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Adware "cws,googlems,3" keeps getting reported by Pest Patrol, but won't delete. What do I do?

Adware “cws,googlems,3” keeps getting reported by Pest Patrol, but won’t delete. What do I do?


Apparently nothing. This thread on the net-integration forum would seem to indicate it’s a false positive report.

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4 comments on “Adware "cws,googlems,3" keeps getting reported by Pest Patrol, but won't delete. What do I do?”

  1. CWS,googlems,3 is a false positive on the pest patrol scanner. they are aware of this and state so deeper in their website under “known issues”. It tok me 10 minutes to find this info on their website. Why they don’t fix it is beyond me and i was going to purchase their product but decided not to after ealizing that they were aware of this and choose not to fix it. A marketing ploy?

  2. Yes I also found this when I installed a trial Pest Patrol.
    As it is now 2006 and they did nto fix this problem I dont think I will be wasting my money on the full version.

  3. I downloaded the trial version of aw-aware personal, and whenever I ran a scan it never came up, but at the same time the Pest Patrol on my computer would go off as I was shutting down. I downloaded a Virus/Spyware package from my internet provider, and I had to remove ad-aware before installing it. I ran an anti-spyware check and came up with this. I really think it is a pain that a company that you are suppose to be able to trust would do something like this.
    It does explain why my computer has been so slow, and I do play an online game, and there have been times when it would freeze up and crash for no reason. I am very lucky I found this pest!!!
    Trust me, ad-aware WILL be hearing from me!


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