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What is bartshel.exe?


bartshel.exe (one l) is apparently some kind of utility installed by People PC’s dial-up service. You can remove it if you don’t use People PC.

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62 comments on “bartshel.exe”

  1. I,m having a lot of trouble with my “puter’! I’m a “newbie” so could you please tell me in layman’s terms what this following message means?

    Thanks so much! Jeanie

    BARTSHEL caused an invalid page fault in
    module WININET.DLL at 015f:6301a927.
    EAX=00000000 CS=015f EIP=6301a927 EFLGS=00010206
    EBX=00000080 SS=0167 ESP=00657ee4 EBP=00657f28
    ECX=00001000 DS=0167 ESI=00460084 FS=2337
    EDX=00004000 ES=0167 EDI=837d6000 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    f3 ab 8b ca 83 e1 03 f3 aa 33 c0 5b 5f 5e c2 04
    Stack dump:
    00460084 00000002 000000c0 63006b65 00004000 00449974 00000000 fffffffc 00000000 00000000 00460084 00657ef8 00657d14 0065fa84 63076a7a 63006be0

  2. BartShel.exe is running 10,000+ in two seperate places in my Task Manager Processes. Should it be running in two seperate places? It seems to slow down the entire dial up process and other application on my desk top.

  3. High Risk
    File: bartshel.exe-33E1ABC3
    Object: Windows Script Host
    Activity: Create Shortcut

    We keep getting the above message popping up through our anti-virus program…which recommends that we delete it. Which we try to do. We can only delete part of the program, as it appears that peoplepc uses part of it too. Being a non-pc-techie, I am totally confused. However, for the past 4 days, the warning appears every time that we connect to the internet. We do use peoplepc. We have found that it costs $2 a minute to talk to their techies. What do you suggest?

  4. My grandma is using PeoplePC…ive told her to get rid of Now she is having this bartshel.exe problem. At first her comp was saying that there was a harddrive error and now she cant even really use the internet. She has done a search for the file but nothin was found. If people pc was removed from the computer would that file be removed? Thx.

  5. Hi, I noticed the same bartshel.exe twice in my machine, and i had to restart the computer as a result. To make matters worse, for some reason my start menu doesn’t show a few times either. Something is definitely amiss.


  6. Just a tip from a fellow peoplepc user. When you call, tell them that you’re planning to terminate their plan and switch servers. When they ask why, tell them that you’re having problems with their service, and that you’re not paying $1.95/minute to get tech help for it. They’ll transfer you to the tech help for free. At least, that’s what they did for me. I’m still trying to figure out whether I want to stay with them, I was going to give them another chance, but….

  7. For those who have spoken to PeoplePC about this, what was their answer? I have recently had lots of CPU drains from this application (running my processor at 100%), although we’ve been satisfied PeoplePC subscribers for about 6 months now. Can’t beat 6 bucks a month! I can live with the occassional CPU drains every now and then, but is there a permanent solution? Contrary to what I’ve found on some sites, you can’t rename this file and still have PeoplePC work correctly…at least not that I’ve found. Thanks!

  8. If you don’t want to be dropped by peoplepc or any other dialup set your outlook express so that it checks your email every few minutes. This will make them think you are actively using your computer even if you leave home for a few hours. You can tell all your friends to send you a quick email if your line is busy to tell you that they are trying to call you. I have mine set to check for new messages every few minutes so if I’m online I can be reached in a few minutes.

  9. I recently subscribed to and installed their dial-up software. Everything ran fine on my computer, until they offered the “new & improved” software about a week ago. I took the bait and downloaded it, only to be plaqued by this Bartshel.exe problem. What a royal pain! Spent an entire day trying to figure out how to get things working correctly again. Finally, I removed the new version of the “Smart Dial-up” and re-installed the earlier version. Things are working okay now, but it would have been nice to be able to enjoy the new one. Maybe I should have tryed disabling the “Accelerated” feature with the new version, but what’s the sense of not being able to use something that I’m paying for? What would really be nice, is to receive an email from stating that they have officially taken care of this Bartshel.exe issue and please install the new dial-up software.

