchange account through my email provider and want everything to sync on my phone and my computer. How does that work. I would like to have 2 totally separate widgets/icons for company A and company B. Currently have my new business email on Thunderbird but dont like it.
    How is all this done. thanks


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