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Give It A Try!I get a surprising number of questions that people could answer themselves. They wouldn't have to type up their question, exchange email with me, or wait for me to respond.

They wouldn't even have to fire up a search engine.

All they need do is try the very thing they're asking about.

This came up recently when I was asked whether the user's version of Windows included a specific command line tool, and did it require administrative access? I confirmed by quickly firing up a non-administrative command prompt and running the tool to find that the answers were yes, and no, respectively.

That's something the questioner could have done in seconds.

Next time you're curious, ask yourself, "Is this something I could try?" If the answer is yes ... try! You can save yourself a lot of time.

Bonus tip: Scared?

The most common objection is, "But what if I break something?"

I have two answers:

  1. Chances are you won't. The system is surprisingly resilient to trial and error investigating. Maybe keep notes so you can undo whatever you try.
  2. You have a backup, right? Even if you screw up your system completely, anything can be undone by restoring your most recent backup. It's the perfect safety net.

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