  10. Gee, didn’t realize that anyone else had this problem until I did a Google search for bartshel & found this site. I guess understand that problem but why is it messing up my links. I can’t use anything sent to me in my MSN hotmail account or reply to a support group I belong to. Seems to be a problem with Java Script??? I have no clue how to fix that. I guess I will try what Cliff did & go back to the old program. Hhm, seems like a flashback to when we decided to try AOL 9.0 & come to find out my system wouldn’t support it & completely crashed it. Doesn’t anyone of affordable dial-up that works???

  11. I’m running WIN98SE on a test bed PC with an AthlonXP Mobile 1.8GHZ. When I sign off (Shutdown) I get the bartshell.exe fault flag, what I do is exit the flag & Set shuts down OK. I just gave notice to PeoplePc..quitting them next month..let me tell you this..They don’t answer basic emails, they recently consructed and let you use (as an option), a new improved Home Page that loads in 1-2 minutes??? The old page loaded slow also..45-60 secs., The new Home Page, if you change a Modem..will not boot need to re-install the entire program.(Old Home Page boots up and allows you to change the Modem)..and trust me, I’ve never seen a more complex program (Peoplepc installation CD ROM)loading up..ridiculous software engineering..takes 5 minutes off a CD ROM that does not “Self Contain” the entire program..they switch you back & forth with their website. and when you email them they pass the buck to their so called “Headquarters”, who in turn promises to contact you, and never does. If you need a cheap ISP..forget about these guys..there’s got to be better ones out there.

  12. I sure don’t know what all of you are doing, but I have the newest version of peoplepc and have not had one bit of a problem with it. I d/led it the minute it came out. If you are behind firewalls, as I am, you have to give bartshell the okay to work correctly with your server and system. I love peoplepc, it is the lest expensive of the dialup connections. Now you talk about a server that sucks…..AOL!!!!!

  13. I have had people for several months now and did experence some slow connections with the old softwear. When i d/l the new had only a slight proublem getting it to work.
    It now works fine, better connections than the old version.
    As for the bartshel.exe I just accepted it when my antiadwear said it was being added to pc.
    Never had any of the problems listed by other commenters.
    And as a side note, I e-mailed their member services with a question and was answered within the hour.

  14. after your computer dials peoplepc and it loads a control alt del with windows xp
    delete the two bartshell.exe process files and then delete the dialer program.. your computer will stay
    online and have less problems.. u must do this everytime you redial to peoplepc.. good luck

  15. I really thought this bartshel was some sort of virus or ad/spyware. I’m very glad I found this page and am gaining some understanding of what I can try. I use pretty heavy firewall protection and have the Norton Antivirus program. Unfortunately, I’m not yet computer literate enough to understand how or why those things “protect” me, but I’m working on that. In an earlier post, Anita said “If you are behind firewalls, as I am, you have to give bartshel the okay to work correctly with your server and system.” Can someone explain what this means exactly, and how I go about giving bartshel the ok? Thanks for the help.

  16. Since my last post, I still have peoplepc…and have upgraded to accelerated service. I still don’t know what everyone is doing that causes so many problems. I have the newest version of it also. I stay online and have been online all day today doing some work. If you are getting booted off, it is not the fault of the ISP but something with your connections. When you have a firewall it will ask you for permission to allow or deny access of different programs. If I don’t want Bartshell, I deny access, and the programs still work fine. I think everyone is making it harder than it really is. I get very quick responses to ALL of my emails to tech I think most of you are probably not happy with any ISP you have or will have in the future. Why not read up on the program in the “help” section before you run down the company. It pays to learn before you try to do something you haven’t done before. As far as the Bartshell flags when you go to log off……..I have NEVER had that come up on my puter when I log off. Maybe you should run a virus scan and see what gives. Nothing here like that.

  17. I got my dad hooked up with peoplepc and when the new version came out he tried to download it and install everything because I was away in Canada. He’s new to computers and thought he had done something wrong. I got back to his house and checked everything out. Running fine however everytime I change the acceleration quality I get the bartshel.exe error. I typically just delete the error message and continue on. Also there is a new desktop icon ISPSetup6A that i cannot delete.. but gives me that bartshel.exe error message when I try. Otherwise the service has been working great. The error message is just a tad annoying. I’ll probably just continue on and not mess with it for now.

  18. OK, first of all, Anita…. there’s no sense in you assuming it’s “everyone else” that has the problem, and it simply “couldn’t be” corrupted or problematic sofware. You run 6.1 and have no problem? Bravo! Consider yourself lucky.

