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What is bcmsmmsg.exe?


That’s driver software for Broadcomm’s BCM Voicemodems.

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4 comments on “bcmsmmsg.exe”

  1. I have adwatch SE, mcaffee firewall, anti-virus and personal security.

    I have some kind of hijacked browser that won’t let me go to Yahoo.

    One of the firewall things said I also had kuang2 the virus?

    How do I get rid of these things and get my computer back. The scans didn’t seem to address this. Seems like I also had webrebates virus too.

  2. I’m having a video problem with my computer I formatted and reload all my programs but I never managed to fix my problem I checked my start up and the fill BCMSMMSG.EXE is the loading at start up and I’m not sure what it does or weather it’s crossing on of my drivers to create this problem usually occurs after leaving WinMX on for at least a day before my last fomat I never had a problem. I just need to know what the EXE runs and what it may effect on my computer. Thanks

  3. well, as the top of the page says, BCMSMMSG.EXE is a systems process that the BCM modem requires if it is to use dial-up to connect to the internet.

    if you have webrebates, you should go to and get the following freeware programs: ad-aware se, spybot search-and-destroy, and hijackthis.

    (note: after you run “hijackthis”, it will pop up with a notepad file. this is called a logfile. copy and paste the stuff in the logfile to the “analyze” box at this website:

    this website will analyze the information about your computer and tell you which ones are spyware and which files are safe, according to their database. it’s a great program. ^_^ and hey, for free, who’s complaining? hee.)

    oh, i also suggest that when you install spybot search-and-destroy that you go ahead and install the tag-along program, “tea timer.” this program will scan sites as you go to them; you know those annoying little sidebars that say things like “Shoot me and win crap!”? those will have spyware/adware that go with them. tea timer will keep these from loading that stuff on your computer.

    good luck!


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