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Items related to Leo, Ask Leo! and overall website and related operations and administrivia.

What is Facebook Fan Friday?

On most Friday afternoons I’ll make a post on the Ask Leo! Facebook page along the lines of: It’s Facebook Fan Friday! For the next hour or so I’ll do my best to respond to every question asked in a comment to this post. What’s got you scratching your head today? And for the next … Read more

Ask Leo! – Terms, Conditions, Privacy Policies, and such

An overview of the various terms of service that you agree to and should be aware of when you use the Ask Leo! website and newsletter.

Can I republish your articles?

Copying entire articles is a violation of copyright and it’s illegal. I do have some alternatives, though.

How do I turn off those ads that look like links on your site?

Ask Leo! is free, but advertising supported. If those ads get in your way, here’s a way to turn them off.

What's your public key?

You can use my PGP/GPG public key to encrypt something you send me, or verify something I’ve signed.

Why Didn’t You Answer My Question?

I get a lot of questions every day. Here are some tips to increase your chances of finding the answer you need.

Link Disappeared

Unfortunately the destination of the link you clicked on has apparently changed or disappeared, and I don’t yet have an updated link or replacement. I apologize for the inconvenience, but in part it’s the way the internet works and changes over time. Thanks,

What’s your public key?

You can actually get my public key (for from several key PGP/GPG servers out there, but for the record, here ’tis:

Advertising on Ask Leo!

Direct advertising on Ask Leo! is now available. Please click this link to be directed to our third-party advertising service. Ask Leo! is not looking for another ad network, nor are we looking for ways to further optimize our ad delivery, inventory, or whatever else might be proposed. We do not respond to unsolicited partnership … Read more