    I am far from computer illiterate, and have had nothing but problems with this download. I have downloaded/uninstalled/installed it twice. It seems to work when and if it feels like it. My computer’s configurations are not changing in any way to affect the software’s running. I allow Bartshel.exe access when it asks, and more often than not I get an error stating it has encountered a problem and needs to shut down. Yes, I can still access the internet, but without acceleration. I don’t think so, as dialup is dialup, and PeoplePC is very slow without it.

    It is not always the user’s fault when things go wrong, and in this case I suspect it’s either too soon out of the BETA phase, or the file they offer for download is corrupted. I think it’s in the software itself. I like the new user interface, and would like to keep it. However, if this keeps happening, I will downgrade to version 5, and hope they can get the bugs out so I can use it again in the future.

  19. Ever since I upgraded Peoplepc I have a box that shows up after I log off. It says that Bartsell module has encountered a problem and will shut down. Is this normal? My computer works fine and it does not seem to hurt anything. I would like to get rid of this pesky box-but how?

  20. I have just d/l version 6.2 and so far have had no problems with it. As it says at the beginning of the article, Bartshel is part of the dialing system for and I “allowed” it. It was in the old 5.83 version also.

  21. I, too have a problem w/ bartshel about %50 of the time it will encounter a problem and shut off homepage. But I just re-enter homepage through the taskbar, no problem. Otherwise I have no problem w/ peoplepc and will remain w/ them.At first I was getting cut offline every 30 minutes or so, but that was solved w/ a program called stay connected. I`m sure people will eventually solve the bartshel problem, just hang tight. :

  22. I’m having major problems with bartshel too. I see several people say to disable it — Ok, call me stupid, but how the heck do you disable bartshel?

  23. I found a way to stop the annoying Bartshell error message pop-up.

    Right Click My Computer, properties,advanced, error reporting,check disable error reporting, and uncheck but notify me when critical errors occur. Hit OK, and no more error messages. This works with Windows XP both home and professional versions, Windows 2000 is not the same and I haven’t found a way to do that.

  24. PeoplePC does a lot of stuff you don’t like on dialup. I found that ZoneAlarm said BartShel.exe was trying to access the internet. But since I could go ahead and use my browser before allowing it, I just denied it access. Also, you will find PeoplePC takes forever to load because of it’s homepage graphics. I just went into the registry and changed the homepage. Now, since it cannot find it’s homepage, it just displays a white page and I can still use the internet without having to wait for it to load.

  25. This will fix the problems with bartshell module and select Windows Scripting 5.6 Release (in the right hand column), download and install it to your computer. This should solve your scripting errors.

    Additionally, please make sure you have Internet Explorer Version 6.0 Service Pack 1 installed on your system. If you do not have this version of Internet Explorer, go to the following link and download the version of IE 6.0 SP 1 for the version of Windows on your computer:

  26. Vitalis’s bartshel fix for Peoplepc good only for XP or 2000. Per Micros…… Bartshell is the name of the total Peoplepc exe program and shows
    up on all their disks, Ver 5.7 too. Peoplepc has
    been helpless or at a loss!!!I just ignore what it does do after clicking the error box!!
    If it will not dial up,,, setup a net work box with
    your normal ISP phone number, put in your name and password clik dial ,,if this works put a icon from the net work box area on your desk top

  27. Ah-Ha! So this is what is happening to my internet access! I have been getting a “Malicious Script” msg from Norton everytime I try to access my emails, referencing the bartshel.exe file as the problem – & when I tell it to ‘deny access'(recommended), my IE goes away & I can’t get my messages! I’m still online & can ‘browse’ the web. I started to install the new ‘version’ the other day, but stopped it when it required me to ‘read’ the 20-page agreement and ‘agree’ to it. I don’t have time to go thru all that & wondered why (and resented that)PeoplePC didn’t just give me the changes that went along with the new version. I’ve had problems ever since – but didn’t suspect that it was because of PeoplePC. BTW, I’ve been a PPC user for several years now, and have been satisfied with them as my ISP – a few disappointments along the way, but generally happy with them. I will try what some of you have suggested here and see if that solves my problem. Thanks everyone! Glad I found this discussion!

