10 Reasons Your Computer is Slow — And what to do about it!

10 Reasons Your Computer is SlowIs your computer slow?

Slow computers are one of the most common issues the bring people to Ask Leo!.

  • Slow startup.
  • Slow processing.
  • Slow display.
  • Slow response.
  • Just SLOW!!

This special report will help you identify what it is that’s slowing your computer down.

Then what?

More than just “this is what causes it”, it includes the steps you need to take to gain back whatever speed you can.

Get your old machine running like new!


This edition has been completely updated, and includes Windows 10 and all the latest tips and tricks.

Free! (for now)

This revised edition of my 10 Reasons Your Computer is Slow special report is priced at $9.97.

But for the time being it’s yours for the low, low cost of: FREE! I won’t even ask for your email address.

Yep, it’s all an experiment, so I can’t promise that it’ll stay free. Grab your copy today before I change my mind.

Download 10 Reasons Your Computer is Slow right here. (Right click and Save-as…, or the equivalent in your browser.)

Let’s see if we can’t get your machine all zippy once again. Smile