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Searching For Example
Searching for "example." (Click for larger image.)

Windows File Explorer (aka "Windows Explorer", aka "File Explorer", aka "Explorer", and completely unrelated to "Internet Explorer") is a surprisingly powerful tool, and just gets better with age. The same can be said for Windows Search, which has become a very powerful local search tool. In Windows 10, they've come together nicely.

In Windows File Explorer, type F3 to begin a search within whatever folder you currently have selected. In the example above, I've pressed F3 with the root of the "C:" drive selected, so my search will be of the drive's entire contents. The cursor is automatically placed into the search box, so after typing F3, you can begin typing whatever it is you want to search for. In my example, I've entered the word "example".

Naturally, depending on what you've selected (such as an entire hard drive, as I have), this can take some time. '

Search - Working On It

After the search is complete, a list of all the files matching your search criteria is displayed.

Example search results
Example search results. (Click for larger image.)

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