  28. Installed peoplepc on an old gateway 2000…4DX2-66mh after memory upgrade (80 max ) then put new hard drive 2gb and installed win.98se.Now bartshel is not responding causeing enternet access impossible. How can this problem be solved > I know nothing about bartshel

  29. Loaded PeoplePC v6.2 on 21Dec5 it would not logon but peoplePC Customer Support 1- 866 369 2507 Tec Support call 1 866 772 6277 called 3 times…tech guy reset computers in India… OK now to bypass all the PeoplePC software go into Control Panel…Network Connection…on one of the non-PeoplePC Dial-up icons left click.. this bring up the Connect xxx Dialog box in Username enter “” for Passoword enter “yourPassword”,,, click save (*) thin select ()My only or ()Anyone on this CPU . If you right click on this dialup Network connection icon you can select “Set as default” and or right drag to desktop and crease a shortcut … for clicking to make the connection. Actually my browsers automatically call the Default connection and I just click Dial. I think the BartShel is just a framework for peoplePC software to get you alot of extra goodies… If you access the web without it you can still access you Email account “” that way you avoid OutlookExpress and it’s problems. Have a good one…. We all need to go read up on BartShel’s

  30. I have been having a problem with bartshell, glad to see you guy,s have linked it to people pc I guess I,m gonna have to find a new server.My temporary fix now is to just drag the little error window to the side and not try to exit it and open internet explorer seperately I can still surf and etc.

  31. I have found what I believe to be a Usa phone number for people pc 1-888-587-9669 ( I havent tried it yet)Tech support was no help the language gap is to much.If you go to the about us page it gives a list of the president and so forth of people pc and a po box address. Its a company of earthlink I put earthlink headquarters in to google and came up with a list of I think seven phone numbers and names and addresses all over the U.S. Starting tommorrow Im going to start calling.

  32. You can deny access to the Bartshell module with
    ZONE ALARM firewall, but the pesky “connecting..”
    window has to be open to stay online. I’m glad I found this post. I’ve been fighting with this since
    Christmas, I thought I had a virus! I’m all done
    with PEOPLEPC! Any one heard of an ISP called “TOAST”?

  33. Been plagued with Bartshel error for some time also. Also started having slow app starts ,cursor jumping,slow shutdown. Was using net working around for Peoplepc but the other stuff not related to Peoplepc and Bartshel. Took the computer in and had Mcafee replaced with Norton and updated to 98SE Plus (whatever PLUS means)…. Alas no Bartshel and no slow stuff or cursor problems, computer fast as new!!!
    Work for me ,but not promises for you!!!

    Told Peoplepc folks but heard no answer!!!

  34. hello there, i’m from india and work as a technical representative for peoplepc, and here’s some info abt Bartshell.exe.
    we call the homepage the Bart page.. and Bart needs to be open as long as the connection is on. This is why any Bartshell error wud also shutshop the connection to the internet.
    Since Bart works with internet explorer, u wud need to check your firewall/antivirus security settings as a possible cause of Bartshell.exe.
    A simple and quick way to fix this is by going to the Peoplepc folder in program files, clicking on ispsetup and then on the Bartshell icon.
    Clicking on it wil bring up the hourglass for a split second, when it disappears, restart your computer. This basically fixes the Bart files.
    The last resort is, reinstalling the software, which will be the fix, only in rare cases in which ie on the computer is corrupt, will make this a chronic trouble.
    Do call tech support for assistance or clarifications.

  35. Recently switched over to PeoplePC from Compuserve (an AOL company). It takes me 3 or 4 connections before PeoplePC finally stays connected to the internet. I just get a pop up that says YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION HAS BEEN LOST. I talked to one of the brilliant PeoplePC cust serv reps and when I told him I could immediately connect using Compuserve (that I am in the process of cancelling) when I was knocked off by People PC he told me the problem was a compatibility problem – the PeoplePC software was having a problem with the CS software being on the computer. I told him it was not active when I was connected to PeoplePC so that could not be the problem. He claimed that it was indeed the problem. I think the PEOPLE PC Cust Serv reps could stand a little more training!!

  36. Just wanted to chime in here.
    I too have had HUGE problems with PeoplePC, more problems then I care to list. It is a pathetic example of a server. I have had all the problems above and more. My Bart problem is more along the lines of it appearing more then once in my process list in task manager, and eating up so much memory that it stifles my comp. I will be leaving People PC very soon.
    Best of luck all.

