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Honestly, until recently I was under the impression that everyone already did this, because the major browsers automatically update themselves.

I was wrong. I've run into individuals who a) had an out-of-date browser, and b) auto-update wasn't working or available.

Don't be that individual.

Your browser is, in many ways, your first line of defense against threats from the internet. In reality, it's more like the first point of vulnerability, as hackers like to exploit browser vulnerabilities to place malware on your machine.

Like any software, all browsers have bugs, some of those bugs result in vulnerabilities, and some of those vulnerabilities can be exploited for malicious purposes. Most browsers, again, like most software, are continually updated to fix those bugs as they are discovered in order to remove those vulnerabilities.

As a result, you always want to be running the most recent browser version available for your platform.

It's for your protection.

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