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Oh. My.

The number of people that get seriously bent out of shape when they happen across pornography spam in their email is amazing. They get all worked up because they saw something they didn't want to see, or are extremely offended by the mere notion.

Folks, there's no point.

Porn spam exists, and no amount of shock or offense on your part is going to change that. In fact, you're letting that spam take control of your emotions. It's not even targeted at you, specifically — spammers spam everyone, regardless of interest, regardless of belief, regardless of just about anything. The only commonality is that we all use email.

If you use email, eventually you'll get spam. If you get spam, eventually some of it will be pornographic.

The solution is simple: calmly mark it as spam and move on. Realize that it's just another bit of spam cluttering our email, and nothing more. Get on with your life. Let your emotions react to more important things.

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