  37. I tried your suggestion, S. Mahbubani, but I could not locate the PeoplePC folder. Can you give me the exact steps to finding this folder? All I get is the Icon that gives me the homepage. I am not very computer literate which is why I ask this question. Thank you. Diane

  38. I was having the “BartShell” problem also, but i found that if i switched back to thier “Older version( v5.9)wich disk i still have,The problem is G.O.N.E., but then I keep getting the notice of a “Newer” version available. I am running “Windows XP”

  39. Bartshel.exe was consuming 99% of the cpu on this machine as soon as peoplepc was installed and started.
    What I did after reading all the posts on this thread and other sites was to make note of the dialup number, user name and password then created a new internet connection in Windows. Completely uninstalled all the peoplepc software and now enjoy simple access to the internet without the hassles from bartshel.exe and other peoplepc applications running on the system that simply are not needed.
    In my opinion less software running on a system the better. If you do not need peoplepc’s software to connect and use the ISP why use it? Just like AOL, lots of glitter and use of YOUR resources for not much in return.
    Have a great day folks. GaryT – Maine

  40. Your site really blows me away. I just got Peoplepc last month and I’ve already run into to several of the same problems your contributers wrote about (especially that bartshel.exe crap).

    Here’s something I’d like to get out there to anyone thinking of signing up to this, and I use the phrase VERY loosely, ISP.

    If you pay for your service in advance, be prepared to lose all of your pre-pay if you cancel after eight days. I signed up on Feb.14, pre-paid for a year, then fineally had enough of it by March 6, so I canceled my service and requested a refund. I was
    then informed that I could not get any pat of my refund. They got me. Yes, it states this fact way down in the zillionth paragragh of the agreement but I didn’t read that far.


    Have a good day everyone, Larry

  41. hello,
    The best work around for the bartshell error if you have a windows xp would be to use a normal dial up connection(be sure to use your complete e-mail address for the username i.e,,just get the local access numbers, build a dial up connection and add these numbers by going into the connection properties and alternates. It will work as well as the software by dialing alternate numbers if the connection is not made with one and also would move successful numbers upwards.The best part would be that you can use any other browser such as mozilla or opera.

  42. funny! bartshel.exe. is it reminisant of spyware? seems like a tracking program. i concur with some of the other comments i’ve read here. i am running windows server 2003. in the the taskmgr their are two listings on my machine for bartshel.exe. terminating both processes dont seem to do anything bad! at least for me but, really brings my system almost to a halt for several minutes!

  43. hello i am also a customer paying for a product that isnt producing.what it should, i cant even connect to the net. thank god for wireless connections. the barshel.exe error is a product failure. as far as i can see, so buyers beware maybe it is possible that if enough of us complain and file a class action lawsuite for our time and monies spent the problem will resolve itself before there bankrupt. think, think. let me know cause i sure feel cheated also. late.

  44. I signed up for People PC and I keep getting this virus alert about Bartshel.exe
    What can I do to get rid of this virus alert message?

  45. Had the service for two days and am now in the process of canceling it. That number is 877-947-3327. Don’t even waste your time with this company. The product doesn’t work right out of the box and apparently the bartshel.exe problem is a product of peoplepc. You have to go online and research the problem and locate a blog or a Q&A like this one to find out what the hell to do. The cheap price isn’t worth the sour taste of poor quality.

  46. PeoplePC stinks. Their Barstel.exe virus invaded my computer which caused me an expense of $66 to clean up my computer. These awful popups kept coming; I worked for about 2 hours one evening trying to get online. Finally, I gave up and shut it down. After paying money to a computer tech to clean computer up; I stupidly reinstalled peoplepc and now the same problem with Barshel is back. The government agency that polices the communications network should fine these guys big time and make them return our money. They are making a ton of money because people get frustrated as I am and simply cancel the service. If you are considering PeoplePC…FORGET IT. They stink!

  47. I’ve been having problems with this BartShell Module and when I called 10 times to PeoplePC their techs don’t even know what’s really causing it or what it means???. I decided to do my own investigation and found this page. Thank you all for your feedback. I too am very frustrated with their lousy service and will discontinue it asap.

  48. I hate to be a bother but—-All I get for your article is “bartshel.exe (one l) is apparently some kind of utility installed by People PC’s dial-up service. You can remove it if you don’t use People PC.” I am sure there is more info but other than people comments, I can’t seem to access them.
    I find PeoplePC a pain but at least it will stay connected (too well) which my other ISPs (only choice I have is modem) would not. I couldn’t even stay connected long enough to download updates.
    Am needing help.

