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I recently received this comment:

"Old age and poverty deters hackers."

TargetNot even close. That's an incredibly dangerous assumption to make because it's so wrong.

You are a target, no matter what your situation.

Some hackers actually target older individuals under the assumption that they're less technically savvy, more trusting, and generally easier marks than their younger counterparts.

More importantly, hackers have no idea who you are — whether you're young or old, rich or poor — until after they've hacked you! Large-scale account hacks happen indiscriminately, without regard to who or what you are. It's not until they've gained access, possibly changing your password and causing other mayhem, that they might even try to see whether you're a "worthwhile" target.

Even then, hacking is often not about you at all. For example, hacking an email account could be simply to use it to send spam, nothing more.

Do not assume you are immune. Do not assume you are not at risk.

Keep your guard up. Always.

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