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Saved! Backing Up With Macrium Reflect – 2nd Edition – VIDEO Add-On


Updated for Reflect Version 6!

Guaranteed You already own the book, now get the entire 16-video course for an additional low price.

Software not included; you can get Reflect directly from Macrium.
Scroll down for more information.

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Please note: This add-on product only applies if you’ve already purchased the book Saved! Backing Up with Macrium Reflect, 2nd Edition.

If that’s not you, please check out either:

The Video Course

You already have the book, now get the companion video course.

Currently the course includes 16 separate videos covering:

  • Course Introduction
  • Choosing a Backup Strategy
  • Downloading and Installing
  • Creating an Image Backup
  • Creating optical rescue media (CD/DVD)
  • Creating USB rescue media
  • Rescue Media Topics
  • Restoring a Backup Image
  • Restoring files from a Backup Image
  • Automating Backups
  • Scheduling and Data Retention (disk space)
  • Testing Backups
  • Restore to a Different Drive
  • When Things Go Wrong
  • What Your Backup Cannot Do
  • Disks Versus Partitions

I have to say “currently”, because I fully expect to add more videos as additional topics arise.

Did I mention that each video includes a full transcript? They do!

Once you purchase the book and video course bundle you’ll be able access them either of two ways:

  • On-line, in the members-only website.
  • Downloadable the high-definition versions to watch on your computer, or any compatible device.

Buy Now! (You Won’t Regret It!)

Guaranteed Your purchase will include:

  • The entire Saved! Backing Up with Macrium Reflect 2nd Edition course, once you register.

Don’t wait. Backups are simply too important to delay.

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