  49. BARTshell.exe is a file from the PeoplePC software.
    This program (BART shell) uses the Internet Explorer installed on your computer, the scripts for internet explorer depend on JAVA programing. Some times we face java script error not allowing the user to browse also causing the BART shell to cause errors and shut down.
    Here if the user has a peoplepc CD in position we can update few scripts from the CD, then uninstall the s/w and re-install the s/w.
    We also need to check for any anti-virus and fire wall, because when BART shell tries to access internet for the first time after instaling the software anti-virus blocks the access. We need to disable for the first time connection thro PPC s/w.
    Very rarely we find a problem with the internet explorer version, the recommended version is any thing above IE ver5.5.
    More often we also find problem with s/w.

    For further information on BARTshell.exe plz call 1-866-772-6277 for PPC tech support.

  50. Because of several disgruntled customers posting “borderline” offensive comments here, I’m closing comments on this article.

    As you can tell from prior comments, many people seem to have problems with PeoplePC and bartshel.exe.

  51. It comes with EarthLink’s service. It seems to be some kind of html-application type thing since the .brt files that go along with it are written in html and javascript. I don’t think it’s a virus.

  52. I have been running peoplepc for a couple of weeks now.. and I can’t even get onto the internet with it because of this barshel error.. I spent over an hour on the phone with peoplepc tech support.. and got absolutely nowhere.. Pretty pathetic that their tech support line can’t even help you with the problem.. Really disappointed with the internet quality from peoplepc…

  53. Hi, ive been having BartShell has an error and windows will close the program. i currently use Earthlink dial up on my new windows 7 compaq presario. i have called earthlink and spoken with their techs via live chat.been told to uninstall earthlink reboot and reinstall the most recent version.i had to get thePOP number from calling earthlink first and use the network connection to get on line to reinstall earthlink,they also said to get their Pc Fine Tune. guess what after all of that, i still get bart shell error. i will be switching to verizon dsl on tuesday and am hoping bart shell errors will no longer pop up. do you think that will solve the issues?

  54. Bartshel.exe file information
    The process PeoplePal Module or BartShell Module belongs to the software BartShell Module or PeoplePC BartShell Module or Pinnacle MPEG Realtime Codec by PeoplePC (

    Description: Bartshel.exe is located in a subfolder of “C:Program Files”. Known file sizes on Windows XP are 151,552 bytes (81% of all occurrence), 150,016 bytes, 135,168 bytes, 131,072 bytes.
    The program has a visible window. The file is not a Windows core file. The application uses ports to connect to LAN or Internet. Bartshel.exe is able to record inputs. Therefore the technical security rating is 24% dangerous, however also read the users reviews.

    basically to put this in modest terms the bartshel.exe is a module used by people pc and earthllink software, they are saying this is related strictly to the dialup software well from my research and i consider myself advance. this is also tied to earthlink software also, earhlink software is the dialup software error i encounted the bartshel.exe error that yall claim is messing up your peoplepc dialup from working so i fixed with a simple uninstall of the earthlink software, then a registry clean to get rid of orphaned file paths on old registy marks made from older install off earthlink and a did a fresh newest version install of earthlink from THEIR WEBSITE to fix my bartshel.exe error with earthlink dialup software. so i suggest the same in the people pc ppl, go get regcure to clean your registry after you unistall people pc and then reinstall the software after registry clean then see if bartshel.exe error goes away.

    thank you

  55. BartShell needed for EarthLink??? I’ve had EarthLink since 1999 (11+ years) and I just checked all my computers. There is no evidance of BartShell/BartShel on any of them. My computers include two WinXP and one WinMe systems. I just searched all their system areas, program folders as well as the registries — no bartshell/bartshel to be found. I’ve never had PeoplePC so maybe that’s why I have no bartshell. I use I.E. and FireFox browsers and have used NetScape in the past. I don’t use the EarthLink browser that they’ve offered me over the years — maybe that’s why. Bartshell is not required for EarthLink as far as I can tell if you use I.E., FireFox, etc.

  56. I forgot to mention (bartshell): I have always had dialup EarthLink access which apparently is the most susceptible to bartshel problems.


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