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Can AOL users download & install MSN messenger?

Can AOL users download & install MSN messenger?


As far as I know they certainly can. And Yahoo messenger and others as well. And MSN users can download and install AOL instant messenger and Yahoo and others also.

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22 comments on “Can AOL users download & install MSN messenger?”

  1. Not in the separate applications, no. But I believe if you use a third party applications like Trillian that communicates on both MSN and AOL IMs, you can.

  2. I’ve downloaded Yahoo Messenger and had used it for a long time all of a sudden I can’t connect, I downloaded it again and again to no avail,and feeling very frustrated, it says Yahoo cannot connect, I’m signed on to the internet, can’t figure it out, HELP

  3. Hi Leo,
    I would like to install MSN7.5 but my pc prompt adminstrator pass word is required. How can i install it without my company adminstrator password. Many thanks

  4. hey. ive tried signing on to msn, but it says a firewall is blocking it.ive turned my firewall off but its stil blocked. is it aol? what can i do?cheers.

  5. hiya leo,
    im having a problem…i want msn badly but it is saying firewall is blocking it! i cant get rid of firewall because i will get viruses and if i did get rid of it it still might not work is there any other way to make it work. reply asap. my daughter really wants to go on it but no matter how i try it just dont work. thanks

  6. I am having a problem using my msn messenger with AOL. It doesn’t work. It just comes up with a problem when i try to sign in. Troubleshoot or cancel? When i try troubleshhot it comes up with keyport error. Help.

  7. when i try to get live messenger on aol it lets me download it but not install it, i dont no why, please help me get live messenger.

  8. Well, every time I try to sign in a msn it say it is error 80048416. It says that there is something wrong with the keyports, I don’t know what a keyport is and whenever a I click repair it doesn’t work. What do I do, and If I need a keyport, where do I get one? I really want to work on it.

  9. hi leo.
    im not sure if this applies to u but i thought i would ask anyway.
    i’ve recently got broadband wireless and i cant seem to get onto msn messenger, it keeps saying something about firewall and error code 80072efd, would you at all know anyway i would be able to get into my account?


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