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How do I stop comment spam in my blog?

“Comment Spam” places links to spammers websites in the comments of blogs around the internet. There are various techniques to combat it.

My internet connection status shows millions of packets when I'm not doing anything; do I have a virus?

A lot of network traffic can mean several things. It can mean that you’re doing a lot on the internet or it could mean that some malware is.

Messenger, SVCHost & more: Short Questions, Quick Answers

What HTML Editor Should I Use?

Editing HTML can be done in anything from Notepad to extremely large and powerful programming packages. What’s right for you depends on your needs.

Quick answers to a few questions…

Quick answers to a few questions… I get a fairly steady volume of questions here at Ask-Leo!. Unfortunately I can’t answer them all personally but here’s a batch of questions received over the past week and some quick answers. Why doesn’t the “Help & Support” Service stay disabled like I set it? Help! The print … Read more

How can I send someone an attachment, if it's blocked by their copy of Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook tries to protect users from malicious attachments by blocking them. What if you’re sending something that’s legitimate, but blocked?

How do I include one HTML file inside another?

Using “include files”, you can more easily organize data and remove the need to repeat the same information in several different files on your web site.

How do I delete items from Internet Explorer's auto-complete list?

Internet Explorer tries to be helpful by showing you recently visited URLs so you don’t have to retype them. But what if you don’t want them to show?

Why does my System32 folder open when I log in?

If the SYSTEM32 folder opens on log in it’s normally the result of a broken start-up entry or a virus. There are steps you can take to correct it.

Just how long should a download take?

How quickly a download takes depends on many things including the size of the file and the speed of your connection, among other things.

Is There a Way to Safely Remove Hardware from a Batch File?

Automating the steps required to “safely remove hardware” isn’t at all obvious, but it is possible.

svchost.exe error: svchost.exe has generated an error – now what do I do?

Svchost.exe is a Windows component that often shows up in error messages. Unfortunately, quite often when it does the news isn’t good.

Can the Same File Have Two Different Names?

It’s possible to have two different names for the exact same file on disk. The tools, like the concept, are a little obscure but can be very useful.

I keep getting SVCHOST failures. Why?

When reporting a failure it’s important to include all the relevant information. We’ll outline some of the basics that help get your question answered.

How can I tell what internet activity is happening on my machine?

Network activity can happen for many reasons from expected to benign to malicious. There are free tools that allow you to easily see what’s happening.

Is there a way to track unique subscribers to my RSS feed?

RSS is a great way for people to get automatically get new information published on your web site. But tracking how many are doing so is not easy.

I have no CD – how do I get at Windows XP setup?

If you don’t have your Windows installation CD there are still a few things you can do. If you have an image of your CD, you may be able to do more.

How do I make the WHOLE menu display always?

Microsoft Office Applications attempt to show you only the most commonly used menu items. There’s a simple setting if you always want to see them all.

How can I tell what’s running on my machine?

You might be running many different programs on your computer and not even know it. Finding out what’s running is easy using tools in Windows.

How can I access my Windows XP Machine Remotely?

Windows XP Pro includes functionality to access the computer’s desktop across a network. Remote Desktop must be enabled and configured properly.

How can I get Outlook 2003 to default the reading pane off, and to stop grouping?

Changing Microsoft Outlook 2003’s default viewing behaviour is difficult. There are a couple of possibilities, but so far nothing that really works.

How do I force Outlook to open "potentially unsafe attachments" that I know are ok?

Outlook tries to protect you from opening certain types of attachments, even if you know they’re safe. A registry change puts you back in control.

How do I get Word documents on the web to show up in Word, rather than my browser?

By default Word and other documents are displayed within IE rather than in an instance of the application. It’s an easy setting to change, once found.

How can I disable my "Windows" key? Or for that matter, remap my entire keyboard?

Outside of a few standard layouts, truly customizing the layout of your keyboard is typically harder than you might expect.

Is there a way to keep my email address when I change my ISP?

With a little planning it’s possible to have an email address that does not need to change each time you change your internet provider.

Can I read web mail using a pop3 mail reader?

Web based email is handy but limited. Most do not allow direct access using a normal email program.

Where are these viruses coming from?

Email viruses come from many sources, usually from other machines infected with a virus. There are clues in email headers, but that’s often incomplete.

How can I FTP from my VB program?

Visual Basic is a powerful and fairly easy to use programming language. You can use a VB program to transfer files using FTP with an add-in.

What's this program running on my machine?

There may be many programs running on your machine. It’s not always obvious exactly what they are or why they’re running. We’ll look for some clues.

A spammer is using my cgiemail, what do I do?

Cgiemail is a program that many websites use to send email. Unfortunately certain versions can be abused by spammers, and you get the blame.

How do I move my Moveable Type web log?

Moving an existing MovableType based blog to a new server can be a bit of work, especially if there are differences on the new server.

What’s all this stuff running after I boot Windows?

When you start Windows many programs start automatically as well. It can be difficult to identify everything and whether or not they’re all necessary.

Why can't I have an Audio conversation using MSN Messenger?

If you’re behind a router and/or the person you want to talk to is behind a router you can have problems with audio in MSN Instant Messenger.

How can I list blog entries on my non-blog web page?

You often see recent blog entries listed on web pages. If those pages weren’t generated by the original blogging software, it’s a little tricky to do.

Where can I find Unix Tools for Windows?

Unix and Linux include a number of very useful programs. Windows has some that are similar, but you can also find actual Unix tools for Windows.

My ISP's DNS servers are timing out frequently, what can I do?

Slow Domain Name System (DNS) lookups can affect your apparent internet speed. Your ISP should provide fast DNS, but there are also alternatives.

What's the difference between MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, and Windows Messenger?

Messenger, Messenger or Messenger? Three different programs all with similar names. We’ll sort out which messenger is which.

How can I keep someone from executing malicious SQL code on my website?

SQL is a powerful language for accessing databases used by many web sites. Unfortuntely it’s easy for hackers to exploit if used carelessly.

How does windows maintain the sort order in my menus?

Menu sort order is a bit of a Windows mystery. It’s easy to set the sort order, but as it changes it’s kept in an obscure registry location.

Does IIS Support URL Rewriting?

URL Rewriting is a powerful way for webmasters to control what a URL really represents. IIS requires an extension in order to support url rewriting.

How can I move my Outlook Master Category List to another machine?

The Outlook Master Category List is a way to tag messages, contacts, appointments and more. Copying it to another machine requires a little trickery.

Windows XP Home or XP Pro?

I get this question fairly often. It’s not immediately clear to most what the differences are between the two. The big bullet features that Windows XP Pro includes that Home does not are:

I have no "Accounts…" menu item in Outlook Express. Why?

It’s possible to set Outlook Express up with no Accounts menu item. I can only speculate on why that functionality exists.

Why did MSN Messenger stop alerting me to new messages?

MSN Messenger can be told to not interrupt you with alerts when you’re doing something else. The option apparently defaults to “on”.

Can I track what links people are clicking on, even if they go off my site?

It’s often very desirable to see what links people are clicking on. Redirection services can often provide that information.

Can I adjust some master NTFS table size to handle large number of files better?

The Master File Table is used by the NTFS file system to track how files are laid out on disk. The layout of the MFT itself can impact performance.

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