Ask Leo! Membership FAQ

There are two types of memberships associated with Ask Leo!, and one thing that is not a membership at all!

Confusing, right? I know, I know. It’s what happens as a business evolves over closing in on 14 years(!) as of this writing.

Here’s the scoop.

Not a membership: The Ask Leo! Newsletter

If you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, that’s not a “membership”. What you’re getting – completely free – is my weekly email newsletter full of questions, answers, and whatever else I hope helps you navigate the world of technology.

There’s no fee, no registration, and there’s nothing to sign in to. You just subscribe, and you start getting it in your inbox once a week.

Thanks for being one!

Membership #1: Book purchaser

If you’ve purchased a book from me directly from my store, you’ll have created (or used) an account as part of that process.

If you purchased your book elsewhere, or simply don’t have an account for some reason, then  you’ll find there’s a chapter towards the end called “Register Your Book”. That chapter has a link, and that link lets you register an account.

Registering the book adds the information for that book to your membership. If you have multiple books, or are also a patron, register each and each will be added, opening up the additional content and updates for that book. After you create your membership with the first one, registering additional books simply adds those things to your existing membership account.

Membership #2: Patron

If you elect to become a patron of Ask Leo! then an account on also delivers the rewards offered for most of the patronage levels.

If you pledge your patronage using my store, your account will be set up automatically as part of that process. If you pledge via Patreon, then within a day or two you’ll get an email from my assistant, Andrea. She’ll have created your membership account for you, and you’ll be able to sign in to to get the rewards associated with your pledge.

And, as always, Thank You for your support in whatever way you happen to be here.